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Dropshipping Academy 2.0 – Ecom Empires Download. You’ve probably seen the crazy success stories everywhere. 

And like me, you want to get your piece of t…

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From: Nick Peroni, Creator of Ecom Empires

RE: Cashing In On A $2 TRILLION Opportunity 

If you’re reading this page, then you already know about dropshipping with a Shopify store.

You’ve probably seen the crazy success stories everywhere. 

And like me, you want to get your piece of the $2 TRILLION ecommerce opportunity that is changing the world!

People now buy more online than they do in stores, and over 50% of the world’s population shops online.

In 2018, the ecommerce industry accounted for more than $2 Trillion in sales, and that is expected to DOUBLE to $4 Trillion by 2020! 

Which means the opportunity is amazing!

And if you want to know how you can CASH IN on this, then you should read every word on this page carefully.

Since starting Ecom Empires a little over 2 years ago, I’ve been able to help thousands of people all around the world find success and opportunity with an ecom business.

In the past year alone, I’ve traveled to over 20 countries and spoken at dozens of events. 

People have paid thousands of dollars to fly from all around the world to attend my masterminds and learn from me. 

And I’m happy to say that I’ve literally been using this knowledge and information to CHANGE LIVES! 

But to be honest, it’s not really about me. 

The reason I’ve been able to change so many lives comes down to 2 things:

1. The amazing dropship business model

I still believe that ecommerce is the BEST opportunity in the world right now for anyone from anywhere to build a successful online business.

Dropshipping is such a simple way to find product and sell for profits to people all around the world. 

Sure, it’s not without challenges. But let’s be real- there’s no other online business EVER that’s created so many success stories in such a short time. 

Dropshipping has made it possible for anyone to start and scale their business from almost nothing, and build a sustainable brand.

2. The strategic system I’ve built to get predictable results. 

You see, as amazing as dropshipping is…you still have to know what you’re doing.

Without the right strategy, you could end up blowing thousands of dollars testing things that aren’t working. 

There are tons of false gurus and loads of bad information floating all over the internet. 

Most people fail because they don’t have a strategic system that guides them to results. 

The reason I’ve been able to help so many people is because I’m able to teach dropshipping in a strategic way that helps people find success quickly. 

How The Game Has Changed…

When I started Ecom Empires, I created my first course – Dropship Academy. 

From that course alone, I’ve been able to launch ecom careers of people now doing 6- and 7-Figures per year with their Shopify store. 

But that course was created 2 years ago. And things have changed. 

You see, 2 years ago it was easier. There was less competition, and Facebook ads were not as difficult to navigate. 

Cost of advertising was lower, people had more trust in buying things online.

Then came the courses and the gurus…

And with them came thousands of hopeful marketers setting up terrible quality stores, selling terrible quality products looking for quick cash. 

This really upset the ecosystem, and people have been feeling the pain ever since. 

Ad costs have gone up, more ad disapprovals, Shopify shutting down stores, and people not buying as much because of less trust. 

Now don’t get me wrong…

I still believe that Dropship Academy is one of the best Free courses you’ll ever find anywhere. It’s a perfect foundation for understanding good ecommerce. 

The marketing and sales principles I talk about in there are timeless.

But as an ecosystem, things have evolved. 

That’s why I started my Worldwide Ecom Tour, where I’ve been traveling the world to speak at events and host my own masterminds…

So I could connect with ecom entrepreneurs and share the most up-to-date, cutting-edge tactics that would help them succeed. 

You can see the positive effects of these types of masterminds below…


Now I Want To Bring That Mastermind Knowledge People Pay Thousands For To YOU!

As I traveled the world and spoke at events, more and more people wanted to invite me to speak at their event. 

More and more people wanted to attend my masterminds, and people would pay thousands to fly from all over the world to be there. 

Because the information I teach just flat-out WORKS.

But attending a mastermind isn’t practical for everyone, and lots of people wanted an updated course. 

And the truth is that because the ecom industry has evolved so much in the last 2 years, it requires a much more strategic approach to get success. 

You can no longer just put together a crap store, find some Harry Potter products, and start making $1000 days.

You can no longer just rely on one winning product and hope it will make you rich. 

Finding success with dropshipping has evolved, and I believe it now comes down to a few areas:

1. Mindset and Strategy

2. Market and Niche Research

3. Building A High-Converting Store

4. Product Research

5. Facebook Ads

6. Maximizing Conversions

I realized as I was traveling that these are the 6 core pillars of every mastermind that I teach. 

So I set out to start a new case study store, and demonstrate each of these areas step by step as I built a store and recorded everything I did…

Now I Want To Share This With You To Help You Start Doing Dropshipping The Right Way!

You see I’ve already developed a system that helps people get results. 

In fact, as you can see by the loads of testimonials all over this page and within my Ecom Empires group, I’ve helped people create MASSIVE results. 

But for some people, there was still something missing. 

So I realized this course was the final touch!

With the last 2 years of knowledge, experience, and expertise that I’ve gathered from networking and teaching all over the world…

This course combines everything I’ve learned into a completely updated approach to high profit, high quality dropshipping!

So now I can help more people get results like this…


Now for the first time I am releasing all my strategies in a brand-new, up-to-date course to CRUSH it with dropshipping!

As I’ve been traveling the world, networking with other successful 7- and 8-Figure entrepreneurs, I’ve constantly been perfecting my system.

And this newest course is everything I’ve learned in the last 2 years to form a completely updated approach to dropshipping.

The opportunity right now is amazing, and I want to help create as many success stories as possible.

So YOU can be the next person to create your success story in this $2 Trillion Ecom Opportunity!

