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Magnetize Your Audience 2015 – Callan Rush

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Magnetize Your Audience 2015 – Callan Rush Download. I started my workshop business with only $200 bucks in my pocket, and in less than 8 years, I’ve grown…

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Learn the Easiest, Most Cost Effective, Most Ethical Ways To Fill Your Workshops, Retreats & Seminars… Every Single Time!

Learn the Easiest, Most Cost Effective, Most Ethical Ways To Fill Your Workshops, Retreats & Seminars… Every Single Time!

I started my workshop business with only $200 bucks in my pocket, and in less than 8 years, I’ve grown it to a 8-figure business that serves people all over the world.

Believe me, if I can do it, so can you!

What I’ll share with you in the Magnetize Your Audience program is practical, simple, and it works in the real world.

How do I know? Well… I’ve used the methods myself – and I’ve got clients around the world, from all walks of life, leading all types of workshops also using the Magnetize Your Audience system successfully.

Our Luminaries are building six-figure workshop businesses (and beyond) doing what they love, offering their gifts to the world, helping a ton of people, and making the money they desire and deserve!

We’re all improving the planet, one workshop at a time… and I want you to join us!

Even If You Don’t Know What Your Workshops Will Be About Yet… This Is Perfect For You!

  • If you’re just getting started and haven’t led events yet, Magnetize Your Audience is the smartest, fastest way to get you going!
  • If you are a…
  • Coach
  • Holistic Practitioner
  • Healer
  • Counselor
  • Therapist
  • Teacher
  • Author
  • Body Worker
  • …know that leading workshops is the #1 way to make a BIG IMPACT, earn a BIG INCOME, and feel totally INSPIRED with your business.
  • If you know you want to lead workshops, but are not 100% sure about the topic, I’ll help you get crystal clear on what you’re doing, and for whom.
  • Follow the program – and you’ll be out there leading lucrative programs that helps lots of people… in record time!

Are You Leading Workshops Already – But Haven’t Made Them Profitable Yet?

  • There are tons of amazing workshops leaders out there that are good at what they do – but haven’t been able to “crack the code” on how to fill the seats of their events – let alone make them profitable. The Magnetize Your Audience Program completely corrects this!
  • Most of our clients earn their investment back the very first workshop they lead after the Magnetize Your Audience Program.
  • Often they earn 5, 10, or even 20 times their investment back the second or third workshop out!

Case Study – Beth H.

  • Beth lives in beautiful British Columbia, along with her husband Ben and their 2 amazing kids. She was (and is) a really great Life Coach.
  • Using the Magnetize Your Audience Information, Beth designed speaking engagement presentation designed to attract her perfect clients to her first paid program. Beth’s first speaking engagement happened shortly thereafter in Pheonix, Arizona.
  • She used the script she designed in the Magnetize Your Audience program. At the end of her time on stage, to her surprise and delight – the audience rushed to the stage to register for her program. She earned $9249.00 … in 90 minutes. It was a great start to her success!

Filling Your Workshops With High-Paying ClientsDoesn’t Have To Be Hard.

  • I’m living proof that Magnetize Your Audience information works. I’m Callan Rush, and at the very first workshop I put on (using what I’ll share with you in the Magnetize Your Audience Program) I “magnetized” 56 beautiful people. Each of these participants invested $2,000 to take part in that very first program.
  • They loved our time together, felt deeply served, and as a result – were compelled to work with me further!
  • By the end of that first workshop, in addition to the $112,000 I earned from the program tuitions, I earned an additional $100,000 in revenue from these eager Luminaries happily registering for my other programs. It was awesome.

Education Based Marketing Will Help You Reach the 67% Of Your Market That No One is Talking To…

  • Education-based marketing is simply “marketing that gives value to your potential clients – prior to them paying you a single penny”.
  • Right in your promotional materials, business cards, websites, webinars, social media; you’ll learn to provide value in the form of an education.
  • Of course – that on it’s own won’t be enough!
  • To make education-based marketing work effectively, you can’t just GIVE VALUE. You must also strategically arrange your valuable content so it leads potential clients to the logical conclusion they need what you’re offering… and they need it NOW! The Magnetize Your Audience Program will make you a MASTER at Education Based Marketing!

