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Discipline Your Ass – Katrina Ruth

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Discipline Your Ass – Katrina Ruth Download. I got together with a group of hardcore READY TO DO WHAT MATTERS entrepreneurs | leaders | creatives who want …

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I got together with a group of hardcore READY TO DO WHAT MATTERS entrepreneurs | leaders | creatives who want to get serious about success! We talked DISCIPLINE AND GETTING SHIT DONE! Now baby I’m sharing this workshop with YOU!

We’re going to look at:

  • What you actually want your life to BE about, and what really matters to you –
  • ?What you’re NOT TAKING action on that you were born for and why –
  • Why you need to SCREW TRYING TO BALANCE things and start approaching your days, your week, your actions your LIFE as a whole –
  • How to get rid of guilt around PARENTING and PARTNERS and the NORMAL people in your world, how to actually value what YOU truly value first and foremost for you and ALSO be proud of who you are in your relationships –
  • ?What your daily SUCCESS routine needs to be about, what matters to you and how to act on it DESPITE THE CHAOS THAT WILL ENSUE –
  • ?The needle moving actions you need to get your game face on for DAILY in your business, your life, for your body, your health, your FUTURE … what are the one or two or MAYBE three things you actually need to act on each day that are going to bring the CLIENTS and the MONEY in, whilst also supporting you in what you want for your LIFE –
  • How to take action fucking NOW in spite of the madness, the chaos, and everything DEMANDING your attention –
  • How you need to think and BELIEVE in order to make all this happen: your thoughts are not supposed to just think for themselves you know! You get to CHOOSE what to believe, how to think, and there is a specific WAY that successful people have learned how to think which makes it not only easy but AUTOMATIC for them to then take action.
  • ?How to get your ass up and INTO aligned action every day, no matter what’s going on or whether or not you feel like it –
  • ?The truth about ENERGY, about whether or not you ‘need’ to sleep a certain amount, eat or move in a certain way or do ANYTHING in a certain way, and how you can actually create UNLIMITED energy from within by switching on the BURNING FUCKING DESIRE button that exists inside of you –
  • ?How I go at a million miles an hour but still take DAILY time for me, daily time to meditate, to breathe, to play with my kids or have fun with my husband or friends-
  • ?How to RAPIDLY change not only your thoughts and beliefs but also your PHYSICAL results in terms of how much money you’re making, what you’re doing, what you HAVE, and what you’ll continue to get.

And SO much fucking more of course, including time for you to ask questions and get my personal input as well as maybe just a LITTLE bit of asskickin’ if you need it.

Enough waiting around for things to happen! Let’s discipline your ASS AND SEE SOME RESULTS!

Done? AWESOME … you know I can’t wait to ?#‎disciplineyourass

I know you need this program. THIS is where results come from, not running around like a headless chook trying to get your SHIT done and never ever getting there never mind never ever living your LIFE on purpose.

But I also know that even though YOU know you need this, it’s harder, for some God-forsaken reason, to say yes to anything that actually gets you on PURPOSE.

You’d probably find it EASIER to spend $1000 or more on something that offers a magic-bullet strategy make money now solution even though you damn well know it won’t, and you wouldn’t wanna do it anyway!

Well let me tell you:


And hell YEAH I’m not above bribing you WITH money to get you to do the work that matters! I want you to get fucking RESULTS baby, and so deeply do I believe

in and KNOW that this is where results come from that I’m basically gonna pay you to get them.


I’m not opposed to the knowledge that it makes me look even more awesome and demonstrates to you how greatly I OVERDELIVER when you work with me. Hey … I want us to hang together for the long-term you know! This ain’t no one night stand.

I love you. REALLY. And I want you to get results.

BELIEVE in you and I know that you can.

And I’m going to TREAT you as someone I care greatly about and do epic nice things for you like this but also if needed? I’m going to kick your butt.


You ready for it?

Need some help flicking the DISCIPLINE switch, and becoming the person who loves the grind? I can help.

I’ve spent the last 15 years actively TRAINING MYSELF for success, to where my NATURAL desires are now able to make me multiple 6-figures a MONTH in income, keep me in shit hot shape, allow me to live a VIFuckingP lifestyle and basically just help me have it all!

I know .. SICKENING, right?! Except, also, COMPLETELY accessible. It all comes down to knowing how to train yourself to LIVE AS YOU WERE ACTUALLY BORN FOR. We were not BORN to be lazy, we were born to PUSH and to STRETCH and to GROW. We were born to see the INHERENT reward in discipline, and to earn the results of living a life on purpose.

Which is why I’m running my DISCIPLINE YOUR ASS FOR EPIC FUCKING RESULTS workshop, all online. This is not just ’cause I wanna kick your butt for the fun of it, and nor is it because I think you need to just learn to STFU and do the work.

It’s because I FULLY believe there is a way to LEARN TO LOVE THE GRIND, and I’m not just SAYING that in the sense of ‘oh yeah, I love the work because I want the result’. No. I mean GENUINELY loving the work, in business, for your money, for your fitness and relationship goals, in ALL areas, to the point where you DO the work for the works sake and for the intrinsic reward of DOING said work and the result BEYOND that is just a bonus.

Can you imagine how EASY it can be, to achieve EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED, if only it came NATURALLY to you to do what was required to get you there?

Don’t look at me and think I’m living MY dream because I force myself to do shit I don’t wanna do so that I can make money, or be in shape, or have what I want. Don’t give me that much credit! All I EVER wanted to do was be a free fucking spirit, NEVER have to follow command, do what I want when I want and how.


Every freakin’ day I get up, do exactly what I want –

When I want –

And how.

And I get to be super rich, hot, famous and free as a result.

Because I learned how to ACTUALLY wanna do the work.

Quite honestly? At this point it’s not even possible for me to struggle with money, with my weight, with NOT having what I want. I’m conditioned for epic fucking results.


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Discipline Your Ass – Katrina Ruth
Discipline Your Ass – Katrina Ruth


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