So…What Do You Get?

  • A completely updated, strategic approach to dropshipping and building a brand in 2019!
  • Over 12 hours of content that will show you how to create massive success in the current ecommerce opportunity.
  • Not just a course. Everything is taught by building a store LIVE from scratch and using my own money to show you exactly how to do it.
  • New market research, product research, and branding strategies revealed!

Watch Me Built A Branded Dropship Store From Scratch So I Can Show You Step-By-Step EXACTLY What To Do For Success!

Just copy what I do and start bringing in the profits!

This course is over-the-shoulder training as I build a real store, show you every single step along the way, explain why and how I do everything, and then take it to sales with Facebook ads: 

Module 1: Mindset and Strategy 

(2 Hours)

Real World Value: $997

In this module, I will talk about the key foundations and principles you need to understand as you enter into the world of ecommerce. 

As someone who has been there and done it before, I’ll explain how this all works and the quickest path to find success with this training. 

Module 2: Niche Selection 

(3 Hours)

Real World Value: $997

In this module, we will move into the first phase of building your online business- choosing the type of niche you want to sell products. 

This step is often misunderstood and considered really complicated. But I’ll guide you through a process that guarantees your success. 

Choosing a niche just means finding people to sell to. There are literally thousands of great options, and I’ll help you find the right one to get started. 

Module 3: Building Your Store 

(3 Hours)

Real World Value: $1497

In this module, it’s time to build your store. I’ll show you how to leverage automated tools online to make this process so easy a kid can do it. 

It doesn’t even cost anything to get started building your store! 

I’ll actually be building a store LIVE in this training so you can see exactly how every step goes in setting up your online selling machine. 

Module 4: Product Research 

(4 Hours)

Real World Value: $997

Now that you have a store setup and ready to go, it’s time to start finding products to sell. 

This is where we make the money!

I’ll show you how to source trending product ideas from a huge marketplace, where you can literally sell thousands of items without ever having to touch a single one! 

This is where the dropshipping magic happens, and you’ll see why this is such an amazing opportunity for ANYONE.

Module 5: Facebook Advertising 

(4 Hours)

Real World Value: $1497

The fastest way to get started making money is with Facebook Ads. I’ll show you how to setup your ads account, how to run your campaigns, and how to structure your ads. 

I’ll show you LIVE examples as I spend my own money to test ads for the store I build in this course, and show you what it looks like to get sales and monitor your ads. 

Facebook Ads make it possible for any store to go from nothing to over $100K in a month when you have the right product. 

I’m not guaranteeing you’ll see that kind of success right away, but I will certainly show you how to start making money.

Module 6: Maximizing Conversions

(2 Hours)

Real World Value: $497

In this last module I talk about 4 key components that will help you maximize conversions once you start getting Facebook traffic:

  • Abandoned Cart Emails
  • Retargeting
  • Customer Service
  • Post Purchase Experience

This module will make sure you are ready for success as you start your new ecom business!

Over 15 Hours of Amazing Content!

Plus you will get access to my via Facebook Messenger or Email! 

Look, I am not here just to make money off people. I want to actually help you succeed with dropshipping. 

Of course you need to actually be willing to put in the work to make any business successful, but I’m not going to leave you stranded after you purchase. 

I’ll be available to chat, give feedback, and help you with questions along the way. 

You can see below an example of someone that I’ve talked with and offered guidance throughout his journey getting started and going through my content. 

And now he’s been able to achieve $80K in one week! 

Of course everyone’s results are different, but the point is that this is more than a course. You are investing in my training and that comes with personal access to me. 


Done-For-You Email Templates

Included for free I’m going to give you 84 proven-to-convert email marketing templates that will help your store make more money! 

These templates are short and sweet, and most importantly, they work! We had them written by a professional email marketer and packaged together.

No matter what email provider you use, you can copy these templates to have a full year’s worth of emails ready to go for your store!

Private VIP Mastermind

Recently at an event in Vietnam, I gave a 2-hour private presentation to all the VIP attendees…

That VIP ticket price was $2000. That’s how much people paid to be in this room! 

The presentation I gave was called “9-Steps to 7-Figures with Shopify”. And in it, I revealed some of my best strategies and tips for building a million dollar empire with your store. 

This private VIP video alone is worth the entire price of this course!

Messenger Support 

As a final icing on the cake, I’m also doing something I’ve never done before…

With your purchase of this course, you’ll get personal Messenger support from me! 

Meaning I will be there to help you with any questions you have as you get setup and started. 

Here’s Everything You Get…

  • ?Module 1: Mindset and Strategy (Value $997)
  •  Module 2: Niche Selection (Value $997)
  •  Module 3: Building Your Store (Value $1497)
  •  Module 4: Product Research (Value $997)
  •  Module 5: Facebook Advertising (Value $1497)
  • ?Module 6: Maximizing Conversions (Val $497)
  • ?Bonus: Email Templates (Value $485)
  • ?Bonus: Private VIP Mastermind (Value $2000)
  • ?Messenger Support (Priceless)

And the results could go on and on…

The question is are YOU ready to build a profitable dropshipping business?

My methods have launched the careers of 6- and 7-Figure stores! You can be NEXT.

So who is this training for?

  • Anyone who wants to build a profitable ecommerce store
  • Anyone who has struggled with ecommerce in the past
  • Anyone looking for a proven blueprint to success
  • Anyone who recognizes a great opportunity when they see one

Who is this training NOT for?

  • Anyone not willing to put in the work
  • Anyone who wants success with no investment
  • Anyone who’s scared to be successful
  • Anyone already doing more than $10K per month
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