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Ecom Alliance Academy – Rohan Dhawan

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Ecom Alliance Academy – Rohan Dhawan Download. What if your eCommerce store attracted droves of engaged fans, increased your income like whoa, and gave you…

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Ecom Alliance Academy

Let Us Train You To Make $200-$300 A Day And Turn eCommerce Into A Full Time Career

What if your eCommerce store attracted droves of engaged fans, increased your income like whoa, and gave you the time and independence to enjoy your dream life?

Here’s a secret: It can.

Don’t you shake your head (I can sense your head-shake).

Does any of this sound familiar?…

Hustling like crazy with little result. You’re throwing all your time and money into advertising, social media, and product research. Heck, you have just given up on this eCommerce thing and feel lost.

Unsure how to attract and reach your ideal audience. You know they’re out there, but how do you get them to notice you? You feel like you’ve tried every strategy on Facebook, but haven’t seen the community or growth that “big eCommerce players” seem to find so easily.

Losing your motivation. You worry that there are just too many online stores already. You find yourself asking, “how many mobile case stores does the world really need?” You’re worried you won’t be able to stand out and make a difference above all the noise.

Frustrated by all the conflicting information. You’re sick of wasting time trying to research how to make your eCommerce store bloom. You keep hearing the same outdated, lame-sauce advice. You want something that will work NOW (not in 2009).

Sick of working at a job that doesn’t fulfill your true purpose. You spend 9-5 thinking about your creative passion, wishing your online store was your day job instead. #BeenThere

Did you raise your hand to any (or all) of the above? Good. You are SO in the right spot.

The truth is, nothing changes if nothing changes. Meaning, if you want to hit your overachiever goals, create the life and eCommerce store you’ve dreamed of, and sell to an an ever-growing community of like-minded people…then you need to do something DIFFERENT than what you’ve already been doing.

I want you to take a moment and imagine a world where you could…

Dramatically grow your traffic in less than ONE hour per week. Constantly draw in new folks who are excited about what you have to sell and can’t wait to come back for more.

Authentically stand out above the noise. Your store becomes the go-to hub and resource in your niche. People see you as an online leader and you fall asleep knowing that you’re making a difference in people’s lives.

Continually grow your business in a way that’s totally automated. You’ll see consistent growth.

Have extra hours in your day to research more products, engage with your audience and spend time enjoying life away from your store, knowing it will continue growing even in your absence. Since your marketing is automated, you have time for the stuff that truly matters (and that you enjoy!).

Feel confident in your strategy. No more second guessing or spending hours on pointless research. You know that what you’re doing is efficient and effective and you have the numbers to prove it!

Turn your eCom store into your full-time career. You’ve achieved what most people aren’t willing to do: start your own successful business by leveraging your new audience and potential.

Yep. F’real.

Get this, bud — you can achieve ALL of this success by simply using few simple, but highly effective strategies.

I want to introduce you to my secret weapon: eCom Alliance.

eCom Alliance is my step-by-step course and community where I’ll teach you my highly effective eCommerce SYSTEM, so you can stop spinning on that hamster wheel and start growing your store effectively, efficiently, and QUICKLY.

Discover ALL the strategies I’ve taught to over 21,000 other students — strategies that will dramatically grow your traffic and sales, fast.

This is the same system I used to grow a brand new online store from scratch to over $1,000 in daily revenue. I achieved this just by using my laptop, while travelling the world.

And the best part? I’ll show you how to attract the RIGHT kind of visitors — ones who become your brand’s raving fans and continue to buy throughout the life of your store. We’re not just trying to “grow your traffic” here. We’re growing your traffic and audience with intention.

Meet Guillaume (Our Top Student)

Guillaume (A.K.A Remi) said that he gained results almost “instantly.” In ONE month his sales grew from 0 to over $100 per day. And within two months, his website traffic went from less than 100 to over 4000 website visitors per day. Guillaume also got his dream job, and is simultaneously running his e-commerce store with his wife.

Let me take you back to what my online store and business were like BEFORE I discovered my eCommerce system.

I had no CLUE what I was selling. Traffic on my store was not consistent, and I was uncertain regarding when I was going to sell my next product. Even if I made any revenue, the profit margin was extremely low to call it a proper business. I loved my store and the tiny community I grew, but after two years of consistent efforts with little overall growth, I wondered what I was doing wrong.

How do other e-commerce store owners seem to grow their tribe so easily?

I dropped everything that I was doing, and observed over 500 esteemed e-commerce stores and learned what was getting them success. Want to know what I learned?

It was clear that the top online stores had a proper system in place. They ditched the concept of having old school websites, and adopted the concept of “funnels.” Traffic was never a problem, because they were using Facebook ads on a consistent basis. On their backend, they had a complete email marketing structure created in order to squeeze out as much money as possible from their clients. Last but not the least, these stores were ranking for niche specific keywords on search engines.

This looked like a lot of work. Did I give up? What happened next?

I stayed persistent and changed my strategy. Experimented with different ideas. And what happened?]

My revenue grew to over $1,000 per day in three months.

