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Smart Drug Crash Course – Christopher Walker

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Smart Drug Crash Course – Christopher Walker Download. Every guy wants to be as productive and mentally efficient as possible. In this extensive guide, neu…

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Smart Drug Crash Course

How to unlock your brain’s true potential using nootropic compounds for neuroprotection, focus, memory, and cognitive performance.

The Best Program On The Net For a “Deep Dive” Into The world of Nootropic Stacking and Cognitive enhancement.

Get instant access to the digital version of The Smart Drug Crash Course. ?Requires PDF Reader.

Every guy wants to be as productive and mentally efficient as possible. In this extensive guide, neuroscientist Christopher Walker shows you how to take your mental performance to its absolute peak. With detailed reviews of the different classes of cognitive enhancers, you are sure to come away from the program with a few reliable “stacks” to boost your everyday mental performance.

In this guide, Chris takes you from basic topics like types of nootropics through more advanced material such as stacking and cycling. He discusses why you would want to cycle your nootropics and how to take them to experience maximum effectiveness.

Benefit from Chris’s experiences as a scientist and researcher as he breaks down the exciting world of nootropics!

Course Curriculum

Smart Drug Crash Course

  • Introduction (4:10)
  • History of Nootropics (9:13)
  • Are They Safe? What The Research Tells Us (7:59)
  • Types Of Nootropics. A Look Into The Main Classes Of These Cognitive Enhancers (7:59)
  • Are They Addictive (7:59)
  • Basic Nootropics You Should Know About (9:32)
  • The Racetams (6:30)
  • Modafinil (8:11)
  • Choline (10:43)
  • Noopept (10:41)
  • Concentration and Memory Enhancers (12:28)
  • Stimulants and Productivity Enhancers (5:10)
  • Adaptogens, Anti-depressants, sleep enhancers (19:57)
  • Nervous System Protection (5:25)
  • Others You’ve Heard Of (10:33)
  • Vitmains (B,C,D,E) & Omega 3s (7:50)
  • Dosing (3:22)
  • Cycling (7:14)
  • Live Demo (13:51)
  • What You Should Look For In A Supplier (9:16)
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Smart Drug Crash Course – Christopher Walker
Smart Drug Crash Course – Christopher Walker


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