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SEO Pro School – Martin Huntbach Download. Building and growing a website is confusing and time-consuming. We will cut through the noise and show you EXACT…

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Learn how to BUILD & GROW a successful personal brand website

STOP fighting with your website & spend more time doing what you love…

Building and growing a website is confusing and time-consuming. We will cut through the noise and show you EXACTLY how to get traffic and leads from your website, through our online membership course.


  • You’ve got website shame. Your website looks like a dogs dinner and it’s making you look like an amateur.
  • You’ve been fighting with your website trying to get it to look right but all the techy stuff makes you want to punch your computer repeatedly?
  • You’ve built a website that you’re happy with but your traffic numbers are terrible and it’s making you feel like nobody loves you.
  • You’re getting lots of traffic to your website but you’re NOT converting these people into paying customers. 
  • You keep attracting the WRONG type of clients and they are sucking the fun out of business. Bloody fun-suckers!

If you said yes to any of these then we have something super special for you…


Courses include:

1 On-page SEO Training

So you can Increase your rankings and get more ideal visitors and leads

Convert More Visitors 

Learn how to get your website to drive the leads and sales for you

3 Writing for your website

Learn how to write for your website to build trust and sell more

Brand Your Website 

Make your mark online, stand out from the competition and build a loyal following

Build Your Own Website

Learn how to build a beautiful WordPress website you can be proud of 

6 WordPress for Beginners

Stop fighting with WordPress and gain our vast knowledge and help

Hosting & website Maintenance

Learn how to setup hosting and keep your website safe

8 And a load more…

We like even numbers so decided to stick this here. Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

Love symmetry x 


Weekly Q&A/ Feedback.

Every Wednesday morning, we’ll have a 30-minute group video call where we answer your niggly questions. This means you’ll never be left figuring out what to do next with your website.

6 week challenges

We’ll run regular 6-week challenges, such as SEO challenges, blogging challenges & video challenges. But don’t worry, we’ll be taking part too. This means we’re all held accountable, and we’re all consistently moving our businesses forward.

Regular training sessions

We’ll run regular training webinars teaching you how to improve your website. This will include guest appearances from experts outside of the community to talk about their area of expertise. This means you’ll always learn new ways to improve your website and business.

New content added regularly

We’ll constantly be adding new content and recourses to the membership so you can continue to improve your website. We have a HUGE list of future courses already penciled in.

Access to future templates and MEMBER-ONLY tools

We have some exciting things planned for the membership! You’ll gain access to future software we develop such as templates or tools. This means you’ll gain access to some of our most exciting new developments at the cheapest possible price!

The Community Forum

The Friend Zone:

Get to know like-minded business owners in our community, ask questions in the forum and learn from our webinars and workshops. We want to build an honest, supportive and safe place for you guys to hang out and learn.

We’ll also be on hand to guide and help you along the way. And we’ll be your champions as you build and grow your successful personal brand business.


We live and breathe websites.

We run Jammy Digital, a WordPress web design agency and produce high-performing websites for personal brands and small business owners.

We’ve worked with some very cool people over the years and we’re only getting started.

There are lots of people who teach this stuff but only a few have actually gone out and DONE IT.

We created this membership to teach people like you how to do this for yourself (without paying for a big agency)

Ultimately, we want to help FAST TRACK you into producing a high-performing website you can be proud of.

Since we have a lot of courses in stock, if you cannot find your favorite course, please let us know. To search for other courses and discounts available, let's have a conversation! What are you waiting for?

Here's an overview of the prominent keywords and a list of famous authors:

Business and Sales: Explore business strategies, sales skills, entrepreneurship, and brand-building from authors like Joe Wicks, Jillian Michaels, and Tony Horton.

Sports and Fitness: Enhance athleticism, improve health and fitness with guidance from experts like Shaun T, Kayla Itsines, and Yoga with Adriene.

Personal Development: Develop communication skills, time management, creative thinking, and enhance self-awareness from authors like Gretchen Rubin, Simon Sinek, and Marie Kondo.

Technology and Coding: Learn about artificial intelligence, data analytics, programming, and blockchain technology from thought leaders like Neil deGrasse Tyson, Amy Cuddy, and Malcolm Gladwell.

Lifestyle and Wellness: Discover courses on holistic health, yoga, and healthy living from authors like Elizabeth Gilbert, Bill Nye, and Tracy Anderson.

Art and Creativity: Explore the world of art, creativity, and painting with guidance from renowned artists like Bob Ross and others.

All the courses on WSOlib are led by top authors and experts in their respective fields. Rest assured that the knowledge and skills you acquire are reliable and highly applicable.

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SEO Pro School – Martin Huntbach
SEO Pro School – Martin Huntbach


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