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Digital Agency Builders – Chris Record Download. Digital Agency Builders is an online business system designed to help beginners make additional income wor…

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Join The Hottest Pre-Launch In 2018!

Digital Agency Builders™

PRE LAUNCH EXCLUSIVE:  First 500 Founders Get In This $100,000 Advertising Co-Op! 

Digital Agency Builders is an online business system designed to help beginners make additional income working from home with our done-for-you agency websites.

We officially launch on October 1st, 2018 but for a limited time you can join us during pre-launch for half the price, and we will bump your commissions up to 50% on all sales!

On this web page you will learn about our “Founders Club” offer which gives you tons of extra perks and incentives and is only available during pre-launch. You’ll also learn about our “Founders Club Co-Op” which is only available to the first 500 to join us.

When you join TODAY you will lock up your spot in one of the biggest launches of 2018!

Dual-Income Opportunity Presentation


Earn income by referring others while you learn to build your own profitable agency.

  • MASSIVE INCOME: Earn $1,000 for every member that you refer to DAB during pre-launch. This is an exclusive opportunity for Founders Club Members only who join during pre-launch!
  • PASSIVE INCOME: When we launch publicly you can refer members to one of our monthly or annual plans and earn a recurring commission every month that they keep their agency!
  • FUTURE INCOME: Every free member that you refer that chooses a DAB username will be hard-coded to you and you will earn a commission when they upgrade at any point in the future!


Use our pre-built pages and offers to allow clients to pay you directly for services!

  • AGENCY ARBITRAGE: Resell other agency services on your own website and earn the difference between wholesale and retail. It’s like drop-shipping but for services instead of products!
  • AFFILIATE OFFERS: Use our pre-built affiliate offer pages along with our bonuses by simply adding your own affiliate link and marketing the pages using our promotional tools & training!
  • RAP FUNNELS: Use our viral rap videos on your fan page to generate affiliate sales from offers using an innovative approach that allows you to get video views for as little as $0.0003 each!


Get Your Own Pre-Built Online Business in a Box

From the Founder, Chris Record, Las Vegas, NV.

It’s 2018 and it’s never been simpler to build a web page, a sales funnel, design a logo, or even to animate that logo and create a viral video for a client.

Yet as technology advances, why is it that so many entrepreneurs still struggle to make money online and setup their brand?

Here are the 4 Core Reasons:

1. Lack of Knowledge – They don’t know how to do it.

2. Lack of Money – They think they can’t afford to do it.

3. Lack of Time – They would rather pay someone to do it.

4. Fear – They don’t believe enough in their own abilities.

Earlier this year I set out to SOLVE this problem.

What if I could create a turnkey done-for-you system that the average person could plug into and make money online?

Not just a system to sell to others, but one that I could use myself!

That’s when the concept of Digital Agency Builders (DAB) was born.

I asked my top programmer to build me out a turnkey agency website that I could host at my own domain name, with all the bells and whistles of what I would want if I was just getting started again.

I would want the whole site built for me without the need for coding or tech skills. I would want training tutorials that showed me how to do everything I wanted to do with the site so that I wouldn’t be lost.

I would want someone to write the copy on each page so that it converted as many visitors as possible when they came to my site, and i would want my own stripe or paypal account connected so that I could earn money directly into my own bank account.

And these were just some of the basic items on the list I made.

So my programmer went to work and began building out a turnkey fully automated system and I’m excited to announce that it’s almost ready to be released to the public!

We are currently in pre-launch and are looking for entrepreneurs that believe in our vision and mission, who want to be part of the first group of users when our system rolls out called the Founders Club.

When you join today, you’ll be rewarded with a massive discount with no monthly or annual fees, and you’ll receive a commission bump to 50% of all referrals that you ever send our way instead of the 25%-40% that other members will be receiving that choose to join later. 

Plus you’ll have the ability to promote our amazing pre-launch offer which converts like crazy and you’ll earn $1,000 for every referral

Position yourself now for a massive wave of success in 2018!


