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Lurn Summit 2.0 (2018) – Anik Singal

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Lurn Summit 2.0 (2018) – Anik Singal Download. How to Make Thousands of Dollars per Month from your book and 6-figures or more from the products, services …

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Here Are Just Some Of What You Will Learn

How to finally break through every obstacle that has held you back from writing and releasing your #1 best-selling book and create a book you can be proud of for years to come.

Learn and understand your publishing options and choose the best that is right for YOU, whether it’s self-publishing, hybrid publishing or working with a traditional publisher you’ll know exactly what to do to achieve your author goals!

How to Make Thousands of Dollars per Month from your book and 6-figures or more from the products, services and experiences you offer to your readers, customers and clients.

Inspire others with your stories, strategies and experiences and build a loyal following of fans and clients who can’t wait to see what you do next.

The Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Absolutely Attend Bestseller Summit Online:

Get Behind-The-Scenes Stories and Strategies from the Authors and Entrepreneurs Who Live It (avoid costly mistakes and pitfalls)

Let’s face it, trial and error is the most expensive form of investment when writing your book and building your business and brand. The authors and entrepreneurs I’ve invited to the Bestseller Summit Online have lived through the exact experiences you will encounter on your journey of growth = You Save Time and Money.

FREE Access For A Limited Time Only (so don’t delay, claim your ticket TODAY)

Going to seminars and conferences to learn from all of these successful authors and entrepreneurs would collectively cost thousands of dollars.. not to mention travel and hotel costs. You can learn, network and interact with the speakers from the comfort of your own home.

Insanely Valuable Presentations and Interviews

Every Presenter on the Summit is Going to Bring The HEAT! No boring powerpoint slides full of bullet points to put you to sleep. I’ll be interviewing each presenter personally and asking the right questions to so you get the cold hard facts about what it really takes to succeed!

Meet Like-Minded Authors & Entrepreneurs to Build Your Network

Before the Summit and in between presentations you’ll make new friends, and meet potential partners just like you…authors and entrepreneurs who are passionate about building their businesses and brands and making a positive impact on the world. On each panel you will get many questions answered and online you can interact with me, the presenters and the hundreds of audience members…plus get access to our exclusive private Faceboo

Schedule Of Events

Day 1 – The Big Picture for Your Book & Back-End Offers

Opening Keynote

The Author to Entrepreneur Experience

Join me for the Opening Keynote presentation on Bestseller Summit Online! In this keynote I’ll present what I call The Author to Entrepreneur Experience, which sets the stage for everything you will learn over the course of the Summit about creating and launching your best-selling book and building your inspiring business and brand. This is the synthesis of everything that works – and what specifically to avoid – from publishing 25+ books over the last 3 years through my company Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press. You will come away inspired and equipped to launch a best-selling book and build business you love, reaching readers around the world.

Jesse Krieger

The Big Picture for Your Book & Back-End Offers

The Back-End of Your Best-Seller

Congrats, your book is done! Now how do you actually earn money as an author? The answer lies in your back-end; the products, services, and experiences you can offer your readers to engage them as customers, clients and fans. On this panel discussion, you will learn how to use webinars to drive sales, how a virtual summit can generate revenue and high-end clients, how to offer your coaching services and more! In this panel we will be diving into the subject of money making from a book, in addition to showcasing the options and opportunities you have available to you as either a non-fiction or fiction author.

Devin Slavin, Eric Van Der Hope, Charlie Gilkey, Jon Schumacher, Colin Pal

The Big Picture for Your Book & Back-End Offers

3 Steps to Crushing It On Kindle

In this high-impact session Dave Chesson, founder of Kindlepreneur.com and creator of KDP Rocket, will share the 3 essential questions you must ask and answer to Crush It on Kindle. Dave will share how researching your topic, market and potential audience size can help you create a category-crushing book that Amazon practically sells for you.

Dave Chesson

The Big Picture for Your Book & Back-End Offers

How to Become The #1 Best-Selling Author on ALL of Amazon

Steve Scott is the author of 60+ books and on this interview we are diving into his Advanced Book Marketing tactics that you can use to consistently sell more books. Steve will also share how one of his books became the #1 best-selling book on ALL of Amazon. You won’t want to miss this!

