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100K Agent Blueprint – Jimmy Rex

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100K Agent Blueprint – Jimmy Rex

100K Agent Blueprint - Jimmy Rex

REAL TRAINING FROM AN ACTIVE AGENT WHO SOLD OVER 2,000 HOMES BY AGE 36 AND HAS BEEN MENTORED & COACHED BY THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY LEARN THE KNOWLEDGE, PROCESSES, TRAINING & SYSTEMS TO MAKE 6 FIGURES IN LESS THAN 6 MONTHSA PROVEN 8-WEEK BLUEPRINT THAT WILL LEAD YOU TO SUCCESS IN YOUR REAL ESTATE CAREERReal Training From an Active Agent who Sold Over 2,000 Homes by Age 36 and THAT WAS Coached bY THE TOP 3 COACHES IN THE INDUSTRYHOW DOES IT WORK? Immediately, you may get Membership Access to The 100K Agent Blueprint. This System that you may create a customized account for, has over forty exclusive video training discussing in-intensity unique topics that Jimmy has mastered over the path of the ultimate 10 years. After that, a series of emails will be sent to you scheduling your mentorship calls. During the course of your four weeks of training, we perform those for you on a biweekly basis. You can even receive an email containing a link to our “Secret Mastermind Club,” a network of Realtors, some of whom are the best in the entire country. This has achieved great success! The institution provides a safe space where some of the best minds in real estate may gather and debate subjects that can be unique and are frequently unfamiliar to most realtors. Jimmy Rex will occasionally be available to you via “Daily Access” during this entire period. We’ll deliver you

WHAT IS THE BLUEPRINT? The 100K Agent Blueprint is a Training Process that will show you exactly what you need to do to start making the money that you deserve. This isnt just a theroy, but an actual “Step By Step” Training from Award-Winning Realtor and Coach Jimmy Rex. Jimmy took his years and years of experience mixed with what he learned from his process and mentors and put it all together into a 4 week Blueprint that will take you from wherever you are at in the business, to making 6 figures in less than 6 months.

DOES THIS BLUEPRINT REALLY WORK? No matter where you are at in Real Estate, you are doing it for some type of purpose. No matter what that purpose is, we know that you have specific goals attached to your “Why”. You have taken many steps that have put yourself where you are today and we know that because you are even reading this, you have potential, drive, and what it takes to live the life you want to live. We made this system for YOU! Don’t take it from just us, go listen to what some of our past clients are saying. This system works. It’s as simple as that. It will work for you. It will transform your business. It will help your personal life with your relationships, health, and your overal financial lifestyle. We will be there with you every single step of the way. We want you to know that you are important to us. Your life is important to us. You matter to all of us over on this side. This system combined with being mentored with one of the best in the industry, you will change your life drastically for the better.

40 DIFFERENT SECRETS Designed courses strictly created to improve any real estate agents business. Each lesson in the Blueprint will help you gain a better understanding of how you can start implementing actions to grow your business to 6 figures in 6 months or less. AWARD WINNING MENTORSHIP Award-Winning Agent, Jimmy Rex will be your personal and hands-on Mentor throughout the entire length of the course. Jimmy has had the opportunity to be coached by industry leaders like Tom and Mike Ferry and Bill Pipes PROVEN RESULTS Last Year, forty Agents used this System and made over $200,000. The complete aim of this software and blueprint is to create higher futures for each of its members. This direction is designed that will help you be the maximum a hit that you may be for your actual property enterprise so that you will have the economic freedom which you have constantly desired and deserved. Meet JIMMY Jimmy Rex is one of the maximum first rate human beings that you may ever meet due to the fact he chooses to truly stay his existence and now no longer allow one second visit waste. Jimmy is presently an energetic actual property agent primarily based totally out of Utah. He has determined achievement withinside the actual property enterprise beginning at a younger age to now promoting over 2,000 houses by the point he became 37. Jimmy is likewise one of the maximum sought out coaches withinside the actual property enterprise. His direction, 100K Agent Blueprint, is centered on supporting Agents construct their enterprise with the assist of mastering new procedures and strategies like social media. Because of his huge achievement withinside the actual property international, Jimmy is now turning into a completely famous speaker. Weekly, Jimmy will communicate in the front of masses of realtors coaching them away to truly optimize their enterprise through the use of famous social media platforms. He additionally has his personal Podcast, The Jimmy Rex Show that indicates first rate human beings dwelling first rate lives. That display is continuously at the pinnacle charts for a couple of platforms. If Jimmy is not promoting houses, throwing unforgettable parties, speaking, or sinking his houseboat then you definitely are certain to discover him in a few uncommon united states of america seeing what all of the international has to offer. Jimmy spends over 6 months of each yr touring the arena to look at stunning websites or the maximum interesting wearing events. Jimmy Rex additionally truly makes a distinction all through the arena daily. Jimmy is an undercover operative for OUR and makes several risky journeys to 1/3 international locations to store younger youngsters and teens be free of intercourse traffickers. Anyone that is aware of Jimmy, is aware that he truly cares approximately improving the arena in each situation.

TRAINING #1 – JIMMY’S STORY Jimmy Rex is an award-winning agent and top producing millennial agent but it wasn’t always that way for Jimmy. Jimmy first got into the industry just a couple years before the Real Estate crash. At that point, Jimmy was forced to either find a new career or find a better system to succeed and that is where 100K Agent Blueprint was first created.

TRAINING #2 – THE SYSTEM Last Year, 40 Agents used this System and made over $200,000. The entire goal of this program and blueprint is to create better futures for each of its members. This course is designed to help you be the most successful that you can be in your real estate business so you can have the financial freedom that you have always wanted and deserved.

