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Derek Johanson – Copy Hour (2012-2015)

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Derek Johanson – Copy Hour (2012-2015)

Derek Johanson – Copy Hour (2012-2015)

FOR those who  love good books, these volumes have been published. Glance over the list of titles. They include many of the world’s greatest poems, plays, essays and stories—complete and unabridged. They are works you want to read and reread a score of times. They are books you want to commune with quietly under your library lamp.

You will carry them with you always—to read in spare moments on trains, or on your vacation-trips—by the sea—in the woods! Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies, De Maupassant’s most vivid stories, Emerson

’s profoundest essays, Kipling’s stirring ballads and tales, great works of Tolstoy, Oscar Wilde, Lincoln, Maeterlinck, Ibsen, Dickens, Poe and a dozen others—these are books you want to live with. The entire set of 30, bound in real leather, will be sent without a penny in advance, for free examination. Then if pleased, send only $5.75.

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The price of this set is so very low that, if you know books, you may imagine. These cannot be of good quality. They are, remarkably so! They are bound in real bookleather—not imitation—and are printed on excellent paper in clear readable type. Heretofore books of such quality have oftentimes sold for $1.00 a piece and probably never before for less than 50c each. Yet these excellent little volumes sell for less than 20 cents each, by the set.

Among publishers themselves it has been the year’s sensation that books so beautiful could be offered at so low a price. But it is no secret as to how this was done. Several hundred thousand volumes were printed at one time, relying upon the public’s love for good books, to make the venture self-sustaining.

See Them First Before You Buy If you wish to have a set of these books—thirty of them—with a book-rack free— you need send no money in advance; you can have them sent, postage prepaid on approval.

You can then judge for yourself whether they are as represented. If you do not want them, send them back within five days. This is an eminently fair offer—it is made in the confidence that no book-lover who once places this set on his library table will every wish to part with it.

This approval offer is only made to those who buy the complete set of thirty volumes. If you wish to buy single volumes, send 25c for each, in advance. If you are not satisfied, return them at once, and your money will be refunded without question.

List of Titles 25c Each if Bought Singly— $5.75 for the Thirty and Book-Rack Free

1. Christmas Carols—Dickens 16. Julius Caesar—Shakespeare

2. Emerson’s Essays 17. Sonnets—Shakespeare

3. Barrack Room Ballads—Kipling 18. Rip Van Winkle—Irving

4. Without Benefit of Clery, etc—Kipling 19. Sherlock Holmes—Doyle

5. Stories—De Maupassant 20. A Doll’s House—Ibesen

6. Arabian Nights 21. The Murders in the Rue Morgue—Poe

7. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde—Stevenson 22. Ballad of Reading Gaol—Wilde

8. Fifty Best Poems of England 23. Pelleas and Melisande—Maeterlinck

9. Fifty Best Poems of America 24. Speeches & Addresses—Lincoln

10. Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam 25. The Bear Hunt, etc—Tolstoy

11. Hamlet—Shakespeare 26. Sonnets from the Portuguese—Elizabeth Browning

12. King Lear—Shakespeare 27. Dreams—Olive Shreiner

13. Merchant of Venice—Shakespeare 28. Alice in Wonderland—Carroll

14. Macbeth—Shakespeare 29. A Child’s Garden of Verses—Stevenson

15. Romeo and Juliet—Shakespeare 30. Comtesse de Saint Geran—Dumas

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LITTLE LEATHER LIBRARY – 478 Flatiron Building New York

LITTLE LEATHER LIBRARY- 478 Flatiron Bldg New York

Send me, prepaid, your complete set of thirty books with a book-rack free. Within five days after receiving them, I agree to return them or pay you $5.75.



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Specification: Derek Johanson – Copy Hour (2012-2015)


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Derek Johanson – Copy Hour (2012-2015)
Derek Johanson – Copy Hour (2012-2015)


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