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$12k in 37 Days 4 Week Master Class – Sean Terry

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$12k in 37 Days 4 Week Master Class – Sean Terry Download. Check out these success stories Learning wholesaling will give you the freedom you’ve been searc…

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$12k in 37 Days 4 Week Master Class – Sean Terry

JOIN ME! – Sean Terry’s FOUR Week Master Class: “How To Specifically Make $12K in 37 Days or Less…”

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(Only 25 20 18 Seats Left!!!)

LIVE Web Class Special ONLY Expires Sunday Night at 11:59 or when 18 Seats are Filled

Check out these success stories Learning wholesaling will give you the freedom you’ve been searching for.

If you just wholesale one deal a month and make $5,000 working part time around your job, that would be an extra $60,000 of income in.

What would it take to get a $60,000 a year raise on your current JOB?

Yikes… Now, what would an “extra” $60,000 do for you and your family next year?

Well, it could allow you to take that family trip you have always wanted to go on. It could mean a new house or car that is desperately needed.

Or it could give you the security and confidence to quit your JOB and finally live life on your own terms.

$12K in 37 Days 4 Week Master Class will show you how to go from where you are, whether your working a JOB, unemployed or a real estate investor trying to get to the next level, to make consistently checks every month working part-time around your JOB.

Week #1:

Complete Business Success Step-by-Step Set Up

  • Setting Your Goals and Knowing Your Numbers. You have to have a Clear Objective and Know the Metrics to Get You There.
  • Setting Up Podio So You Can Manage Your Business From Anywhere. This FREE Business Managment Platform WILL change your Life. It’s AMAZING
  • Setting Up CallRail.com So You Can Track Your Marketing. The Ultime Phone Systems and How to Set it Up and Use it for Precise Tracking.
  • Compiling The Ultimate Mailing List. You see Exactly How to Pull The Most Profitable Mailing List I Know.
  • Getting the Phone to Ring off the HOOK with High-Quality Sellers. You’ll Have Direct Access to My Mail House and Top Performing Mail Piece.
  • Setting Up Your Website and Landing Pages. How to Get Leads in Your inbox 24/7 with this Amazing Tool
  • My $596,000 Swipe File of the Highest Converting Keywords and Ad Copy: Have your campaign set up in under 2 hours ready to capture sellers begging you to buy their property.

Week #2:

How To Talk to Sellers and Evaluate Properties

This is the MOST crucial part of wholesaling you MUST Know

  • Taking the Calls and Booking Appointments. Talking to Sellers is CRITICAL! You must know exactly WHAT to say and WHAT to listen for.
  • Using the Simple Strategic Seller Script (In State & Out of State). This is the exactly script we use in my business.
  • Booking a High Probability Appointment. (a MUST)
  • How to Pull Comparable Sales So You Know if You Have a Deal or Not. This will make or break your success and is the hardest for new investors to figure out.
  • Using Podio to Manage Lead Flow. How to Use PODIO Specifically.
  • Per Appointment Due Diligence: What are the Best Website to Get Accurate Data

Week #3:

How to Read the Seller Like and Book an Exactly Recipe for “Price Presentation”

  • What to Bring on the Appointment. Being prepared is HALF the battle. Knowing how to structure the deal BEFORE you meet the seller is CRITICAL!
  • Pre-Appointment Neighborhood Analysis (know more than your seller)
  • Showing Up and Reading the Seller Like a Book. You’ll learn and know the 4 Personality types and how to read them and motivated them to do business with you.
  • Building Subliminal Rapport for Competition-Crushing Results. Your competition will not have a chance.
  • Price Presentation: Using the Custom Covert Intuitive Presentation. Position and Presentation will allow you to Offer a Very Low Price and Get the Deal with Little Objections.
  • Overcome Objections Using the Objection Annihilation Method. The 16 Most Deal Killing Objections and How to Overcome Them…Word for Word

Week #4:

How to Get the Deal Signed and Getting PAID!

  • Getting The Contract Signed Using These 4 Trusted Closing Techniques.
  • Picking a Closing Agent and Opening Escrow.
  • Double Escrow? Assignment? Transactional Funding? What to do and How to Do It.
  • How to Prep the Property for a Quick Sale. IMPORTANT!
  • Finding FLOODS of Hungry Cash Buyers to Fight Over Your Property
  • The 30 Minute Open House Bidding Frenzy and How to Add and Extra $5K to $10K on Any Smoking Deal
  • Closing the Deal and Getting Your $12,000! Boom Baby!!!
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Specification: $12k in 37 Days 4 Week Master Class – Sean Terry


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$12k in 37 Days 4 Week Master Class – Sean Terry
$12k in 37 Days 4 Week Master Class – Sean Terry


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