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Double Your Leads, Sales And Opportunities with Instagram – David Drazil

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Double Your Leads, Sales And Opportunities with Instagram – David Drazil Download. But more importantly, by sharing my content I could help a specific grou…

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About This Course

Are you struggling with growing your Instagram account?

Unsure what to improve to gain more traction with you audience?

Are you creating quality content but not getting enough attention for it?

Over the past 3 years, I’ve leveraged my online presence on Instagram to:

  • turn my side-hustle into an online business that I can do full time for a living now
  • speak about my project at conferences & universities
  • self-publish and launch my first book and get it trending as #1 New Release on Amazon
  • get a traditional book deal with a major American publisher
  • being featured in a magazine and interviewed for a number of blogs & podcasts
  • develop long-term collaborations with 2 sketching apps on iPad

But more importantly, by sharing my content I could help a specific group of people and thanks to them turn this online endeavor into something much BIGGER, impacting lives ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Wonder how I’ve built my audience of more than 150,000 engaged fans on Instagram? I’ll tell you my every secrets.

‍As anyone else, I started from scratch. But as opposed to most people, I created a strategy at the very beginning and then I sticked to the plan.

For more than 3 years, I’ve been learning, testing, experimenting, measuring, and then optimizing lot of factors related to building & growing an online following.

‍Now I want to share what works with you so you don’t have to spend another 3 years figuring it out on your own.

The systems & strategies for organic growth I share in this coursewill work for you EVEN IF…

  • you’re starting from scratch
  • you’re not well-known on any other online platform
  • you’re overwhelmed by all the info out there
  • you don’t know how to start

My goal with this course is to share everything I learned during more than 3 years of actively using Instagram and pass it on to you so you can benefit from it as well.

‍So if you want…

  • to establish a personal brand
  • to become an influencer in your niche
  • more sales for your online or brick & mortar business
  • more leads and email subscribers
  • to drive more traffic to your website, blog, Youtube, etc.

Then, this course is for you!

‍It’s no short-term hacks, but rather long-term strategies based on what really matters.

‍It’s my 3 years of experience building 150,000+ followers, shrunk into digestible chunks of advice and approaches which will save you a ton of time.

And all that without unnecessary struggle and without learning it the hard way, or getting frustrated on the way and giving up entirely.

‍Let me show you how I got more than a MILLION impressions, over 4,000 follows and close to 3,000 website clicks from a single Instagram post.

It’s not a coincidence. It’s not luck. You can design your posts to reach the masses.

Here’s what you learn in this Course:

  • 4 Things Which Actually Matter to Your Success Online
  • How To Identify Your Ideal Niche
  • How To Define Your Target Audience
  • How To Create Your Hashtag Strategy
  • 6 Characteristics of Quality Content
  • How To Create Quality Content the Smart Way
  • How To Optimize Your Bio
  • How To Know When To Post and How Often
  • How To Actually Behave on Social Media
  • Proven Ways to Engage With Your Audience
  • How To Drive Traffic Towards Your Website, Products & Services
  • How To Plan Your Content
  • Specific Tactics for Running Successful Campaigns with Instagram

With the course you’re getting:

  • 21 instnt-access videos demonstrating and explaining all the details
  • Personal feedback & answers to your questions on the way
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Downloadable bonuses:

  • 40+ page PDF Guide including all the info from the course
  • What Really Matters – ActionSheet
  • Content Strategy Plan
  • Instagram Post Checklist
  • List of Content Ideas
  • My Top 10 Rules for Instagram

Course Curriculum

01/ Introduction

  •  Welcome to the Course (1:34)
  •  Download Your PDF Guide

02/ What Really Matters

  •  Your Why (3:44)
  •  Define Your Niche (3:07)
  •  Your Target Audience (3:36)
  •  Value You Provide (2:59)
  •  Worksheet – What Really Matters

03/ Strategies & Tactics

  •  Hashtag Strategy (6:15)
  •  Quality Content (4:40)
  •  Bio Optimization (2:41)
  •  How To Be Social (3:43)
  •  Consistency is Key (1:31)

04/ Content Creation

  •  Content Typology (6:09)
  •  Content Ideas (1:30)
  •  Tips on Content Creation (3:06)
  •  Best Posts Analytics (3:30)
  •  V-A-T Framework (1:03)
  •  Your Content Strategy (1:39)

05/ Real-life Campaigns

  •  Running a Successful Giveaway (3:02)
  •  Designing & Launching Merchandise (4:57)
  •  Book Launch (5:12)
  •  Promoting Your Products & Services (4:04)

06/ Wrap Up

  •  Recap of the Key Takeaways (1:06)


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Double Your Leads, Sales And Opportunities with Instagram – David Drazil
Double Your Leads, Sales And Opportunities with Instagram – David Drazil


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