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Easy Sketch Pro v3.0.1 for Mac and PC – Trading Systems

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Easy Sketch Pro v3.0.1 for Mac and PC – Trading Systems Download. How Would You Like To Get Your Hands On The #1 Doodle Video Creation Software That Allows…

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“How Would You Like To Get Your Hands On The #1 Doodle Video Creation Software That Allows You To Create Amazing Sketch Videos, Without Needing Any Technical Or Design Skills, In Just MINUTES!”

Sketch Videos Are Proven To Sky Rocket Engagement & Boost Sales By Up To 337% For Almost Any Business!

Create Sketch Videos In Just 3 Easy Steps…

  • Use ‘drag n drop’ editor to create sketch video.
  • Import your own videos, use the 100s of images supplied to get make the perfect video
  • Click ‘Build’ and Upload. Your sketch video is ready!

Here’s A Dirty Little Secret Most Video Player Creators Will NEVER Tell You…”

An Open Letter From The Creators of Easy Sketch Pro – Paul Lynch & Andrew Fox!

Dear Reader,

You’ve probably heard the buzz marketing word over the last years…”VIDEO”!

In fact – we like to call it the video band wagon, where nearly every product released seems to include the word “video” in it…

…even if it’s totally unrelated!

Most popular video players are incredibly feature rich, tech savvy works of art.

In fact, we admire how good there features are…

So what’s the problem?

These video players are built by GREAT technical people…

BUT in most cases, many are poor marketers

It’s NOT the amazing features that makes a video sell… its the ENGAGEMENT.

And guess what?

Doodle videos are proven to be the highest converting, cash sucking conversion tool online.

Average video players may sell 2000 – 3000 copies…

Easy Sketch Pro Has Sold Over 55,000+ Copies!

Because Animated Doodle Sketch Videos Are The REAL Way To Boost Conversion Rates by 437% And More.

Here’s How Easy it Is To Create A Professional Doodle Sketch Video With Easy Sketch Pro

Upload Any Live Video – The Software Will Sketch out the Opening Scene Transition From Sketch to Live – Breathtaking!

  •  Upload any video and the software will sketch out the opening scene then make the mind blowing effect from Sketch to Live Video
  •  User can set the drawing time of the sketch before it transitions to LIVE video
  •  Add your own music or voice over to both sketch and/or live video

Sketch Any Text, Image, Music or Voice Over To The LIVE Video

  • Add Your Own Text With Drag ‘N’ Drop Interface
  •  Add Your Own background music, voice over or select from our vast library of ready made tracks
  •  Add your own images or use our huge resource of royalty free images
  •  Everything is totally 100% customizable

Import Any Video Onto The Timeline While Your Sketch Video Is Playing

  • Drop In a Live Video While Your Sketch Video Is Playing With a few clicks
  •  Extremely Powerful – Imagine selling this to local businesses like fitness clients and restaurants. You include a live video of their service like cooking or a gym routine while the sketch does the rest.
  •  DOUBLE engagement by switching up things and keeping viewers entertained. The longer they stay the greater the chance of the sale.

Choose From Our Stunning Library of Amazing Backgrounds

  • Don’t want to start on a blank canvas? No problem! Now you can choose from various professional canvas types.
  •  From the glittering lights of a billboard in New York to the sun drenched beaches of Cancun, you can really make your sketch video come alive like never before.

Over 50 New Pens, Brushes, Chalk, Crayons At Your Fingertips

  • Spice up your sketch video and tailor to your EXACT audience with this amazing new feature.
  •  Selling something for a particular audience? Then choose from any gender, colour, race to your liking. If your selling male fitness naturally a male hand would make more sense.
  • Create the EXACT style of video you want… Do you prefer a chalk effect, brush, hard pen, crayon, e.g. for kids teaching?
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Easy Sketch Pro v3.0.1 for Mac and PC – Trading Systems
Easy Sketch Pro v3.0.1 for Mac and PC – Trading Systems


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