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30 Days to Greatness in Sales – Stan Billue

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30 Days to Greatness in Sales – Stan Billue Download. Stan Billue, THE Sales Training Legend proudly presents a brand new Sales Training Series to take you…

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Stan Billue’s brand new sales mastery course reveals…

“How To Take Any Sales Industry By Storm, Practically Overnight!”

Stan Billue, THE Sales Training Legend proudly presents a brand new Sales Training Series to take you from Zero to Hero in 30 Days or Less

Jump-start or restart a thriving sales career with Stan’s newest training triumph.

Perfect for “green horns” eager to take any industry by storm… and… for veterans determined to supercharge their careers.

Sales is said to be the hardest easy job in the world. But only if you don’t know the simple secrets of persusasion.

In this new training course, Stan reveals how to make selling easy, fun and profitable.

The first 10 sessions focus on developing a winning mindset.

They reveal secrets such as:

  • How to quickly master the mental game of success (just like six and seven-figure Top Producers)… even if… your’re just starting out or starting over again!
  • An empowering way of handling the “Negative Ned and Nancy” types in your life who always whine and try to pull you down into their mire and muck! (This little trick is like Anti-Loser Repellant and will send the complainers skirmishing for the hills!)
  • Develop an unstoppable, positive expectant attitude… vaporize all your self-imposed limitations… and transform into a success-magnet! (My secret formula to program the mind for abundance and prosperity.)
  • The trick to removing worry and stress forever! (Follow this piece of sage advice and in no time these two thieves of peace of mind will vanish as if by magic.)
  • How to find your life’s true purpose and live it to the full! (Discover this and you’ll thrive and excel so quickly it’ll take your breath away!)
  • Compel prospects to go on a buying frenzy without resorting to high-pressure tactics! (Wanna clinch sales on just about all your calls? Then this is by far the most important skill you can learn. Yes, it’s more important than presentation, objection handling or closing. Because it makes the entire sales process a breeze.)
  • Little-known but deadly effective secrets of hiring great sales pros! (Don’t even think of bringing someone on board unless they pass this “test” with flying colors.)
  • How to guarantee prospects will never intimidate you again! (Few… very few… sales people have the guts to take me up on this challenge. But nothing will revamp your career like this. I guarantee it.)
  • The four-step formula to reaching personal and professional goals quickly with ease! (I’ve proven this formula out for the better part of almost four decades. My coaching clients and students — some of whom vaulted to the top of their industries — also confirmed this is perhaps…

The most effective goal-setting and
achieving formula in the world!

  • Easily convince up to 50% of new customers to immediately “bump up” their order! (I’ll show you the secret to becoming a mega-buck sales rep… without… increasing the number of customers.)
  • How to gather market intelligence on the competition and get a free sales training session at the same time! (In all my years in sales, I’ve never heard of anyone teaching this stealthy technique to blow the competition out of the water, close more deals and polish sales skills to the point of perfection!)
  • The truth about using “canned” scripts! 

We’re on a roll now, aren’t we?

But let me stop for a second to say something important.

The first 10 sessions are all about getting your head on straight.

You see, the best presentation… objection handling… and closing techniques fail… unless… you’re armed with a winning mind set. In fact, I believe the emotional and mental state determines up to 90% of success.

Don’t gloss over these audios so you can get to the “good stuff.”

This is the stuff that’ll make the sales secrets in the rest of the course put more money in your pockets.

And talking about sales secrets… let’s get back to what the second set of 10 sessions reveal:

  • The three “P’s” to infuse into any presentation that make prospects hang on to your every word and build their anticipation to the boiling point!
  • How to listen strategically to find the hidden sales “ammunition” prospects reveal… which… lets you close them without a fight!
  • Five elements found in every memorable opening! (“Hook” prospects instantly and take full control of any sales situation right from the start.)
  • The easiest way to handle “brush offs”! (This 2-part technique gives you permission to present… even after… a prospect says: “I’m not interested”… “I’m just looking”… or any other reflex response designed to stop sales people dead in their tracks.)
  • The key to sifting and sorting ready, willing and able buyers from the time-wasters! (Plus… how masterful sales reps separate buyers from liars… “read” prospects like an open book… and… avoid confrontation by not asking these two types of questions!)
  • How to ethically present any product or service in the most favorable light possible!
  • Know in advance why a prospect will buy… get a commitment at the start of the presentation and…

Have prospects practically begging to buy before you can finish!

  • Why you must tie tantalizing benefits to boring features! 
  • An unusual tip for planting suggestions in anyone’s mind that naturally lead to positive decisions!
  • How to tell mesmerizing stories that let people picture your product or service with pleasure! (Watch in wonder as people sell themselves with no pressure from you whatsoever!)
  • Boost the raw sales appeal of any presentation by up to 400%! (One company relied on this overlooked technique to “crank up” their closing ratio to 80% for a rather pricey service. Works just as well for less expensive products and services too!)
  • Blast objections to pieces and destroy them without breaking a sweat! (I’ll also reveal the only four times to handle objections… and… how to wipe them out before they come up!)
  • 3 steps to persuading anyone your offer is a “must-have”… after… they refuse to move ahead! (Especially effective with reluctant people who are scared to death of making the wrong decision.)

