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2017 GrowthHackers Conference Virtual Pass – Growth Hackers

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2017 GrowthHackers Conference Virtual Pass – Growth Hackers Download. Didn’t make it to the GrowthHackers Conference this year? Purchase this virtual pass …

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Didn’t make it to the GrowthHackers Conference this year? Purchase this virtual pass to get full access to all speaker sessions.

If you’re in marketing, product, or growth, it’s hard to ignore the rise in the term “growth hacking”.

Growth Hacking, as it was originally intended, is taking a product that provides real value to customers and using a highly iterative experimentation process working across the full customer journey to identify the biggest opportunities for improvement.

With this virtual pass, you’ll get a unique perspective into how some of the fastest growing companies are systematically approaching and scaling their customer and revenue growth.

To understand exactly how these companies are growing their customers and revenue, you will get an inside view into how current and former heads of growth from companies like Duolingo, Transferwise, Mozilla, Uber, Facebook, Pandora, Adobe, Hubspot, Instagram, Ring, and more, are unlocking massive and sustainable growth at their companies.

Class Curriculum

  • Breaking the Myths of Growth Hacking by Sean Elllis, CEO & Founder, GrowthHackers (20:34)
  • Nail It and Scale It?—?Knowing When to Take Major Calculated Risks and Go for Growth by Jamie Siminoff, CEO, Ring (24:53)
  • Growth for good?—?How Growth Hacking is Helping to Transform Education by Gina Gotthilf, VP Growth, Duolingo (21:44)
  • Mission-Driven Growth?—?How Building a Culture Around Your Cause Can Create Explosive Word of Mouth Growth by Nilan Peiris, VP Growth, Transferwise
  • Growth in Unexpected Places?—?How to Recruit and Launch a Growth Team at an Enterprise Business by Thibault Imbert, Head of Growth, Adobe Spark (22:47)
  • Growth Models?—?How to Build One to Predict Growth by Chris More, Head of Growth, Firefox (25:14)
  • Using Data to Identify Behaviors and Trends for Acquiring Users that Stick Around by Lisa Sullivan, CMO of Art.com (23:31)
  • Using In-app Growth Patterns to Drive Engagement and Retention Across Consumer Apps by Dan Vallejo, Growth Lab @ Google (21:13)
  • The Growth Awakening – How IBM embraced a growth mindset to make products more consumable by Nancy Hensley, IBM (24:46)
  • Fireside Chat with Ed Baker?—?Growth Lessons Learned from Fast Growing Companies Like Facebook & Uber (47:05)
  • Focusing on User Growth?—?How Instagram Activates New People by Bangaly Kaba, Instagram (27:04)
  • Devotion Hacking?—?Delivering Value to Drive Advocacy for Growth by Mark Organ, Influitive (20:27)
  • Patterns of Fast Growing Startups by Morgan Brown, InMan News (26:51)
  • Unlocking the Power of Facebook & Mobile by Larry Kim, Mobile Monkey & Wordstream (21:07)
  • Move Fast and Take Risks – How to Win with Limited Resources by Julie Zhou, Yik Yak (18:56)
  • Fighting the Plateau: SEO & Inbound Tactics for Taking Growth Leaps by Matthew Barby, Hubspot (20:41)
  • PPC Growth?—?7 Hacks You Need to Test by Johnathan Dane, KlientBoost (25:40)
  • Growth Acquisition Panel w/ Eric Siu, Larry Kim, Julie Zhou, Matthew Barby & Johnathan Dane (25:38)
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2017 GrowthHackers Conference Virtual Pass – Growth Hackers
2017 GrowthHackers Conference Virtual Pass – Growth Hackers


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