My email list shot up to 6,324 subscribers in four months after being stagnant for almost a year.

Today, 2.5 years after implementing my proven eCom system, my store + business have grown to a level that is literally unimaginable.

So, if eCommerce is so great, why isn’t EVERYONE seeing game-changing results?

I asked myself that same question, too. But the reason is because…

Most people have no idea what they are doing.

Yes! It is true that eCom has a lot of potential in the 21st century, however there is lack of proper guidance.

People are selling products that have no instant demand (basic iPhone case, seriously?). They are following the herd mentality, and not trying to stand out.

Facebook ads being used in the least effective manner possible.

Heck, store owners don’t even know about basic marketing tools like upselling, downselling, cross-selling, and much much more!

Nobody is focusing on generating leads. Majority of the eCom sites have no backend email marketing system in place.

And you know the worst part? These stores can’t even be found on Google (hellooo SEO?).

What’s included, you ask?


Let’s take a look at what you’ll learn in each of the 5 courses:

1. The Main Academy

Let me take you by the hand through a 4 week program where you learn exactly how to launch an eCom funnel and grow it.

2. Shopify Mastery Course

Learn exactly how to launch a Shopify store from scratch and grow it by dropshipping items effectively.

3. Facebook Ads For ECommerce

Rated as the number one Facebook course for eCom by students around the globe. Find out step-by-sep how to create ads with high conversion rates!

4. Live Workshops + Training Database

Join us live where I will be sharing the latest tips and hacks working in the eCommerce industry. During these calls, will also analyze your store to make sure you are on the right track

Also, get access to training database featuring interviews from top eCommerce experts earning 6-7 figures per month. Learn from the best!

Course Curriculum

Read Before Getting Started

  • How To Get Started (Academy Overview)
  • eCom General Guidelines (Always Refer When Stuck)

WEEK 1: Getting Started

  • Complete Guide To Niche Selection (35:44)
  • Step-By-Step Blueprint To Finding Profitable Products (17:58)
  • Things To Consider While Doing Product Research (IMPORTANT)

WEEK 2: The Correct Way To Sell Products In 2018 (Funnel Creation)

  • How To Create An eCommerce Store Using Clickfunnels (My Secret Templates Included) (38:20)
  • Option #2 – How To Create An eCommerce Store Using Shopify
  • What’s Working Right Now
  • Sales Promotion Strategies For Your eCom Store

WEEK 3: How To Grow Your Store Using Influencer Marketing

  • What Is Influencer Marketing & Why You Should Care (7:16)
  • Watch This Before Getting Started (Installing Pixels) (14:36)
  • How To Generate Sales Using Influencers Marketing (10:04)
  • Finding High Quality Influencers (16:47)
  • Influencers Case Study – Gym Shark (A Multi-Million Dollar Company) (5:34)
  • Moron’s Guide To Getting Over 10k Followers On Instagram (11:25)
  • Influencer Cheat Sheet & Rolodex

WEEK 4: How To Sell Products Successfully Using Facebook Ads

  • Retargeting People Who Didn’t Buy Using Ads (20:15)
  • Retarget People Who Bought From Your Website Using Facebook Ads (23:50)
  • Facebook Interest Based Targeting Spreadsheet
  • Facebook Ad Swap Files
  • Scaling Your Winner Ad Campaign (12:14)
  • How To Run & Scale Facebook Ads

Training “Nugget” Database

  • How My Unemployed Student Made $1,934.28 His First Month Selling Products On His eCom Store
  • 5 Figures Per Month Using Clickfunnels & eCommerce (Jelani Case Study)
  • [Private Workshop] New Facebook Ads Targeting + What Type Of Ad Should You Create?
  • Learn The 4 Step System Justin Uses To Sell $500,000 Worth Of Print On Demand T-Shirts Every Month!
  • Learn The 3 Step System I Used To Sell $30,000 Worth Of Products Dropshipping My First Month

Bonus Lectures

  • [NICHE & PRODUCT SELECTION] What Niche Should You Sell Enter? (15:57)
  • [NICHE & PRODUCT SELECTION] Step-By-Step Guide To Finding Profitable Research (How I Do It) (20:09)
  • [FUNNEL CREATION] Introduction To Creating Top Funnels (5:56)
  • [FUNNEL CREATION] How To Create Your Very First eCom Funnel (8:06)
  • [FUNNEL CREATION] Developing A High Convering Sales Page (8:27)
  • [FUNNEL CREATION] How To Increase Sales Using Upsell (11:21)
  • [FUNNEL CREATION] Setting Up The Order Page (13:46)
  • [FUNNEL CREATION] How To Accept Payments (3:56)
  • [FUNNEL CREATION] Funnel #2 – Pre-Sell Content (Blog)
  • [FUNNEL CREATION] Funnel #3 – Pre-Sell Content (Lead Magnet)
  • [Facebook Ads] Finding Your Target Audience On Facebook (10:47)
  • [Facebook Ads] Setting Up Custom Conversion Pixel (7:15)
  • [Facebook Ads] Creating Your Very First Facebook Ad (17:06)
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