TRAINING #3 – HOW TO GET THE MOST OUT OF THE SYSTEM – Get Clairty on the Expectations of the Blueprint – Set Goals to Truly Take Your Business to Where You Want it – Effective Game Planning Jimmy goes into detail about how you can truly take what he is going to teach you and implement the system to your daily routine without much change. The system is put in place for you to better your life by taking simple actions and creating a larger set of business throughout those actions.

TRAINING #4 – BEHAVIOR STYLES This truly changed Jimmy’s business in a large way. This part of the course goes in-depth about the 4 different types of people there are and how they want to get sold to. Jimmy will help you master these styles so that you will be able to be in a meeting and immediately identify which style the individual is and have your pitch ready to go to close the deal.

TRAINING #5 – CHARITY EVENTS Module number 5 is something that Jimmy is very passionate about. Giving back and living a life full of giving to others. Jimmy teaches you how to be the best you, giving the most back, gaining customers through charities, all while not hurting your own pockets or your business funds.

TRAINING #6 – WORKING WITH VENDORS How to work through vendors to maximize your business. This is one seems like the most obvious of trainings but it’s not. Most agents miss this by miles all by not implementing simple stratigies that Jimmy will help you learn. By doing these actions, your vendors will be bringing you more business than you could even imagine. TRAINING #7 – TRIPS AND VACATIONS By this time in the course, you will realize that Jimmy is passionate about traveling the world and throwing amazing trips for groups of people but what you will learn during module number 7 is how he uses these trips and vacations to actually grow his business. Jimmy never travels alone, as you will see through social media. He uses his strategies and knowledge to carefully select who he travels with and what the end outlook will be. Jimmy goes in depth during this training to truly show you how to live the life you want to live while making money doing it.

TRAINING #8 – WORKING WITH THE COMMUNITY In this training, Jimmy not only shows you unique ways to work with the “big fish” in your community but to also become a valuable friend to people that you would never even imagine becoming close with. If you do your research on Whale Sharks, you will see that not only do they travel in packs, but whenever you see a group of them, you will be sure to find hundreds of smaller fish following right be side them. This is also the case with our communities. If you can find and befriend the “whales” of your community, you will be able to gain access to all of their “followers” and Jimmy is known for being the best to do so and will teach you exactly how.

TRAINING #9 – CLIENT PARTIES This is the vital factor piece. This module is the simplest one which takes the whole lot that Jimmy has placed into this System and brings it all together. We strategically placed it withinside the middle of our System just so we’re capable of touch base on it time and again to absolutely show the importance of taking the System and combining it with this real education. After you start implementing the number one 8 education withinside the gadget, you could then have the opportunity to take the humans you have met blended with the expertise and abilties that you surely discovered out as a manner to positioned on an event with the intention to provide you with extra organisation you then definately honestly have produced withinside the remaining 3 years blended. Jimmy is known for his top-notch events. Every year, he throws a firework show that brings out over 5,000 people withinside the community.

TRAINING #10 – WORKING WITH INVESTORS This is the module that Jimmy calls “Saving My Career”. This is the component withinside the gadget that Jimmy needed to examine fast in the course of the Real Estate Crash. Jimmy used this component withinside the gadget to pop out of the crash now no longer simplest successful, however thriving in commercial enterprise whilst all of us else turned into nonetheless struggling. Jimmy indicates you the precise practices that he’s presently the usage of to convey traders to him each unmarried day.

TRAINING #11 – SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIES As everyone knows, Social Media channels are changing the business world every single day. This also includes Real Estate. It is very rare to find a realtor doing practical social media strategies that are working for him. Jimmy uses his social media channels to gain new leads every day without spending a dollar on ads. How? SIMPLE! Jimmy will teach you, show you, and help you up your game with social media to where you could be traveling the world and still be getting lead after lead after lead just through a couple channels. TRAINING #12 – YOUR FARM SYSTEM Working with neighbors and using them as your farm system is something that is very important to Jimmy. Jimmy knows that he sees these people every single day and he wants them to know that he is their number one option for referrals. Jimmy goes into depth about why it is important to use your neighbors as your farm, how to use it to your advantage without them knowing, and how to make a long term investment for quick return.

TRAINING #13 – OPEN HOUSES I know what your thinking, “I don’t want to do an open house” but let me stop you right there. This isn’t the open house that you are thinking about. Jimmy will teach you his unique way to doing a “open house” just a little inside information for you, this is a mega open house that is the complete opposite of your traditional open house. This is an event. A party. A way for you to truly get your name out there, find new clients, and sell more homes.

TRAINING #14 – BEING ATTRACTIVE Everyone sees the flashy realtor, that drives the newest 200,000 dollar car closing all of the big deals, right? But what if, the car is only 1% of why he is getting that deal. What if it’s all the way down to the shoes he is wearing or the confidence he has in himself. Jimmy teaches you the importance of being attractive to clients but not in a flashy way. Confidence is good. Looking clean is good. But there is a bigger picture that almost all realtors miss and that is what you learn in this module.

TRAINING #15 – KEY REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT KNOWLEDGE One of the things that will ensure you to be known as the “go-to” realtor in your community is being the one that has the most knowledge. In this training, Jimmy not only gives you his “Real Estate Terms Dictionary” but also goes into why it’s important to be known as the most knowledgeable realtor.

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100K Agent Blueprint – Jimmy Rex
100K Agent Blueprint – Jimmy Rex


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