Steve Scott

The Big Picture for Your Book & Back-End Offers

How to Write Your Best and Most Powerful Transformational Book

Christine Kloser, The Transformational Author Coach, is an award-winning and best-selling author who, since 2004, has trained more than 70,000 entrepreneurs, leaders and messengers from 125+ countries on how to write their transformational books.

During this powerful interview, she will cut to the core of the most common issues and obstacles that keep aspiring authors stuck, and share four key strategies to help any author get unstuck and write with speed and ease… because, you can’t experience the rewards of being a best-selling published author until you actually WRITE your book!

Christine Kloser

The Author to Entrepreneur Experience

Leveraging Webinars to Expand Your Audience and Sales

Jon Schumacher is the creator of Webinar Mastery Academy and has helped countless authors and entrepreneurs crack the code to creating webinars that grow your list and generate sales. In this interview you will learn how to use webinars to enroll people in your coaching and training programs, as well as drive more sales of your book while growing your business and brand!

Jon Schumacher

Day 2 – Book Launch Strategies

Book Marketing Strategies

What is the #1 most asked question by authors? => “How do I sell more books?” On this Book Marketing Strategies panel we’ll be diving into all the ways that you can drive more book sales. You’ll learn about crowd-funding, Kindle marketing, Amazon Marketing Services, leveraging Facebook and more. This all-star panel has collectively launched over 100 books best-selling books. Speakers will answer to best questions on book sales and you can walk away with new actionable strategies you can put in place right away to answer the perennial author question of “How do I sell more books?”

Tom Morkes, Jennifer Blanchard, Jonathan Green, Simon Bogdanowicz

Book Launch Strategies

How to Become a New York Times Best-Selling Author

In this keynote presentation Steve Olsher shares his journey from being a DJ and owner of Liquor.com to writing three books, including his latest NY Times best-seller What Is Your What You will learn how to get out of your own way and write the book that has been brewing inside of you for ages with Steve’s encouragement and insight, then leverage your book to amplify your authority and be invited to speak and share on stages and broadcast media.

Steve Olsher

Book Launch Strategies

Become a 6-Figure Author

What is the goal of every aspiring author and serial author alike? To actually make money from your book! Join Austin Netzley, best-selling author who has sold tens of thousands of copies of his book Make Money, Live Wealthy and creator of The 6-Figure Author who will share the exact step-by-step process you can follow to generate 6-figures of income from your book. Austin and I dive deep into what it actually takes to create wealth as an author, and in the process positively impact many lives of your readers, customers and clients around the world. Plus Austin has put together a special bonus ONLY for the Bestseller Summit Online audience…

Austin Netzley

Book Launch Strategies

Getting Tons of Quality Reviews to Sell More Books

Debbie Drum is the creator of Book Review Targeter and has over 50 books published under various pen names. Come learn how to build a career as an author that lets you write from home, do what you love and make a full-time living. As Debbie says “Making a full-time living online is not easy but once you know the formula, all you need to do is carry out the tasks you need to do and get the job done! Most importantly, it’s about never giving up and constantly creating and perfecting your craft.”

Debbie Drum

Book Launch Strategies

Leveraging a Book to Get Paid Speaking Gigs

Adam Franklin is the co-author of Web Marketing That Works and he hosts a top rated iTunes podcast. Adam is an international speaker and marketing manager of Bluewire Media – the web marketing firm he co-founded in 2005. In this interview you’ll learn how to get booked for speaking – both about your book, and your areas of expertise. Adam shares how he has leveraged his book to secure both high-paying speaking gigs, but also to land high-end clients for his firm.

Adam Franklin

Book Launch Strategies

Getting 5-Star Reviews to Sell More Books

Bret Gregory is the founder of Attract Customers Now and an expert at Facebook marketing. Bret is also the best-selling author of Attract Customers Now From Facebook and in this interview he shares some of his best strategies to help you get new readers, reviews and book sales from Facebook. Bret is also the “Facebook Ads Guy” to many of today’s top online entrepreneurs for product launches, including Bestseller Summit Online. We’ll share some of the marketing strategies used for this summit and that Bret has used successfully with other clients.

