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Managing a Creative Business – Michael Janda

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Managing a Creative Business – Michael Janda Download. I grew my agency from solo-freelancer to a full-time staff of 20 creatives. In 2015, I sold my agenc…

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Course 06: Managing a Creative Business

I grew my agency from solo-freelancer to a full-time staff of 20 creatives. In 2015, I sold my agency and continued to act as a partner of our combined agency where we had a staff of 70+. I understand all phases of agency growth and the strategies to manage your creative business at each phase. This course delivers fundamental business principles that will help you manage your business profitably and stress free! (Well, at least with as little stress as possible in the creative industry.) I will give you the tools you need to understand your business from financial management to expanding your team size. You will learn how to track the right data and use that data to make smart business decisions. I attained financial freedom by the age of 40. This course delivers the strategies I used to achieve that dream.

Included in this course…

  • 5 hours of video lesson with in-depth and actionable instruction
  • Downloadable spreadsheets that empower you to track the right data points for your business and teach how to understand them
  • Financial management instruction to teach how to understand your finances, when and how to reinvest into the future of your business, organize your banking, invoice and collect money from clients, and manage your cashflow
  • Actionable advice how to grow your creative business including when and how to hire, when and how to fire or lay people off
  • Downloadable employment offer letter and employment agreement templates
  • Downloadable termination and layoff letter templates
  • Actionable guidance about how and when to expand into studio space and grow your agency

Course Curriculum

Module 01: Overview

  • M01L01: Entrepreneurship Responsibilities (20:51)
  • M01L02: Business Structures (17:42)

Module 02: Tracking Data

  • M02L01: Tracking Data Overview (21:02)
  • M02L02: Spreadsheet – Revenue vs. Expenses (8:41)
  • M02L03: Spreadsheet – Proposal Tracker (9:03)
  • M02L04: Spreadsheet – Tracking Sales Efforts (9:41)
  • M02L05: Business Insights Worksheet (19:27)

Module 03: Financial Management

  • M03L01: Understanding Cashflow (6:05)
  • M03L02: Accrual vs. Cash Accounting (4:49)
  • M03L03: Spreadsheet – Invoice Scheduling (17:24)
  • M03L04: Next Worry Date and Spreadsheet (12:57)
  • M03L05: Banking Strategies (6:43)
  • M03L06: Paying Yourself (8:36)
  • M03L07: Accounting Software (5:39)
  • M03L08: Bookkeeping 101 (11:06)
  • M03L09: Invoicing and Collections (24:07)

Module 04: Growing Your Agency

  • M04L01: Hiring (16:58)
  • M04L02: Employment Offer Letter Template (7:58)
  • M04L03: Employment Agreement (Simple) Template (13:23)
  • M04L04: Firing and Layoffs (16:13)
  • M04L05: Employment Termination Letter Template (4:20)
  • M04L06: Employment Layoff Letter Template (3:26)
  • M04L07: Studio Space (11:27)
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Specification: Managing a Creative Business – Michael Janda




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Managing a Creative Business – Michael Janda
Managing a Creative Business – Michael Janda


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