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eCommerce Lifestyle eLearning Bundle – Academy Hacker Download. eCommerce is one of the easiest online businesses to start. Platforms like Shopify have mad…

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eCommerce is one of the “easiest” online businesses to start. Platforms like Shopify have made it simple to create, design, and launch your store. That being said finding products to sell is still a challenge. You can use apps like Oberlo which help you resell Alibaba products direct from China. The issue here tends to be lower quality products with long ship times. You could set up direct vendor deals with local dropshippers. This approach is solid but it takes time, requires you to do a lot of selling, and increases the complexity of your business because now you have to manage each individual vendor.

The Shop Hacker Shopify app looks to help ecommerce entrepreneurs with the supply issue. The app offers Shopify merchants instant access to a portfolio of 1000s of elearning courses.

If you do solve the product supply challenge then the next hurdle to jump is marketing. Facebook advertising tends to be the main focus of many dropshipping ecommerce sites. If you cannot master Facebook paid social then you need to find affiliates to market your products. Once you get some baseline of traffic coming in you can start to build your email list. Ideally your shop will leverage Facebook, search engine marketing (SEM), affiliate, and email for your marketing mix.

Another major challenge for ecommerce entrepreneurs is margin. If you are making 10-30% on each product sold you need to sell a lot for this business to provide enough cash flow. Assuming a 20% margin you need to sell $100K in product to make $20K in gross profit. Many new ecommerce operators don’t understand this. Then if we start thinking about conversion rate as well we get a really clear picture of the marketing efforts needed to make this shop truly successful. If your average sales price (ASP) is $20 that means you need to sell 5,000 units to hit your $100K. Assuming a 2% conversion rate we are looking at getting 250,000 visitors to your site in order to even generate $20K in profit. Shop Hacker can help improve one of these inputs, margin. With the Shop Hacker Shopify app you can set your own margins. Higher margins means less traffic is needed to generate your target profits.

This bundle is designed to train Shopify and ecommerce entrepreneurs on sales and marketing as these are the main issues facing most early stage ecommerce companies. How do I find great products to sell? How do I market these products? Of course, this bundle will also educate you on how Shop Hacker can help you on the supply side of your business.

The courses in this bundle are:

  • #1 way to rank in Google SEO: Link building
  • 5 unique strategies to sell with video via YouTube marketing
  • Affiliate sales funnels, landing pages & Facebook ads
  • Business model canvas
  • Business to business (B2B) sales masterclass program
  • An easier way to write a marketing plan (template & example)
  • High conversion YouTube advertising: YouTube ads with video
  • How to build an Etsy ecommerce home business in record time
  • How To Start A Business: Business Ideas To Success
  • How to write a business plan today! Innovative way to plan
  • HTML/CSS Boot Camp
  • Introduction to Facebook Ads with Video and Retargeting
  • Lessons in Entrepreneurship: Walt Disney
  • Marketing strategy to reach 1,000,000! SEO & social media
  • Reddit marketing: get traffic and sell products
  • SEO Strategies – Beginner to advanced tactics
  • Shop Hacker Merchant Mastery Course
  • Shop Hacker Shopify Merchant Training Course
  • Shop Hacker Vendor Starter Course
  • The Predictable Revenue Pipedrive Mastery Course
  • Time management: tips, strategies & skills to manage time
  • Ultimate Email Marketing And Autoresponders Guide

What You Get

  • LIFETIME access to all courses and content
  • 22 course bundle
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All the courses on WSOlib are led by top authors and experts in their respective fields. Rest assured that the knowledge and skills you acquire are reliable and highly applicable.

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eCommerce Lifestyle eLearning Bundle – Academy Hacker
eCommerce Lifestyle eLearning Bundle – Academy Hacker


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