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Selling on Lease Options – Wendy Patton

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Selling on Lease Options – Wendy Patton Download. They may not qualify for a conventional mortgage today, but with your help they can qualify later. Wendy …

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Discover how to sell properties that will generate extra profits you never even knew existed on your real estate investments. This course will show you how to find buyers that need a “second chance” in life. These typically are good people that had something bad happen to them (i.e. loss of a job, bankruptcy, medical bills, etc.). Tenant buyers are willing to pay 5-10% MORE than retail price, not including appreciation. Why would they do this? They may not qualify for a conventional mortgage today, but with your help they can qualify later. Wendy will teach you exactly how to capture this extra profit by getting the deal closed. In this course Wendy will show you:

How to price your home for a tenant buyer. Make every dime possible.

How to structure a creative deal with the buyer when needed.

What to say to a tenant buyer that makes your home more desirable over other homes.

How to get your buyer to the closing table so you can spend your profit!

When you learn Wendy’s secrets, you will be cashing large checks at your bank. Her training is complete and step-by-step. In Wendy’s course you will:

  • Learn tested and proven methods which will attract buyers like a scrap yard magnet.
  • Learn how to price your home so you create the maximum profit.
  • Know what to say to buyers so they pick your house over the competition.
  • Understand the forms used to sell on a lease option. She simplifies it for you.
  • Understand how to screen a buyer and determine your profitability.

Many investors are looking to sell their home(s), but their market is soft, others just want to maximize the profit potential of a real estate transaction. Lease options offer you the most profit and no real estate commission needs to be paid! Wendy takes you through the entire step-by-step approach of how to do these profitable transactions. She has a checklist so you won’t forget anything. Wendy has also included audio CDs that help you fill out the forms and complete your transaction with ease. Here is what is included:Four CDs:

Putting It All Together: The Ins and Outs of Structuring the Deal (2 CDs): details on how to fill out all of the forms in the course along with her advice on structuring a deal.

Live Buyer Conversations – Wendy recorded her calls so you can listen and learn – these calls have Wendy’s script to find buyers that will close on your home.

Getting Your Buyer to the Closing Means Cash to You – Wendy talks with a mortgage broker and credit repair company on the latest and greatest techniques so you get paid.

Forms Disc – all the forms in Microsoft Word and Excel so you can download and tailor fit to your specific deal.

All of her legal contracts are in easy to understand English.Also included:

Profitability Worksheet with instructions — the Excel spreadsheet Wendy uses to figure out how to calculate profit for each deal.

Rental Agreement, Purchase Agreement and of course the Option Agreement – all pro-seller.

Ads to attract tenant buyers and where to place them.

Rental applications, deposit form, payment ledger, pet agreement, and much more.

Plus she includes applicable articles, useful examples and real life samples. Her reputation and experience far surpass those of her competition. Feel free to check her out!As a bonus you will also receive her book: Investing in Real Estate with Lease Options and Subject Tos. This book is a MUST for everyone interested in lease options and subject tos. It is a guide to her courses and strategies.Wendy will cut years off your learning curve. Over the last 23 years Wendy’s systems have been tweaked and perfected in the world that really matters – the Real World. All you have to do is USE them!What are you waiting for? Start today with Wendy’s proven system!For the Best Value look at Wendy’s Real Estate Wealth Building Arsenal!

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Selling on Lease Options – Wendy Patton
Selling on Lease Options – Wendy Patton


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