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Action Packed Real Estate Investing – Assata

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Action Packed Real Estate Investing – Assata

After this engaging, hands-on course you will be ready to flip your first property profiting up to $50,000!

You want to purchase your first investment property…then you want multiple properties!

This is the course for you!

I bought my first real estate investing course in January 2004. I read and watched a collection of books and DVDs. It wasn’t the best learning materials, but it sparked my interest in investing in real estate and gave me a head start on the information and terminology I’d need to know as an investor. After finishing the course, I began researching information online, visiting properties, and applying what I had learned. I bought my first home in June of 2005. I still have it!! It’s a four-unit property that has provided me with extra income and increased my net worth by more than $150,000 over the last decade.

After purchasing my first property I went on to purchase:

  • A three unit building
  • A single family home that I attempted to flip. It was a disaster! I needed help, the course had prepared me to play ball, it did not prepare me for the finals!! This course is going to help you avoid the pitfalls I made…
  • Seven different condos all cash
  • Two more single family homes that I flipped successfully and with HUGE profits
  • Another three unit
  • A two unit
  • And a second two unit in the suburbs

This journey to building wealth and accumulating multiple properties started with me pulling out my credit card and calling to order my first course from Carleton Sheets in 2005, paying $399, going over the material and taking ACTION!


NOW is always the right time to invest in real estate! Every new investor should start with investing in an education and identifying a mentor – you’re in the right place for both. Enroll in the course now and you will also receive a FREE consultation to help you along the way.

This course will take you from building a growth mindset and good credit to learning every thing you need to know to acquire, purchase, finance, rehab, and flip a property for big profits. After a couple of years of repeating what you learn in this course, you will be in a position to decide if you want to quit your J.O.B. or not.


  • Credit – Personal and Business
  • Habits and Routines of the Wealthy
  • Setting up Your Business
  • How to Use Other People’s Money (OPM) to Build Wealth
  • Choosing an Investment Strategy
  • Tax Sales
  • Wholesales
  • Rentals
  • Building Your Team
  • Mistakes to Avoid
  • Systemic Wealth – Creating a System
  • And so much more

Course Curriculum


  • Introduction (1:04)

Understanding Wealth

  • Wealth (2:39)
  • Different Ways to Save (2:55)
  • Paycheck Centered Budget (7:10)
  • Understanding Wealth Action Steps

A Growth Mindset

  • Mindset (1:55)
  • If you say you can, you CAN!
  • Suggested Reading List
  • Goal Setting for Success
  • Growth Mindset Action Steps

Minding Your Business

  • Start with the End in Mind (5:13)
  • Starting a Legal Business (6:07)
  • Minding Your Business Checklist
  • Minding Your Business Action Steps

Financing Your Deals: OPM

  • Skin in the Game (4:10)
  • 100% Financing?! (13:09)
  • Creative Financing
  • Financing Your Deals Action Steps
  • How much do I need to invest? (7:14)

Choosing a Strategy that Fits You

  • What can I handle? (6:28)
  • Choosing a Strategy Action Steps


  • “I have no credit and no money, but I’m great at networking.” (21:36)
  • Wholesaling Action Steps

Tax Sales

  • Tax Deed vs Tax Lien (2:11)
  • Tax Deeds (2:14)
  • Tax Liens (3:07)
  • Unsold Taxes (5:51)
  • Tax Sales Action Steps

Fix N Flip For Huge Profits

  • Locating Deals (32:29)
  • Running the Numbers (6:45)
  • The Rehab Process (28:09)
  • Exit Strategies
  • Fix N Flip Action Steps

Building Your Team: Attorneys, Contractors, Agents, Private Lenders, etc.

  • Choosing a Finance Partner
  • Choosing a Great Agent
  • Choosing an Attorney
  • Choosing Contractors
  • Building Your Team Action Steps

Protect Your Profits: Things to consider

  • Protect Your Profits

Systemic Wealth: Creating a Sustainable Wealth Building System

  • Systemic Wealth (11:07)
  • I’m done, now what?
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Action Packed Real Estate Investing – Assata
Action Packed Real Estate Investing – Assata


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