Here’s the KEY to Having Most of the Potential Clients All To Yourself…

  • The following numbers represent 100% of your potential clients:
  • 3% = ACTIVE. Only 3% of those that need your program have some kind of problem keeping them up at night and they’ve decided they need a solution once and for all. The only question now is WHO they’ll buy from.
  • 7% = OPEN. 7% of the people who need you are open to the solution you offer, but haven’t made the decision to start actively shopping for it yet.
  • 30% = AWARE FOR FUTURE. A whopping 30% of the folks that need your solution are aware they need it…but keep putting off investing in a program like yours! They tell themselves they’ll do it, “sometime in the future”.
  • 30% = UNCONSCIOUS. This one is a doozy. 30% of the people that need you actually have problem you solve, but either don’t know it – or don’t know there’s someone like you who has a solution to end their suffering.
  • 30% = NO. These people have the problem you solve, but for whatever reason – they aren’t ready to end their suffering just yet. We bless them and let them go…hoping they find their way back to us later.
  • Education Based Marketing Helps You Reach the 67% of Your Ideal Clients That No One Else is Talking To!

  • Most people in your industry are fighting for the 3% of Active Shoppers… while ignoring the 67% of people that just need a little education to know they need you
  • At Magnetize Your Audience, I’ll show you how to reach the 67% and fill your workshops every single time
  • It took me years to perfect the Magnetize Your Audience System – so you can now leverage it in just a few hours.

Discover My Proven Formula For Filling Your Workshops & Build A 7-Figure Business!

In This Program, You’ll Receive…

  • My Simple 5-Step System for Crafting Education Based Marketing That Attracts Droves Ideal Clients to Your Events… every single time!
  • The Secret to KNOWING & NAMING your Specific Audience in a way that has them feel seen, special, and compelled to register for your workshops.
  • How to Structure Your Education Based Marketing Around the ‘Specific Problem’ facing 97% of your perfect clients. Doing so will ensure they see you as a Trusted Advisor… they simply must work with!
  • What You Should Offer for your First workshop. In other words, you’ll choose the most strategic product, program or service to position with your Education Based Marketing. This critical choice will help you create the right pieces of marketing, at the right time.
  • Exactly How to Write Hot Headlines and Tantalizing Titles… now and forever! No more guessing or wondering if your headlines will work.
  • A complete, ready to go, fully effective, totally customized Education Based Marketing Presentation that will earn you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your business.
  • The Best, Most Cost Effective Ways to Distribute Your Education Based Marketing Materials So You Can Generate Business and Attract Clients Anytime, Anywhere, and in Any Economy.
  • The What, Why & How of Education Based Marketing… and You’ll Write Your 5 Most Effective Pieces of Front End Marketing right in the program.

You’ll Get All My Marketing Templates To Save You Enormous Amounts Of Time & Energy!

  • In order to replicate solid marketing again and again – YOU NEED TEMPLATES! The good news is… you’ll get everything including…
  • Live Workshop Script Template: Get excited. In the Magnetize Your Audience Program, I’ll gift you with my personal Live Workshop Script Template. This template is pure GOLD – and you won’t get it anywhere else. It is responsible for earning us millions of dollars – and is by far, one of the most valuable structures we have to offer.
  • You’ll use the Live Workshop Script Template for every single live or virtual speaking engagement, teleclass or webinar presentation you’ll ever use to fill your events. Lots of people shun the use of a script from stage – but it is absolutely essential to your success. Without it – you’ll never be able to replicate highly profitable promotional events. In the program, I’ll show you how to use the template, so it feels natural and guarantees consistent results.
  • Video E-Course Template: Video is the hottest thing going right now. If you are not using it to fill your events – you’re missing the boat. In the Magnetize Your Audience Program, I’ll give your my Video Course Template and show you how to shoot videos that get attention… and clients!
  • Special Report Template: A Special Report is one key way to get your Education Based Marketing Into the Hands of Your Ideal Clients. Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to properly write reports that get results. In the program, we’ll give you a solid report writing framework – so you can ensure your client DOWNLOAD and DIAL! Meaning, they’ll read your report and instantly call you to register for your offering.
  • Teleclass Template: One of the easiest ways to promote your events is through live Teleclasses. However, most don’t know how to make their Teleclasses lucrative. We’ll map out exactly how to conduct a teleclass that converts!
  • Interview Template: Interviews are a fun and easy way to attract new clients. However – most interviews are interesting – but don’t really get you results. I’ll show you how to take control of your interviews (in a nice way), so you can set yourself to generate more business right away.
  • GET the GIG Template: Speaking Engagements are the #1 best way to get your content in front of the people that need it. They are also the best way to fill your events FAST! We’ll show you step by step how to FIND and GET great SPEAKING GIGS.
  • SECURE JV Partnerships Template: This one shows you how to get other people to promote your programs to their audience. This is how you build your list fast, and create a windfall of cash whenever you need it.
  • And many more…
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