Bret Gregory

Book Launch Strategies

Creating and Motivating Your Launch Team to Become a #1 Best-Seller

Jesse Tevelow is the co-founder of LaunchTeam and I have partnered with him for no fewer than FIVE #1 best-selling book launches, which also generated hundreds of 5-star reviews. Jesse is The Man when it comes to planning and executing successful book launches and I’m excited for him to share his strategies with you on this interview. We will discuss actual book launches for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press books, plus Jesse’s strategies for his personal books Hustle and The Connection Algorithm. Don’t miss this power-packed training!

Jesse Tevelow

Day 3 – Thought Leadership & Content Marketing

Content Marketing and Publishing

Learn how to leverage your ideas and the content of your book to expand your audience and increase your customer base. You’ll learn how creating a podcast or running a virtual summit can be a logical extension of your book, and drive sales as well as pre-qualify your ideal customers on an ongoing basis. Jason Van Orden started the original online business podcast Internet Business Mastery and Navid Moazzez is guy behind many of the top virtual summits online today. You’ll also learn how to run ads and drive paid traffic to predictably increase your reach and get a wider audience for your content. Cody Lister is one of the most sought-after paid traffic experts online today. Austin Fabel will share his secrets behind building the Science of Success podcast.

Cody Lister, Jason Van Orden, Austin Fabel, Navid Moazzez

Thought Leadership and Content Marketing

Leverage Your Book to Create an Online Course

What is one of the best ways to monetize your best-selling book? Creating an online course that turns your ideas and strategies into action steps and training! Join Devin Slavin, creator of Online Course Creators Bootcamp, who will share his very best tips and tactics to create your online course, enroll students and deliver a game-changing experience for them. We discuss everything from what software and technology to used based on your type of course, how to outline and quickly create your course content, how to market and enroll participants and more. Plus Devin has put together a very special bonus ONLY for the Bestseller Summit Online audience…

Devin Slavin

Thought Leadership and Content Marketing

Advanced Paid Traffic Strategies for Authors & Entrepreneurs

Learn advanced techniques to drive paid traffic and consistent sales to your book, training programs and high-end offers from one of the hottest marketers in the game. Cody Lister is the guy that billion-dollar brands call to research, run and scale paid traffic marketing campaigns. Now you will learn how to really dial-in consistent traffic, and structure your offers to maximize your income and impact.

Cody Lister

Thought Leadership and Content Marketing

Using Automated Marketing to Scale Your Business

Darin Adams is an award-winning TV personality who has spent 30 years in the broadcasting industry. Much of that career was spent working with entrepreneurs and small business owners, helping them get the marketing they needed. These days Darin is a Small Business Success Coach at InfusionSoft who has helped literally thousands of business owners understand the power of marketing automation. Watch this interview to learn about the industry-standard, which I personally use as do many of the guests on this Summit.

Darin Adams

Thought Leadership and Content Marketing

Virtual Summit Mastery: Building Your Audience, Relationships and Revenue

Navid Moazzez has created and run some of the most successful virtual summits online. In this interview he’ll share how his Branding Summit allowed him to quit his job and travel the world, then how he has helped others build their audience by thousands or tens of thousands and generate 5 & 6-figures of revenue with virtual summits. We go in-depth and cover all aspects of planning and executing a virtual summit; inviting speakers, choosing a niche and name, technology and team, as well as ways to monetize and develop relationships with industry peers. Navid and I also take you behind the scenes of Bestseller Summit Online as well as my 2016 summit the “Book, Business & Brand Building Summit”.

Navid Moazzez

Thought Leadership and Content Marketing

Building an International Coaching Empire Based on Books

Bradley Sugars is the author of 15 books and founder of ActionCOACH, a global business coaching company operating in 50+ countries. In this interview you will learn how to structure your book to build a powerful coaching business and how to get the support your need to focus on your core strengths. Bradley shares how growing a coaching business and a career as an author is about having systems and support structures in place to help you scale and impact more people’s lives.

Bradley Sugars

Thought Leadership and Content Marketing

How to Mastermind Your Way to Millions

Jay Fiset is a legend in the personal development space and best-selling author of Reframe Your Blame, as well as the creator of Mastermind to Millions. In this interview we dive deep into everything it takes to create and run a mastermind that gets results and deepens relationships. You will learn how to craft a compelling Promise for your mastermind, how to Position yourself and your mastermind, then choose the right Structure and finally set the right Price. Don’t miss this high-impact training from a true master of his craft.

