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Essential Internet Marketing Truth – Internet Secrets – Dan Kennedy

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Essential Internet Marketing Truth – Internet Secrets – Dan Kennedy Download. Discover The HIDDEN KEYS To Massive  Marketing Success Using The Internet – F…

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ATTENTION: Doctors, Lawyers and All Other “Offline” Businesses.

Discover The HIDDEN KEYS To Massive  Marketing Success Using The Internet – For Any Type of Business-Guaranteed!

You’ll NEVER Have Play “Catch-Up” With Technological Changes Again… The Secrets Dan Reveals Are FUNDAMENTALS That Will Work Today, Tomorrow, and For YEARS to Come No Matter What Type of Business You Are In!

PLUS: You’ll Get Over 100 PROVEN Examples Of What’s Working NOW In Internet Marketing Submitted By Other “Heavy Hitter” Marketers So You Can Hit The Ground Running Online In No Time – Just “Swipe And Deploy” And You’re In The Money!

I Want To Give You My PROVEN Blueprint For Raking It In Using Online Media So You Don’t  Have To “Figure It Out” Yourself!

You see, I have crafted entire websites, devised integrated offline-online strategies for clients  large and small. And many have made millions of dollars thanks to my tactics and suggestions…

And almost all the “Who’s Who” of Internet marketers credit me for being a major influence on  their methods and success…

This includes Yanik Silver, Rich Schefren, Frank Kern… well, you name somebody and…chances are I’m on top of their list.

I’m going to give you online examples so you can study, “swipe” ideas from, and use as inspiration for your own marketing…and avoid banging your head in frustration trying to “get it right”…

A Special One-Time Offer For New Customers…

Because you are a new customer I want to extend a special one-time only offer so that you can discover the TRUTH about what it takes to get your ideal customer, client, and patient to do business with you online..

This invaluable resource normally sells for $497 but on this page only you can get the entire Essential Internet Marketing Truths blueprint for only $397.60!

Get the Tactics, Strategies and Sneaky Tricks that Have Been Used to Make Millions Online…

You’re going to get REAL time-tested and proven strategies that can lead to a HUGE profit windfall for your business including:

  • The untold DANGERS of having your website build by “instant experts” and what you can do about it. This alone could DOOM your business from the start!
  • The basic requirements for a direct-response site so you’re not driving traffic and  hoping people will convert to customers, clients, and patients (if you’ve been scratching your head about how to convert more people on your site, then this is what you need!)
  • Examples of proven “hard capture” sites that forces your prospect to give up their  info for more information. This is something you can easily “swipe and deploy” for yourself.
  • How to create an irresistible offer for your site so it’s a “no-brainer” for prospects  respond (most people get this wrong!)
  • Three potent formulas for lead generation that’ll allow you to harness the Internet  in ways that has eluded you all these years (this will save you TONS of frustration by itself!)
  • Essentials of good lead generation copy…including bullet-proof examples of PROVEN lead generation pages you can model for your own (no need to reinvent the wheel, right?)
  • Dan Kennedy’s proven formula for turning traffic into actual leads.This isn’t just “fling mud against the wall and see what stick” stuff…this is PROVEN to work!
  • …and a whole LOT more!


And you’re about to get ALL the video, ALL the examples, and ALL the materials from that live event sent to you so you can review and implement…

This also includes some irresistible “fast-action” bonuses we’ll going to tell you about in a second. But before we get to that, lets take a look at what’s in this information packed system…

Get All This When You Take Advantage Of  This Special Discount Offer…

  • My entire 4-hour ‘Essential Internet Marketing Truths” presentation Professionally produced and edited on DVD. Here is where you’ll see me reveal my secrets and share example after example of PROVEN websites
  • You’ll also get a workbook that contains all the presentation materials from that livecast so you can review, take notes, and implement these strategies for yourself. Now this workbook isn’t just a word for word transcript of the livecast, it’s an interactive guide that breaks everything down into actionable steps so you’re sure to implement.
  • You’ll also get access to every single PROVEN marketing piece I covered on that event… over 100 pages of examples that are working now. Save yourself from constantly “spinning your wheels” trying to figure it all out yourself. Oh, and in the swipe file you’ll get many more examples I couldn’t get to because we couldn’t fit everything into 4 hours.

Savvy people reading this who want to excel online are going jump all over this — because they realize the value of having PROVEN online marketing pieces at they can “swipe”!

Which Of These Explosive Strategies Will You Implement To Boost Your Online Leads & Sales?

  • The answer to the age-old question: How often to email a list? This is something that messes up many marketers…but you’ll get the answer here!
  • The #1 Marketing sin that could relegate you to a “has-been” if you’re not careful. This secret has allowed me to rake it in for 40 years…and you can easily “copy and paste” this for yourself!
  • How to follow up with your prospects so they’ll buy from you again and again—this is where 90% of online marketers really screw up…you’re practically leaving TONS of money on the table!
  • What you need to do if you don’t have the money to advertise in a competitive market. This one strategy will set you apart from the rest…that is, if you’re using a certain blueprint!
  • The importance of lead quality when it comes to building your business.Not all leads are equal, and I cover what exactly what to do with a lead depending on how well they know you…etc. This could make or break your business!
  • How to get as many eyeballs on your website as possible…and how to MONETIZE those eyeballs so you get a positive ROI (Failure to do so will limit where you can advertise forever!)
  • What the “big guys” do to monetize their leads.This is something most Internet marketers would SCOFF at…but I share 4 examples of REAL LIFE campaigns that are working now (this will be a HUGE eye-opener for you!)
  • 4 ways you can follow up with your prospect offline that’ll get HUGE “mind-share” in your prospects. I guarantee your prospects aren’t using these at all!
  • 5 PROVEN campaigns you can use for online follow-up.These will effortlessly usher your prospects all the way to the order button…or to book an appointment with you.
  • 5 ways you can get your prospects to take action right away on your website. Most of my clients aren’t using ANY of these…and by using them you’ll be head and shoulders ahead of your competition!
  • The PROVEN 7 elements in a video presentation you MUST have if you want to collect leads and sales. Most people throw up any ol’ video and expect it to sell—fat chance!
  • My #1 strategy for selling to prospects.You’ll want to use many media to present your marketing message, but this should be your TOP priority!
  • Is there a difference between the amount of copy in a direct mail piece and copy online? I reveal the answer based on 40 years of experience as one of the world’s greatest copywriters. This will save you TONS of trial and error!
  • Plus dozens and dozens of other high-impact tricks, strategies and tactics that will get you the leads, prospects and sales you have been looking for…


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Essential Internet Marketing Truth – Internet Secrets – Dan Kennedy
Essential Internet Marketing Truth – Internet Secrets – Dan Kennedy

Original price was: $447.00.Current price is: $55.00.

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