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Drupal 7 Module Development – Packt Publishing

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Drupal 7 Module Development

Design, implement, and deliver a successful business intelligence project with SQL Server Analysis 2012 Services


“Design, implement, and deliver a successful business intelligence project with SQL Server Analysis 2012 Services

About This Video

Use the essential hooks and functions in your module code to build your own custom Drupal 7 module

Create database tables, write database queries and finally build and theme blocks using powerful hook functions

Set up an ideal development environment by reviewing the module from a security and performance standpoint

In Detail

Drupal is an award-winning open-source Content Management System. It’s a modular system, with an elegant hook-based architecture, and great code. Modules are plugins for Drupal that extend, build or enhance Drupal core functionality. With this course you will learn to build a Drupal custom module by completing short tasks and ultimately weave the tasks together to get a completed and fully functional module. Drupal 7 Module Development introduces you to module development by understanding the essential hooks and functions, building tables and querying the Drupal database, exploring module security, performance and how our module interacts with Drupal core and contributed modules. Each video walks you through essential Drupal functions and demonstrates how to use these functions in a module that we build hands-on together Drupal 7 Module Development starts by showing you how to set up your local development environment to support custom module development. You will learn how to use the best tools and configure them. Next you will learn to configure a Feeds importer to import content into your site that you will then leverage with your custom module and write a menu callback using hook_menu and hook_permissions. We will then look at the form API and write a hook_form_alter function and create a .install file and build a db schema function to create a table in our database Finally we create a block using our module and theme the block. We end the course by reviewing our module from a security and performance standpoint. From the local development to the review of security we build a custom module step-by-step throughout the course’s short videos.”

Course Curriculum

Installing Drupal for Custom Module Development

  • Installing and Configuring MAMP (4:14)
  • Installing and Configuring Aptana Studio editor (4:54)
  • Installing and Configuring Drupal (5:07)
  • Drupal Modules (3:30)
  • Setting Up custom and contrib Modules Directory (4:18)

Introducing the Custom Facebook Feed Module

  • Preparing to Import Feeds (4:05)
  • Creating the Feeds Importer (4:55)
  • PHP Settings and Feeds Tamper (4:38)
  • PHP Intro and Drupal Coding Standards (4:23)
  • Creating the .info File (5:06)
  • Creating the .module File (3:14)
  • Understanding the Drupal API (3:56)
  • Using the Devel Module (4:45)
  • Using Devel Module to Inspect Page Variables (3:46)

Menu Callbacks and Permissions

  • Using the hook_menu Function (3:29)
  • Caching (3:30)
  • Using the hook_permission Function (5:33)
  • Adding the admin.inc File to Our Module (4:39)

The Form API

  • Using the system_settings_form (3:06)
  • Using the admin_settings_form and Checkboxes (2:59)
  • Creating and Using Drupal Variables (3:10)
  • Using the hook_validate Function (2:56)
  • Using the hook_form_alter Function (5:59)

Connecting with the Database

  • Creating the .install File (4:15)
  • Using the hook_schema Function – Part 1 (6:33)
  • Using the hook_schema Function – Part 2 (5:20)
  • Using the hook_uninstall Function (5:23)
  • Using the hook_update Function (4:24)

Node Hooks and Database System

  • Adding Node Hooks – Part 1 (4:18)
  • Adding Node Hooks – Part 2 (3:21)
  • Database Queries – Part 1 (4:04)
  • Database Queries – Part 2 (3:05)
  • Database Abstraction Layer (4:38)

Block System and Theming

  • Understanding the hook_block_info Function (5:16)
  • Understanding the hook_block_view Function (5:06)
  • Understanding the block_contents custom Function (5:41)
  • Theming the block – Part 1 (4:14)
  • Theming the block – Part 2 (3:38)

Security, Performance, and Testing of our Module

  • Drupal Module Security and Sanitization (3:22)
  • Installing the Coder Module (5:12)
  • Conducting a Simple Test – Part 1 (2:56)
  • Conducting a Simple Test – Part 2 (5:06)
  • Conducting a Simple Test – Part 3 (3:57)
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Drupal 7 Module Development – Packt Publishing
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