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7 Figure Marketing Copy Guide – Sean Vosler

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7 Figure Marketing Copy Guide – Sean Vosler Download. Not Your Average Introduction – Start Here
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Course Curriculum

The Power of Copy & Persuasion

  • Not Your Average Introduction – Start Here
  • Printable PDF Download of Book
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  • Why Methods First? – Practice before you preach…
  • The Imitation Game Part 1 – Learn How to Quickly Craft Engaging Copy by Harnessing the Structure of Trending Content
  • The Imitation Game Part 2 – Advertising: How to Find & Break Down High Converting, Fresh Ad Copy So You Can Distill What Makes it Work Into Your Own Ads
  • Amazon R&D – Leverage the Power of The Powerful Yet “Overlooked” Part of Best Seller Books In Your Niche
  • Cognitive Manipulation | Biases – Controversial Yet Impossible to Ignore: How To Ethically Harness The Built In Bias’ of Your Reader to Increase Sales
  • Cognitive Manipulation | Pain from an old wound.
  • Cognitive Manipulation [Resource] List of Biases & Implications
  • Craft Your Key Points With Community Arbitrage


  • [Framework #1] The ‘A’s of Influence” – The Foundation of Successful Sales, Marketing & Copywriting is Understanding the Craft of Persuasion
  • — The A’s of Influence: “Fan Their Flames”
  • — The A’s of Influence: “Forgive Their Faults”
  • — The A’s of Influence: “Defeat Their Demons”
  • — The A’s of Influence: “Attack Their Enemies”
  • [Framework #2] “Contrarian Copy Structure” High Converting Long Form Copywriting Outline – Powerful Strategy for creating VSL’s, Webinars, Emails, & Advertisements
  • [Framework #3] An Unlikely Hero – Harness Your Audiences Journey to Create Novel Marketing Material
  • — The Hero’s Journey Pt. 1 – From The Ordinary World to Meeting The Mentor
  • — The Hero’s Journey Pt. 2 – From Crossing the Threshold to Approaching The Dragons Den [coming soon!]
  • — The Hero’s Journey Pt. 3 – From The Ordeal to The Return [coming soon!]
  • [Framework #4] Teach, Transform, Transact – Teach a Man to Fish & You Can Sell Him Fishing Gear

MASTERY – Coming 2020

  • Mastery Overview
  • Case Study #1 – Why Product Quality Should Always Come First
  • Case Study #2 – The Power of Webinars
  • Case Study #3 – Content Marketing in The Age of Distraction

An Epilogue

  • Introduction: How do You Get to The Moon?
  • There’s A Way To Do It Better. find it.
  • PART ONE: STRENGTH & STRATEGY – What a dung beetles testicles can teach you about building a successful online business.
  • PART TWO: INSIGHT IS POWER – The Opportunity & The Catch
  • PART THREE: THE WHO – Are you a producer or consumer?
  • PARTS 4 & 5 – The Value Ascension Strategy

Unannounced Bonuses Part 1 – Various Copywriting & Marketing Guides

  • [Video] Marie Forleo Copy Cure Sales Page Copy Breakdown (77:09)
  • [Video] Copy Review – How to Revise Your Copy (15:43)
  • [Templates] Example Teaching Email Sequence
  • Copy Quick Tips – A collection of useful yet quick tips around the topics of copywriting & marketing
  • [Software] Funnel Software Builder I Use – Special Bonus & Discount
  • [Video] What is Equity Consulting & Why Should Consulting Businesses Implement This Pricing Strategy
  • Quick Reference // Words That Convert [Resistance, Influence, Power, & Subconscious Phrases]
  • Free [Oldschool] Copywriting Reference Books
  • Copywriting Quick Tips – Updated Regularly
  • TOOL: Free Subject Line Generator by ActiveCampaign

Unannounced Bonuses Part 2 – Copy Niche Guide & More

  • Headline Niche Guides Overview
  • Tried & True Copy Formulas + Word That Convert Reference
  • “Health / Fitness” Niche Headlines
  • Fill In The Blank Headline Worksheet 

Unannounced Bonuses Part 3 – Step by Step – Introduction to Email Marketing Series (videos)

  • Video 1 – Why email marketing is so valuable (14:43)
  • Video 2 – The Key Steps – Before Writing (17:30)
  • Video 3 – Coming Up With Your Hook (13:26)
  • Video 4 – Compiling Features & Benefits (10:38)
  • Video 5- Creating Compelling Calls to Action (5:27)
  • Video 6 – Putting The Pieces Together (15:32)
  • Video 7 – Tech Tools of The Trade (7:53)
  • Video 8 – Revising Affiliate Emails Part 1 (9:48)
  • Video 9 – Revising Affiliate Emails Part 2 (19:15)

REFERENCES: Copywriting “Swipe” Examples & Inspiration

  • Swipefile.com – Collection of Copywriting Examples #1
  • Swiped.co – Collection of Copywriting Examples #2
  • TheDrum.com – Advertising Agency Work Examples & Studies
  • Adsoftheworld.com – Great for Conceptual Inspiration
  • Campaignlive.co.uk – Inside look at creative agency work
  • AdvertSuite – Ad Hunting Software
  • Dictionary of Obscure Words – Inspiration for Curiosity Driven Headlines
  • Thesaurus – Visual Thesaurus to Use When Looking For Unique Relationships Between Words
  • Lapa Ninja – Landing Page & Copy Swipe Collection
  • Email Swipe Examples – “Really Good Emails” 5000+
  • Email Swipe Examples – “Swipe Folder”
  • Copy Swipe Examples – “Marketing Examples”

Public Preview

  • Copy Method #4: Craft Your Key Points With Community Arbitrage (preview version)

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7 Figure Marketing Copy Guide – Sean Vosler
7 Figure Marketing Copy Guide – Sean Vosler


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