These two sets of audios alone will set you miles apart from the competition.

But I’m not through yet.

Because the final ten sessions in 30 Days 2 Greatness In Sales give you the added advantages, insights and paradigm shifts to earn an extraordinary income. Don’t take my word for it. Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll discover:

  • The exact number of closing techniques to memorize (at the very least)… if… depositing huge checks is your goal! (Sadly, 97% of sales people wouldn’t know a close if it came up and bit them on the rump. Yet it’s been proven time and time again… that… the more closes you’re armed with the more sales you’ll score.)
  • How to nudge people into making a firm decision! 
  • The mental barrier stopping sales people from enjoying the rich rewards of success more than anything else! (No, it’s not lack of sales skills. No, it’s not a bad attitude either. It’s something so insidious and frightening no one wants to admit. Here’s how to beat it.)
  • The greatest closes ever assembled! (I’ve culled these “sales-clinchers” from nearly 40 years in the trenches. They melt buying resistance like butter on a sizzling-hot skillet and lead anyone with emotional-logic to your desired end result… A SALE!)
  • How to get swamped with a constant flood of hot referrals for the rest of your career! Consider this secret of working smarter and not harder as the…

Fast-track to financial security, peace of mind and stress-free selling for as long as you stay in the business!

  • The street-smart way to ask for referrals, overcome the “I don’t give out names” objection and know beyond a shadow of a doubt who to contact first for easy sales!
  • Top 7 ways to market yourself on the internet… and… how to control what prospects find out about you on the World Wide Web!
  • The absolute most important secret for constant sales improvement! (Almost no one in the business knows this. Not your manager. Not the owner of the company. No one. But it gives you the biggest advantage over every other sales person. And it will take you to Top Producer status and make you an industry-leader who commands respect, huge commissions and the admiration of everyone who hears your name!)
  • 3 sources of unlimited leads to keep your pipeline full to the point of bursting! 
  • The 5 easiest sales you’ll ever make! (Take the fight out of the sales process once and for all by focusing your attention on these prospects. They’re ripe for the picking but most sales people are clueless they exist.)

The entire course comes as a digital download.

Put the audios on your MP3 player or CD-ROM and listen to them anywhere at any time. Or put them on your tablet or other hand-held device and listen to them over and over again. In no time, these sales secrets will become automatic.

You’ll know exactly WHAT to say… HOW to say it… and WHEN to say it to clinch sales faster and much more easily.

When you download 30 Days 2 Greatness In Sales you get:

  • 30 fast-paced downloadable audio sessions with 6 total hours of profit-rich sales secrets…
  • Detailed PDF workbook with session-specific exercises to ensure the material covered pays off big…
  • Crammed with 140 tips, techniques, skills, choice of words and 18 closes to spike sales off the charts…

On top of all that you also get…

12 Super Bonuses To Supercharge Your Sales And Persuasion Skills

Along with the amazing sales secrets in this course, I include 12 bonuses from some of the top sales trainers on the planet. Here’s a quick review of these money-making gems:

  • 10 Proven Ways To Become Closer Of The Month by Mike Brooks
  • Develop A Marketing Niche by Stan Billue
  • The Best Prospects In The World by Stan Billue
  • A Best Seller (Stan’s autobiography) by Stan Billue
  • Making Objections Obsolete by Stan Billue
  • 50 Ways To Close A Sale by Stan Billue
  • 50 MORE Ways To Close A Sale by Stan Billue
  • Profitable Prospecting By Stan Billue
  • The Marketing Manifesto By Stan Billue
  • 22 Mistakes Salespeople Make by Douglas Vermeeren
  • Sell Value Not Price by Don Hutson
  • Stop Doing Sales Presentations by Huge Liddle

Altogether, this bonus bundle is valued at over $125!

And… it’s yours FREE!

Just in case you’re wondering if 30 Days 2 Greatness In Sales is worth it, take a look at these rave reviews from top sales trainers, sales people, business owners and entrepreneurs…

Get Ready To Become A Sales Closing Machine!

I’m not kidding!

If you listen to the audios, do the exercises in the workbook… and… put these secrets to use then the sky’s the limit. What I teach in 30 Days 2 Greatness In Sales applies to anyone who sells in person… or… on the phone.

So… if you’re a sales rep, independent contractor, business owner or entrepreneur in any industry… this course is perfect for you.

Best part: It’s a steal at only $197.

Here’s something to consider: I’m credited with training more six and seven-figure-a-year sales reps than any other trainer. Most of that training happened via my training courses.

New sales people have taken my courses and made big money right from the start.

Veterans have breathed new life into their careers… and… made more money than ever before.

Look at it this way: How many more sales do you have to make to get back your investment in this course? One… two… three? Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s not much.

The more important point is that 30 Days 2 Greatness In Sales will serve you for as long as you stay in business. A number of my students changed sales careers (or started brand new businesses) several times over… and… used my training to thrive.

This small investment will pay for itself many times over.

Get it now and profit for the rest of your life…

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