I am Rob Bampton and sexuality is my arena. I am committed to speaking openly about sex and sharing all that I have learned over the years because I can’t stand people not having the love life they want. Sex is natural, and our shame and inhibitions are stopping us from experiencing what we truly want. Moreover, they allow space for distorted predatorial sexual behaviour, for depression, for anxiety, lack of confidence or deeply seeded self-doubt.

I am saying NO to all of that!

I love sex! And always have! I was also always motivated to be the best at it!

Early on I was taken into the swingers world by my two girlfriends and I kept seeing guys do all sorts of amazing tricks. So I used to go home, find the video to learn how to do it and practice! Plus there was no space for jealousy and control in my life so it was never really a thing for me.

I used to have threesome, foursome and more-some experiences and I loved it! One time though, after spending two days with one girl, she asked me ‘Did you notice we have not even kissed?’

I was in shock and realised that even though the swinging scene is incredible, I had completely disconnected from my body. I disconnected from feeling anything. Sex actually became monotone and boring.

I was fortunate enough to be invited as a videographer at the Taste of Love festival, one of the largest tantra events in Australia. This is how I entered the world of conscious sexuality. I have already had a full bag of super effective skills and techniques but had lost the drive. This festival sparked my interest again and I began to experience sex in a completely new way.

I got out of my head and into my body; I learned to harness my sexual energy through non-ejaculation and my capacity for pleasure has dramatically increased; I expanded my range of having sex beyond simple mechanics and experienced soft, passionate and also wild and uninhibited adventures; I have embraced self pleasure as a practice of connecting to myself, I have started to make sound, which I had completely shut down and I have learned also how to speak my desires and more.

I realise that so many blokes out there have not been so lucky to get onto the same journey as I have, and there is a lot I can teach you. This is your doorway to extra knowledge and education in the arena of sex.

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Better In Bed-Sexual Mastery – ROB BAMPTON

Better In Bed-Sexual Mastery – ROB BAMPTON

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