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Stabilized Financier™ – Dan Drew

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Stabilized Financier™ – Dan Drew Download. The sooner you realize that you need to slow down and take your time finding a strong deal for your money partne…

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The biggest issue with students is that they feel pressured to do a deal the moment their money partner shows up. Slow down! 

Remember: preservation of capital before return on capital.

The sooner you realize that you need to slow down and take your time finding a strong deal for your money partner the better. The last thing you want to do is rush into a project without understanding the complexities and leaving yourself vulnerable for a potentially embarrassing situation. It’s your reputation on the line. Take your time and pick only the strong deals. Our comprehensive manual, Stabilized Financier, was developed with two main goals. Intermediaries will learn how to identify a stabilized investment and the key steps that need to be taken to structure the deal to ensure funding.

Knowledge is power and Dandrew Media will give you the commercial real estate education you need to make smart decisions. As with all of our tutorials, we provide you with all pertinent information required to close deals while helping you build confidence. Considered the “blue-chip stocks” in commercial real estate, stabilized investments are generally lower risk. They’re typically a newer construction and have a stabilized yield. Investors are drawn to the stability in these deals with a primary goal to maintain the property. Our eManual will show you how to identify these investments, and the most effective deal structuring strategies. We’ll also provide Intermediaries with tricks and tips to make these deals more profitable and increase your chance of funding. If you have a conservative investor, then you need Stabilized Financier™.

Intermediaries Will Learn:

What is a Stabilized Transaction?

Intermediaries will learn the stabilized investment basics and the characteristics that make up these lucrative transactions.

Stabilized Property Guidelines

It’s imperative that you understand the general stabilized property DSC ratio guidelines. Know what works and what never will.

Analyzing Stabilized Real Estate Investments

As always we give you vital information to help you close the deal. Learn what document is the single most important piece of documentation when analyzing stabilized investments.

Differentiating Value Added Investing & Stabilized Investing

It’s imperative that Intermediaries know how to recognize the difference between value added and stabilized investing. You’ll walk away from this tutorial with an in-depth understanding and working knowledge of these deals.

Understanding the “Key Event”

One of our secrets to success is the “key event”. Know what it is and the probability of achieving the “event”.


Why Commercial Real Estate Deals Go Bad

As you continue the loan process its essential that every Intermediary remembers the seven main reasons why a commercial real estate deal fails. By hanging this Infographic on your wall, you can ensure that you won’t lose a deal by making one of these common mistakes.


Search & Rescue or Destroy Marketing

Calling a potential client is far more effective than sending an e-mail in this competitive high-dollar environment. How do your phone skills measure up? This Infographic gives Intermediaries a thorough sales training offering industry-tested closing techniques that’ll exponentially increase your closing ratios. Need a call script that’ll actually work? Yeah, it has that too.


Triage Where the Best Opportunities are Uncovered in CRE

Here you go! Come and get it! You know we love to reveal the industry’s best deal sourcing strategies and this Infographic discloses the top six methods for finding distressed commercial properties. If you aren’t using these techniques, then you’re throwing money out the window.


Understanding the Transaction and Sales Strategies

It’s essential that Intermediaries understand that there is more to commercial real estate than just learning how to structure deals and create clever financing options. Taking the time to develop strong sales techniques is the key to your success in this industry. This Infographic not only helps you understand the transaction but gives you unrivaled sales strategies when marketing to investment sales professional and leasing brokers.

Capital Placement Series

Dandrew Media’s ever popular Capital Placement Series covers how Intermediaries can become a successful Capital Provider and also delves into the core of commercial real estate revealing sought after industry secrets.

Whether you’re new to investing, currently locked out of the real estate market due to a lack of funding options or looking to start your own fund or syndication, the Capital Placement Series is your go-to resource. Invest in yourself. You’ll be astounded by the results.

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Stabilized Financier™ – Dan Drew
Stabilized Financier™ – Dan Drew


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