Sitebuilder | Training | Community | Affiliates

Digital Agency Builders is comprised of 4 main segments.


Here’s a brief summary of each section:


Reserve your custom username, fill out a simple form, and within minutes you can have your own agency site! 

Map your own custom domain name, add affiliate offers, and choose which done-for-you services to offer.

Connect your Stripe or Paypal and start earning money that gets paid directly into your bank account!


Learn step-by-step how to setup your Agency including strategies that you can use to start making money. 

You’ll learn ways to market and generate traffic for your website as well as creative hacks that business owners are looking for. 

 All of this training is designed to turn an amateur into a professional.


Join our network of agency builders and ask any questions you have along the way to get more support.

As you start to have wins with your business, be sure to post screenshots and share your success!

Get inspired and motivated when others share their success so that you can see what’s truly possible.


Earn up to 50% commissions by promoting Digital Agency Builders, the flagship product of LifePreneur. 

During pre-launch earn $1,000 per referral, and when we go public you can earn recurring commissions every single month!

Refer FREE members and earn future commissions when they upgrade!

Now that you’ve got a SUMMARY of our product offering, let’s dive into a lot more detail so that you can make an informed decision!



Your Own Digital Marketing Business in a Box

At the core of our company is our AGENCY PAGE BUILDER.

With a few mouse-clicks and no coding whatsoever, you’ll be able to set up your own Agency Website that will allow you to start receiving income online.

Here are just some of the amazing features you’ll have on your site.


  •  Choose a custom username url
  •  Map your own domain name
  •  Add your own agency logo
  •  Create a welcome video
  •  Choose your own agency template
  •  Choose your own branding colors
  •  Add your entity for legal purposes
  •  Add a phone number if you want calls
  •  Add a branded email address
  •  Choose which service pages to show
  •  Choose which affiliate offers to show
  •  Add your own affiliate link to offers
  •  Choose which rap funnels to show
  •  Ability to change pricing on pages
  •  Add your own merchant accounts
  •  Change SEO settings for search rankings
  •  View leads from visitors and prospects
  •  View commissions from DAB referrals

And these are just “some” of the features!

For example, let’s talk about:


As a pre-launch member you will have the ability to set up your own agency site before the public has access. This includes choosing your own custom username like you would on Instagram.


Optionally, if you would prefer your own domain name, you can follow the instructions to “map” any domain name you want to your site.

For example, instead of the url above, you could have:


After selecting your custom username or mapping your own domain name, you’ll be presented with a form to fill out to create your own agency site.

This is a simple form that should only take a few minutes to fill out.

Hit save and your agency builders website is LIVE!




We want to set you up for success right off the bat, so when you activate your new agency website, you can choose from several of our “done-for-you” services and affiliate offers to get started! 

This takes all the hard work out of copywriting, coming up with what to say, how to present it in a way that clients will want to buy, and more!

When you login to your admin dashboard, you will see a list of services that you can show or hide on your site with the click of a mouse.

Here are the options that you will have when it goes live.


1. Hide Service – Hidden – Visitors can’t see the page.

2. Show Service – Wait List – Visitors join a waiting list.

3. Show Service – Available – Visitors can pay directly.

Okay, so let’s break this down in more detail so that you understand the power of how this can work in your favor.

For this example, let’s use the following service: 

EXAMPLE:  Search Engine Optimization.

Let’s say you are a newbie agency and you don’t have any search engine optimization (seo) skills or any connections.

You’ll likely want to start off by choosing to “hide” that service page.

(To hide a service page, you simply check the “hide” option).

Or, another option would be to show that page but have it say that you are currently “Full” of clients on that service which prompts visitors to apply to be on a waiting list.

When a visitor sees a service that is “Full” on your page, they will have the option to sign up for your “Waiting List“.

They fill out a quick form and click submit, which then adds them to your “Leads List” in your admin area that you can follow up with at any time that you feel is comfortable for your business and schedule.

