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Drip Academy – Phil Mentoring has the same quality as the author’s salapage. There has never been a more powerful CPA course offered than what I am offering right here and right now.

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There has never been a more powerful CPA course offered than what I am offering right here and right now.

That’s a big claim, but I’m going to back it up…

CPA and affiliate marketing took me from dead broke to millionaire.

Last year, I was able to get two of my dream cars, a Cadillac Escalade Platinum and a C43 AMG Mercedes (roughly $170,000 combined). I’m a huge car guy and it’s been a massive goal of mine since I’ve started out. Hard work pays off!

There are many methods that are intentionally hidden from you by experienced affiliate marketers…

Methods that allow you to skip testing and jump straight into profits, even as a beginner. tell you that don’t know

I’ll go ahead and even 90% of “CPA gurus” what they are doing.

The majority of the people teaching these courses haven’t even done what they teach.

They don’t care to, because they are too lazy to actually do it, so they just “teach” it.

And I know what you’re thinking…

I’m probably just another one of them.

Not only do I have proof that I have done what I teach and continue to do it, but I have overwhelming proof (which you will see inside of the course).

I have worked with some of the biggest names and networks in the affiliate marketing space, some of which I talk to on a daily basis.

Before I turn this into an ultra-long sales letter and tell you my whole life story, I’m going to make this short and cut to the chase…

I’m offering something truly unique.

I’m giving you the opportunity to legally steal all of the information that took me more than five years to learn. Information that has changed the course of my life forever.

As cliche as it sounds, the fact that I even released some of this info is going to make a lot of affiliates mad, but they can go… Well, I think you get it.

I’m willing to boldly state that this will be the most high-value affiliate marketing course that you will ever buy.

In fact, I’m willing to back that up.

If you go through the entire program and after 30 days you still don’t feel that it’s the most high-value CPA marketing course you’ve ever purchased, I’ll refund every dime right then and there – no questions asked.

I’ve dedicated five years of my life to learning from failure after failure with CPA and have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn the info

(yes, I can prove that I spent that much to learn it and show inside the course).

I remember starting out in 2012 searching Warrior Forum for affiliate marketing courses with less than $20 to my name, and, in 2013, browsing StackThatMoney (commonly abbreviated “STM”) forum desperately looking for something to help me learn CPA marketing on a budget, which of course never came.

I had to figure all of this stuff out on my own, without anyone’s help.

So… let’s talk about the course itself.


Inside of “DripAcademy” you will find hours of over-the-shoulder videos showing you everything CPA marketing, from A to Z.

You will actually get to watch over my shoulder as I show you how I run my highly profitable affiliate business without in-house staff, high ad spend, high risk, and without losing tons of money on “testing” (that’s not the real way to do affiliate marketing).


  • What Is CPA Marketing?
  • How Does CPA Marketing Work?
  • Why Is Affiliate Marketing The Best Business For A Beginner To Online Business?
  • An In-Depth Explanation of Terms That Are Commonly Used
  • What Tools Do I Need & How To Set Them Up?
  • Where To Get Started Based On Budget (Traffic Platforms & Strategies)
  • Best Traffic Platforms Based On Goals
  • Low-Budget Methods Of Getting Started
  • How To Build Your First Landing Page
  • How To Run Your First Campaigns
  • Achieving Stability And Consistency
  • Multiple In-Depth Bing Ads Tutorials and “Profit Hacks”
  • Multiple In-Depth Google Adwords Tutorials and “Profit Hacks”
  • Multiple In-Depth Facebook Ads Tutorials and “Profit Hacks”
  • Multiple In-Depth Native Ads Tutorials and “Profit Hacks”
  • Advanced Tactics and Unfair Advantages
  • Four “Hacks” That Every CPA Marketer Should Know
  • Analyzing Your Data And Optimizing Campaigns
  • Using Spy Tools To Copy Profitable Campaigns
  • How To Deal With Competition Properly
  • Outsourcing The Petty Stuff & Hiring Remotely
  • How To Play “The Accounts Game”
  • How To Scale Your Campaigns For The Long-Term
  • Business Systems and Processes
  • How To Use The DripRevenue CPA Network
  • How To Increase Chances Of Getting Into Other CPA Networks
  • How To Hack Your Way Into GUARANTEED and INSTANT Profits
  • Bonus Profit Hacks …And Much, Much Morel


And, once again, I know what you’re thinking… why am I sharing it then?

I’ve been in this space long enough to know that there are always ways around competition and that the online advertising space is literally too big to saturate entirely, even if you know what I know.

To be honest, I’m not really sure why affiliates have been worried about these underground methods being released, because there are so many opportunities available that saturation is nearly impossible (I suppose it goes back to old fashioned greed).

Some of the methodologies that I teach inside of Drip Academy can literally be used all across the internet marketing space (even outside of CPA and affiliate marketing) and in so many different ways that it will blow your mind. You will learn things inside the course that you will carry with you for the rest of your online business journey.

But for the single-dimension super affiliates who rely on a single strategy to work, the info released inside of this course will be devastating to their businesses.

And it doesn’t stop there… I’m doing something that no one has ever done before.

I’m giving GUARANTEED access to my own DripRevenue CPA Network to each and every DripAcademy student.

Since people have been teaching CPA and affiliate marketing, it’s been a massive issue for beginners to get into CPA networks (where you find the affiliate offers to promote).

Some people never even get accepted to a network, meaning that they can’t even utilize the information that they paid for when they pay for a course or mentor.

We decided to make this course truly priceless and refreshing by providing our own network specifically for students, meaning that there is no more “if I get approved by the network” nonsense.

The value of this alone is enough to be worth the price that I’m charging for entry.

And I’m not stopping there…

I’m providing personal 1-on-1 support to each and every student, both by email and Facebook private mastermind group.

Again… I’m taking it a step further.

If there is something that is not in this course that you want to see in it, all you need to do is ask. I ask my students every month what content they want to see or what tutorials they need to help improve their success.

Since we have a lot of courses in stock, if you cannot find your favorite course, please let us know. To search for other courses and discounts available, let's have a conversation! What are you waiting for?

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