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E-Commerce Checkout Usability – Baymard Institute

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E-Commerce Checkout Usability – Baymard Institute Download. This checkout study provides you with 7 years worth of checkout user testing and research, cond…

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E-Commerce Checkout Usability

69% of all e-commerce visitors abandon their shopping cart. Why?

A part of Baymard Premium access

This checkout study provides you with 7 years worth of checkout user testing and research, condensed into 134 usability guidelines.

Full access to the Checkout Usability study includes 17 reports with 134 actionable checkout guidelines, and a benchmark database with 6,000 UX performance scores and 5,000 categorized checkout implementation examples.

(Beyond including full access to this Checkout Usability research study, the Baymard Premium access also include 6 additional studies (Homepage & Category Navigation, E-Commerce Search, Product Lists & Filtering, Product Details Pages, Mobile E-Commerce, and Account & Self-Service) with a total of 640+ guidelines covered in 64 e-commerce UX research reports)

This research-based and pragmatic toolset will help you achieve the best possible checkout flow, user experience, and conversion rate.

17 Reports with 134 Guidelines to Increase Checkout Conversion by 35.26%

This original usability study focuses on how users behave during a checkout flow, where they get stuck, and why they abandon their purchase.

The findings presented in these 17 reports (720-page in total), are based on two rounds of large-scale qualitative testing of e-commerce checkout processes, along with an additional large-scale eye-tracking test, and quantitative research with 6,000+ participants. Despite testing the checkout flows from 25 leading e-commerce sites, the test subjects encountered more than 2,700 usability issues in the process of going from the shopping cart to completing their order.

In fact, the combined test data documents that the average site can increase its conversion rate by 35.26% solely through better checkout design. And these figures are based on the testing of checkout processes from leading e-commerce sites, such as Walmart, Amazon, Wayfair, Crate & Barrel, ASOS, etc.

In these 17 reports, we have distilled all 2,700+ usability issues encountered by the test subjects into 134 checkout user experience guidelines, and prioritized them by UX impact – providing you with concise design guidelines that will help you improve the performance of your checkout process.

What you’ll get in the 17 Checkout Usability reports

  • 134 actionable design guidelines divided into 17 topics.
  • 400+ user quotes illustrating what customers think when they abandon their purchase.
  • 1,300+ screenshots illustrating concrete design and usability issues – and solutions to them.
  • 60 benchmark case studies of real life examples illustrating what works and what doesn’t.
  • 720 print-optimized pages exploring the customer’s checkout experience.

Benchmark: Is your checkout better than Apple’s or Walmart’s?

Based on the findings of this checkout research study we’ve benchmarked the checkout processes of 60 top grossing US and European e-commerce sites. This provides you with the most comprehensive e-commerce checkout database in the world with 720 manually reviewed checkout steps, more than 2,000 screenshots, and 5,000+ categorized implementation examples of the 134 checkout usability guidelines.

When you purchase the checkout usability study you get full access to this benchmark database.

Furthermore the benchmark database include tools that allow you to review your own (or your clients’) checkout process and see how it stacks up against the competition.

What you’ll get in the Checkout Usability benchmark

  • Full unrestricted access to the benchmark database with 60 checkout usability case studies of top grossing e-commerce sites.
  • 720 annotated checkout steps for systematic design inspiration on a particular checkout step type (Address, Payment, etc).
  • An interactive review tool to rate your own checkout performance and see how it stacks up against the competition.
  • 6,000+ UX performance scores providing a detailed breakdown of checkout strengths and weaknesses.
  • 5,000+ best- and worst-practice examples, illustrating how to implement the 134 checkout usability guidelines.
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E-Commerce Checkout Usability – Baymard Institute
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