Once leads start showing up, this will motivate you to either learn how to fulfill the service they are wanting, or to research and find a partner agency that is capable for fulfilling that service and willing to pay you a referral fee.

This allows you to set up your Agency Site and start marketing TODAY without having to be an expert and without having to be put in an uncomfortable situation.

If you have a lot of leads coming in you can always partner up with someone who is good at “sales” and you can profit share with them a commission of every sale that they make.

Now you are making money from your agency site without having to do any sales AND without having to fulfill any services!

Keep in mind this example was just one of many.

You’ll have access to several “Pre-Built Services Pages” available to you when your agency builders site goes live. Simply choose which ones to show or hide!


  •  E-Book Design
  •  Logo Design
  •  Logo Animation
  •  Funnel Building
  •  Copywriting
  •  Consulting
  •  Article Writing
  •  Email Marketing
  •  Search Engine Optimization
  •  Social Media Management
  •  Ecom Store Development
  •  Lead Generation
  •  Facebook Advertising
  •  YouTube Marketing
  •  Instagram Marketing
  •  Viral Video Marketing

Remember, you’ll have the ability to hide or show any of these pages on your site, as well as the ability to create your own custom service pages if you like.

You will have a simple way to link to these pages as well, whether you use your default username link, or you own custom domain.

Example: Link to the consulting page.




And you’ll have the ability to advertise and promote these pages directly as well. This gives you the ability to laser target services to people in conversations on social media, as well as with ads.


If you want to add your own custom services you can always use the option to “Add Services” and you can choose from one of the templates and fill out a form with no coding required, that will automatically build you out your own custom pages.

For example, let’s say you are a network marketing consultant.

You help network marketers to attract more high quality people into their organization through your hands-on coaching.

What you would do is use the consulting page template to build out your own page that describes this consulting service. 

 No coding needed, no design skills needed, simple & fast!




Earn Commissions by Promoting Affiliate Offers with Our Built-In Bonuses and High-Converting Sales Pages!


We will find high-converting affiliate offers and build out sales pages including our BONUSES that you can have automatically show on your site with the click of a mouse!

We are in the process of teaming up with the BIGGEST names in the industry, and some of the best companies and platforms to promote!

With Your Done-For-You Agency Builders Website You Can Start Earning Commissions on Offers Like These!

Imagine being able to use our done-for-you affiliate funnels built by super affiliates and professional copywriters, and being able to use our bonuses to convert more buyers!

This has never been done before, and for the first time ever we are making this available on YOUR Digital Agency Site!

Here are some EXAMPLES of success that I’ve personally had from affiliate marketing, and why I’m so passionate to help others create successful online businesses.

DISCLAIMERThese are Chris Record’s personal verified affiliate commissions earnings from promoting digital products through the JVzoo platform.

These are NOT typical results. Some affiliates earn no money despite hard effort, while other affiliates make full time income with what may seem like minimal effort.

Results are different for EVERYONE. 

The reason we are showing Chris Record’s daily earnings is because you will be using HIS pages, HIS bonuses, and HIS marketing tools to promote similar offers yourself.

Our hope is that this significantly increases your chances of success, but we cannot guarantee it.

Only you can decide what results can achieve.

Our goal is to assist you on that journey.



Innovation is the key to successful marketing in 2018

In 2017 I experimented with a brand new marketing method by creating and filming a series of Entrepreneur Rap Videos!

Several of these videos went viral, resulting in millions of views and hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue generated from them.

Until now this was just a passion project that I was doing, but so many of you have asked me if you could use my rap videos in your own marketing campaigns, so I’ve put together a process for you to that!


Each of my rap videos will be embedded on a page on your Agency website that you can promote for visitors to watch.

These pages will also have a copy-written sales message that will promote the FREE version of Digital Agency Builders for visitors to create an account.

When you refer someone to watch one of my rap videos and they click through and join through your page, they will be hard-coded to you and you will earn up to 50% commissions when they upgrade their plan with Digital Agency Builders!