Jay Fiset

Thought Leadership and Content Marketing

Publishing Trends in 2017 and Beyond

Joel Friedlander is the creator of www.TheBookDesigner.com where he has written and published over 1,700 articles and resources for authors. Joel has worked for major publishers, run his own publishing company and now serves as a resource to published and self-published authors alike. In this interview you will learn how to position your book to generate income across a variety of formats, the best practices for creating and self-publishing a book and where the industry is going from here.

Joel Friedlander

Day 4 – Your Path to Publishing Success: Traditional, Self-Publishing or Hybrid?

How to Self-Publish Like a Pro

Learn how to self-publish like a pro with Chandler Bolt, 6-time best-selling author and founder of Self-Publishing School, a multi-million dollar business training authors around the world. Chandler has a gift of making complex concepts easy to understand and motivating aspiring authors and best-selling authors alike to step up their game and make a massive impact and income with their books. Tune in to learn self-publishing strategies from the best in the biz, Chandler Bolt!

Chandler Bolt

Your Path to Publishing Success: Traditional, Self-Publishing or Hybrid?

Choosing the Right Publishing & Promotional Path

With more options available to authors than ever before, how do you know which path to choose – both for publishing and promoting your book? On this panel discussion, we’ll cover the three primary ways to publish your book: traditional, self-publishing and hybrid publishing (like Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press). You will learn what is required and what is involved in each of these ways of getting your book to market. We’ll also dive into the best ways to promote your book, business, and brand based on your approach to publishing. So come prepared to choose the path that is right for you and get all of your publishing & book promotion questions answered.

Derek Murphy, Derek Doepker, Kevin Johns

Your Path to Publishing Success: Traditional, Self-Publishing or Hybrid?

How to Pre-Launch Your Book Like a Pro

As the founder of book crowdfunding platform Publishizer, Guy Vincent is uniquely positioned to tell you exactly what is working today for authors. Learn how to run a pre-launch campaign for your book that drives book sales, gets the attention of publishers, and sells your higher-priced services. See real-world examples from the numerous pre-launch campaigns we at Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press have run through Publishizer, driving tens of thousands of dollars in book pre-sales! Plus, Guy has offered to personally review book proposals for authors on Bestseller Summit Online so you can get a professional opinion on how to put your best foot forward to publishers and potential readers alike.

Guy Vincent

Your Path to Publishing Success: Traditional, Self-Publishing or Hybrid?

Publishing 2,000+ Books in Under 15 Years

David Hancock is the founder and CEO of Morgan James Publishing, which has launched dozens of New York Times best-selling books, from authors like Brendon Burchard, Jeff Walker and Russell Brunson. In this exclusive interview with my publishing mentor, you will get insight to the current trends in publishing and be armed with the information to choose the right publishing path for you.

David Hancock

Your Path to Publishing Success: Traditional, Self-Publishing or Hybrid?

How I Sold 80,000 Books…and You Can Too!

Alinka is the award-winning author of dozens of childrens books, as well as How I Sold 80,000 Books, which has 300+ reviews on Amazon. In this interview she shares how to balance being a professional author, mother and constant traveler. Alinka and I dive into book fairs and the opportunities authors have with foreign rights sales to license your book/s for translation and publication in other languages and countries. We will also talk about selling books in non-traditional outlets, just as Alinka has sold thousands of books on cruise ships.

Alinka Rutkowska

Your Path to Publishing Success: Traditional, Self-Publishing or Hybrid?

Building Conscious Millionaire to a 7-Figure Book, Business & Brand

Listen as JV Crum breaks down how he wrote Conscious Millionaire, promoted it to becoming a best-selling book moving tens of thousands of copies, then built his brand to include a podcast with 1,000+ episodes and a 7-figure business. In this power-packed session, you will also learn how to leverage your book into winning high-end coaching clients who you help get big results.


Your Path to Publishing Success: Traditional, Self-Publishing or Hybrid?

Make 6-Figures as a Fiction Author

Kary is the author of 6 books, 5 of which were traditionally published and the most recent of which Elixir Project was part of a 6-figure launch. Kary shares his passion for writing and helping authors in this wide-ranging interview and you will learn what it takes to make a full time living with your writing. Kary goes into detail about the three primary writing styles you can employ to write authentically, regardless of your current life circumstances. Watch this video to be inspired by Kary’s mission to “Ignite Souls” and help authors find success.

