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Email Marketing Intensive (EMI) – INCLUDES AutoResponder Madness

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Email Marketing Intensive (EMI) – INCLUDES AutoResponder Madness Download. EMI is basically a video version” of my core ARM training, but from a slightly d…

SAVE MORE 70% Email Marketing Intensive (EMI) – INCLUDES AutoResponder Madness course Full content with 30% price as sale page. After purchasing a course from WSOlib, you will get the download link using lifetime.

Salepage link: At HERE. Archive: http://archive.is/fGqp8


This was an 8-week live online workshop I co-created with the awesome Mindvalley.

It sold for $1,695 .

I’ve decided to offer the live workshop recordings here, as an “add-on” option to ARM.

EMI is basically a “video version” of my core ARM training, but from a slightly different perspective. It’s around 16 hours of video footage in total.

Why I am only charging just an extra $200 on top of ARM, for EMI, when it previously sold for $1,695?


I know EMI is a brilliant complementary add-on to ARM, which, at the end of the day, will deliver more value to you.

It’s more important to me to heavily bias the value in your favor.

EMI is a series of assignment-based video lessons that will help you execute on the ARM methodologies.

It walks you through the process to writing YOUR OWN soap opera sequence.

So, for now anyway, you get to make out like a bandit and scoop up $2,089 of training, for just $597.

  • Hey, I’m Andre Chaperon, the author of AutoResponder Madness (or “ARM” for short)…
  • This page is the (very) “short version” of our sales letter for ARM (it’s 94.4% shorter btw).
  • I wanted to expose you to this FIRST, because I want to respect your time.
  • Not all uses of time are equal and this simple truth can make a big difference in life and business.
  • People who spend their time doing high-impact high-value work make more money. Period.
  • If you’re like me, you value your time over almost everything else. You care about paying to learn from the best, because it’s the most leveraged use of your time.
  • So in an effort to expedite the decision making process of, “Is this worth my time and attention?” I have curated two short videos and one audio that I think will demonstrate:
  • you’re in the right place (if you care about leveraging email better),
  • and that this training I have will perfectly meet and serve your needs (and then some).


I should have your attention now.

If you truly care about leveraging email in your business like you’ve never dreamed was possible, now you have that opportunity to come into the fold and peek behind the curtain.

I’m the guy that transformed how Digital Marketer (Ryan Deiss & Perry Belcher) approached email within their monster 8-figure business, across all their divisions.

On January 11, 2012, Jeff Walker became a customer. On March 29, 2013, Frank Kern became a customer.

If this is enough social proof for you. If you already know you want in, right now, then use one of the buttons below to get access to AutoResponder Madness

P.S. What I teach in AutoResponder Madness can transform the way your business tackles email marketing.

You’ll be able to LEVEL UP how you interact with your audience — how you build and nurture your fiduciary relationship with them — and how you persuade and move them to action.

All through the magic of email.

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Specification: Email Marketing Intensive (EMI) – INCLUDES AutoResponder Madness


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Email Marketing Intensive (EMI) – INCLUDES AutoResponder Madness
Email Marketing Intensive (EMI) – INCLUDES AutoResponder Madness


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