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Earnings Game Plan Profits Course; Low-Risk High Return Option Plays – Larry Gaines and Power Cycle Trading

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Earnings Game Plan Profits Course; Low-Risk High Return Option Plays – Larry Gaines and Power Cycle Trading Download. Adding a new income stream can take y…

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Adding a new income stream can take years to achieve considering the amount of education and work usually required.

But what if you could learn how to add a new income stream from Trading Weekly Options on stocks reporting earnings or how to identify and trade a pre-earnings or post earnings trend using a Market Neutral Earnings Trend Strategy! And what about adding a directional earnings trade with a High Reward but Low, Low Capital at Risk?

Part of my mission at Power Cycle Trading is to teach other traders what I know about trading with an emphasis on options and weekly options. I have been a professional trader for over 30 years and trading options since 1987, so I have a lot of knowledge and experience that I am now able to share with my members and students.

To help you take advantage of the great trading opportunities that happen every earning season I have put together an On-Demand Earnings Workshop on how to exploit earnings for big profits using weekly options and pairs trades.

The course includes an Earnings Trade Library of 32 detailed weekly option earning trade examples. It’s a detailed library of trade examples that will help you to better understand these strategies and quickens the learning process:

This Earnings Workshop is packed with in-depth training on everything you’ll need to know to trade earnings; my secret low risk, high leverage ~ low cost non-directional weekly option [4 Strategies], strike analysis tips, volatility plays, stock selection and much more.

Plus my All-New “Ninja” Directional High Reward ~ Low-Risk Weekly Ratio Butterfly Strategy and an amazing Market Neutral Earnings Trend Strategy for Pre-Earning & Post Earning Trends (using a synthetic option structure)! And I’ll teach you my 2X Standard Deviation, Post Earnings Option Directional Strategy. A statistically high winning probability post-earnings trend strategy

This On-Demand Workshop will get you off the sidelines and get you prepared for making profits, which sometimes can be Huge, by sharing all my earnings trading strategies with you. I want you to stop being a spectator and become a player that makes great profits by taking advantage of the market’s volatility surrounding earnings.

Here is what’s covered:

  • Trading Tools Used ~ Weekly Options & Turbo Time Decay
  • Option Pricing
  • Standard Deviation
  • Option Delta & Trade Probability
  • My [3-favorite] neutral ~ non-directional weekly option strategies for trading earnings
    • Short Iron Condor
    • Long Iron Butterfly
    • Long Iron Condor
  • ‘New’ Calendar & Double Calendar Earnings Option Strategy for trading a non-directional earnings release. Low Defined Risk – High Reward Earnings Option Strategy
  • How to select the best neutral ~ non-directional weekly option strategies based on the Implied Projected Move & Historical Earnings Statistics of the stock
  • How to calculate the Implied Move
  • How to set price targets using the Implied Move
  • How & when to set-up all trade strategies
  • How to manage trades into option expiration
  • Learn which strikes work best. Should you go far Out of the Money or Close in? You will find out
  • How to take advantage of high option volatility for your earnings option plays
  • How to defend & manage an option trade gone wrong
  • Selecting the right stocks for an earnings trade is very important to the success of an earnings option strategy.

You will learn my selection process that makes building a watch list of great trading stocks easy to do:

  • New, 2X Standard Deviation Post Earnings Directional Trade Strategy
  • A very “Ninja” Ratio Butterfly, directional earnings weekly option strategy that sells volatility and is constructed to create a directionally biased profit benefit with low capital at risk
  • Step-by-step guide for using “Stock Pairs” for catching a pre or post earnings trend with reduced market risk
  • How to use the PCT Cycle Reversal Indicator for your Pairs Trade entry
  • How to execute a Pairs Trend Trade using a synthetic option structure for the Pairs Trade Long & Short, no stock involved
  • Statistical resource for earnings history on all stocks
  • How to use this earnings history resource for scanning and building your stock watch list of the best-earning trades
  • How to use this statistical information to analyze a stock’s earnings release move or post-earnings move for a Weekly Option or Pairs Trading Strategy

And much more…

To save you the time & work of finding the best stocks to trade during earnings I have done all of this for you. You will receive my Earnings Watch List of the Best Stocks to consistent trading from this Earning Season. Plus my watch list of “Top Earnings Pairs” for pre & post-earnings trend trades based on past statistics of an earnings trend!

Since we have a lot of courses in stock, if you cannot find your favorite course, please let us know. To search for other courses and discounts available, let's have a conversation! What are you waiting for?

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Specification: Earnings Game Plan Profits Course; Low-Risk High Return Option Plays – Larry Gaines and Power Cycle Trading




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Earnings Game Plan Profits Course; Low-Risk High Return Option Plays – Larry Gaines and Power Cycle Trading
Earnings Game Plan Profits Course; Low-Risk High Return Option Plays – Larry Gaines and Power Cycle Trading


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