Kary Oberbrunner

Day 5 – Build Your Audience & Expand Your Reach

Build Your Audience & Expand Your Reach

8 Ways to Multiply Your Author Income

Jonathan shares some super secret ninja tips that he uses to make his full-time income as an author and live on a tropical island in SE Asia. You will learn how to turn your book into a multi-format experience that adds more value to your readers lives and more income to your bottom line.

Jonathan Green

Build Your Audience & Expand Your Reach

Leverage a Book for a 7-Figure Launch

Learn how Josh Turner used his book “Booked” to kick-off a 7-figure launch for his signature LinkedIn training course The Appointment Generator! Josh shares how he got 30,000+ copies of Booked into new reader’s hands, landing his book in the Top 20 on ALL of Amazon, then went on to enroll hundreds of new high-end clients.

Josh Turner

Build Your Audience & Expand Your Reach

Traveling the World Writing Books For a Living

Amanda writes as AK Turner and has 6 books published, including 2 New York Times best-sellers. Now she travels the world with her family writing new books for her Vagabonding With Kids series. I got to catch up with AK in between foreign countries to ask her how authors can make a living from book sales alone, and AK delivers the goods with humor and experience.

Amanda AK Turner

Build Your Audience & Expand Your Reach

How to Be a Powerful Coach and Build Social Wealth

Jason Treu is a best-selling author and high-impact coach to CEOs, and executives in Silicon Valley and beyond. In this interview he reveals his process for making an impact with clients fast and focusing them on achieving their long-term visions. Jason also shares the strategies he wrote about in Social Wealth and how you can proactively build a high-value social circle by providing value and partnering with others in your industry and genre.

Jason Treu

Build Your Audience & Expand Your Reach

The Psychology of Success for Authors and Entrepreneurs

Special Summit Guest Matt Bodnar, host of the Science of Success podcast, which has over 1,000,000 downloads joins us to break down the psychology of success for authors and entrepreneurs. Matt would know: he has interviewed some of the biggest names in psychology and influence and is himself a multi-talented entrepreneur. This is one of the best interviews on the Summit if you are looking for the right mindsets to push your comfort zone, have a growth mindset and position yourself for enduring success..

Matt Bodnar

Build Your Audience & Expand Your Reach

Building a Lasting Author Business Based on Quality & Service

Buck Flogging is the man, the myth and the legend behind numerous online author resources and online businesses including Buck Books, QuitN6, Digital Freedom Academy, 100 Covers, and more. In this interview you will learn what it really takes to build a sustainable and profitable career as an author and how to get creative with marketing your book. Buck and his team have lowered the barrier of entry for authors to create quality books and get them in front of thousands of new readers!

Since we have a lot of courses in stock, if you cannot find your favorite course, please let us know. To search for other courses and discounts available, let's have a conversation! What are you waiting for?

Here's an overview of the prominent keywords and a list of famous authors:

Business and Sales: Explore business strategies, sales skills, entrepreneurship, and brand-building from authors like Joe Wicks, Jillian Michaels, and Tony Horton.

Sports and Fitness: Enhance athleticism, improve health and fitness with guidance from experts like Shaun T, Kayla Itsines, and Yoga with Adriene.

Personal Development: Develop communication skills, time management, creative thinking, and enhance self-awareness from authors like Gretchen Rubin, Simon Sinek, and Marie Kondo.

Technology and Coding: Learn about artificial intelligence, data analytics, programming, and blockchain technology from thought leaders like Neil deGrasse Tyson, Amy Cuddy, and Malcolm Gladwell.

Lifestyle and Wellness: Discover courses on holistic health, yoga, and healthy living from authors like Elizabeth Gilbert, Bill Nye, and Tracy Anderson.

Art and Creativity: Explore the world of art, creativity, and painting with guidance from renowned artists like Bob Ross and others.

All the courses on WSOlib are led by top authors and experts in their respective fields. Rest assured that the knowledge and skills you acquire are reliable and highly applicable.

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Lurn Summit 2.0 (2018) – Anik Singal
Lurn Summit 2.0 (2018) – Anik Singal


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