Plus, some of the videos below will also be available for you to download and upload on your own fan page (with permission) and promote using my 3 Zero Club Method to get video views for as little as $0.0003 each so that they can go viral.

This is one of the most anticipated released of Digital Agency Builders and by joining the Founders Club today you will automatically be included in Group #1 to start promoting these Rap Funnels!

I plan to launch my 2nd album in 2018, here is a quick glance at both LifePreneur Volume I & II.

My Entrepreneur Rap Albums.


  •  Life of an Entrepreneur
  •  Entrepreneurs Got Choices
  •  Hodl Gang
  •  Shopify Rap
  •  Miracle Morning
  •  Still Standing
  •  Boss Life
  •  Autism Acceptance Rap
  •  Click Funnels Rap
  •  Born Hustler
  •  Thank God I’m Fresh
  •  Storez on the Web
  •  Traffic & Conversions
  •  Racks on Racks on Racks
  •  Bodak Orange
  •  The Fall of Sunny D
  •  Fright Night
  •  Summers in Mexico
  •  Entrepreneur Rap Battles 1
  •  Entrepreneur Rap Battles 2


  •  LifePreneur 
  •  I Got the Flu
  •  Consulting Rap
  •  Sushi Chop Sticks
  •  2 Comma Club
  •  Pug Walk
  •  Insane in the Blockchain
  •  I Got $5 On It – Facebook Ads
  •  Born To Sell ft. Grant Cardone
  •  Bitcoin Going Up on a Tuesday
  •  Sober Gang
  •  Everyday I’m Hodlin’
  •  Like a Million Bucks
  •  Bitcoin Barbie
  •  I’m a Legend
  •  Catfished on Bumble
  •  Pars & Birdies
  •  Game Changers
  •  Professional Marketer
  •  and more coming soon…

Entrepreneur Rap Playlist

Imagine being able to download a music video and upload it to Facebook “with permission” and then run low-cost video view ads to help it go viral, resulting in hundreds, potentially thousands of clicks!

That’s the power behind Entrepreneur Rap Funnels and that’s just one of the exciting benefits of being part of the Founders Club!



Step-By-Step Tutorials Teaching You How To Build Your Own Profitable Digital Marketing Agency

Now that your DAB site is set up, it’s time to go through our training to learn new skills, how to sell services/offers, how to drive traffic to your site using free and paid advertising and so much more!

As a Founders Club Member you get access to:


Including Over 250+ Micro-Learning Tutorial Videos

1. Influencer Club: 40+ Video Lessons teaching you how to manage social media marketing for clients and help them build their influence.

2. Affiliate Club – 25+ Video Lessons teaching you how to promote affiliate offers to earn commissions, including Digital Agency Builders.

3. Agency Club – 60+ Video Lessons teaching you how to build, grow, and scale your own profitable digital marketing agency online.

4. Cashflow Club – 60+ Video Lessons teaching you how to setup your own corporation, improve your credit, and create leveraged income!

5. Founders Club – 70+ Video Lessons teaching you how to scale up your business, directly from our small group mastermind sessions!



influencers club

40+ Video Lessons teaching you how to manage social media marketing for clients and help them build their influence.


 4 Video Lessons

  •  S.T.E.A.M. Overview
  •  Using S.T.E.A.M. in your Agency
  •  Creating Systems for your Clients
  •  The Power of Acronyms


 5 Video Lessons

  •  Define a Strategy
  •  Write a Content Outline
  •  Create Your Content
  •  Upload Your Posts
  •  Use Tools to Automate Posting


 5 Video Lessons

  •  Understanding Analytics
  •  Facebook Analytics
  •  Instagram Analytics
  •  YouTube Analytics
  •  Google Analytics


 8 Video Lessons

  •  6 Engagement Styles that Work
  •  Fortune is in the Follow Up
  •  Fuel the Social Media Algorithms
  •  5 Rules for Respondi
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