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Ecom Elites + Ecom Turbo Theme – Franklin Hatchett

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Ecom Elites + Ecom Turbo Theme – Franklin Hatchett Download. Created by a successful businessman obsessed with increasing sales for his own Shopify store, …

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What If You Could Boost Sales Instantly?

Created by a successful businessman obsessed with increasing sales for his own Shopify store, the eCom Turbo Shopify Theme is not only easy to use, but is also designed to trigger more conversions!

eCom Turbo has helped its customers earn millions in extra revenue form there stores!

THE PROBLEM: Most Shopify themes are designed by companies who don’t even run Shopify stores! This is the reason why many stores fail. Successful Shopify stores require a high converting theme to capture as many sales possible, and drive down advertising costs.

Tired of struggling with non-converting, poor quality themes, I took matters into my own hands and created my own high converting Shopify theme from scratch with built-in apps and gorgeous features! What’s more, over time, eCom Turbo flourished to become the leading high-converting theme on the planet!

eCom Turbo is far from the typical Shopify theme designed by software companies with no experience running a Shopify store. I took the most cutting-edge apps and built them directly into eCom Turbo to not only boost conversions, but save you money too!

I know from experience what ACTUALLY converts and what doesn’t, and use eCom Turbo in all my Shopify stores resulting in a whopping 7-figure a year income!

Forget about complicated code! eCom Turbo is so easy to use anyone can use it!

Introducing: eCom Turbo Shopify Theme

If you struggle to get sales from your Shopify Store or increase your slow sales then installing eCom Turbo is going to boost sales and save you money at the same time. They money you save on app fees you can use in your advertising campaigns or better yet keep it in your pocket!

Using eCom Turbo is going to give you an edge over the competition. You no longer have to rely on expensive clunky apps to optimize your store. This is the all in one solution you’ve been waiting for!

Here Are 4 Big Benefits….

Customize Everything

Design the theme to fit your store and make it look amazing! Have the ability to change your layout and even change the colours of your titles and prices to whatever colour you like! Only we can do this!

Conversion Boosters

We spent long nights in the lab and built in specific conversion boosters and apps that increase revenue on your store instantly. This simply makes you more money and saves you money on app fees!

Incredibly Fast Theme

Slow loading will have a major effect on your sales. Studies show that store with a loading time of 3 seconds or more can lose up to 40% of their sales. eCom Elites was designed with super speeds in mind.

Free Ecom Course

You will have access to our membership where we have videos showing you EXACTLY how to set up the theme. We have also added in some free eCom training and free theme support forever!

Simple To Use Conversion Features!

Build A Customer Base FAST!

Give out enticing discounts and collect leads at the same time! Fully customizable popup that’s going to boost sales and leads for future promotions. This feature is a conversion boosting king! Capture leaving customers and turn them into sales.

  • 100% Customizable
  • Collect emails and build a customer base
  • Get the email before the visitor leaves

Built In Scarcity Timer

No more timer apps! This built in psychological trigger is going to to put even more money in your pocket. Offering something for a limited time will always boost sales. Fear of missing out becomes a great trigger that will push costumes to buy on impulse. ?

  • 100% Customizable
  • 4 styles to choose from
  • Create exclusive sales for your customers

The Cash Boosting Upsell

MASSIVE conversion booster! Collect more profit with a product upsell popup. Studies show that visitors are more likely to buy an upsell right after the cart and right before the checkout. We increased profits up to 25% once we switched to this on our Shopify stores.

  • 100% Customizable
  • Add related products to boost cart value
  • Offer exactly what the customer needs

Custom Clean Footer

A clean theme generates more sales! We found cluttered and confusing footers are a distraction and you can lose sales. After adding a nice clean footer template we got more sales and better conversions! This is completely customizable and don’t worry, you can also use the standard Shopify footer.

  • 100% Customizable
  • 2 styles to choose from
  • Boost sales with a footer that matches your store

Create Any Call To Action

Create beautiful completely customizable call to action buttons on the homepage, product page and cart! These are MASSIVE conversion boosters. Have complete full control over any call to action button on your store!

  • 100% Customizable
  • Create buttons YOU want
  • Boost sales with better call to actions

Urgency Sales Ticker

Nothing creates urgency more than a sale ticker! Show people that things are selling on your site and it will boost conversions. The fear of missing out will always increase sales. This is 100% customizable! You can change the border, colors and whatever you like.

  • 100% Customizable
  • Create visitor trust
  • Create fear of missing out

Increase Instagram Profits

Over 60% of Shopify users who do Instagram promotions had a theme that didn’t work very well on mobile! We designed eCom Turbo to boost Instagram profits with our customizable sticky button!

  • 100% Customizable
  • Don’t lost sales from Instagram promotions
  • Easy to use sticky buttons that BOOST sales on Mobile

Simple Easy Trust Badges

Upload trust badges that change site wide so you won’t have to add them to your products every time! You will get access to out full range of custom badges that are exclusive to eCom Turbo. Trust is known to be a HUGE conversion booster and will get those visitors converting!

  • Over 100 custom trust badges exclusive to our clients
  • Create visitor trust that will boost sales
  • Super easy to install

Profit Boosting Cart Buttons

The checkout buttons can be customized, we have also added another button above the cart that can be toggled on and off. Get full control over your stores sales and stop losing profits!

  • 100% Customizable
  • Increase sales and boost sales by optimizing
  • Boost profits with the customisable cart timer.

Build Custom Homepage

Create a beautiful homepage that gives you the ability to change text color and move everything around. You can change the colors of everything and you can also do it on the product pages! It’s important to create a homepage that flows with your entire store so we have given you the ability to do that and BOOST CONVERSIONS! NO OTHER THEME CAN DO THIS!

  • 100% Customizable
  • Create a homepage that flows with YOUR style
  • Build a homepage that BOOST conversions

Custom Related Products

One of the biggest conversion boosters we found when building the perfect theme was related products. But, we didn’t just create standard related products, you can customize them completely!

  • 100% Customizable
  • Explode you cart value and boost conversions
  • Offer more option to your visitors giving you more money

GEO-IP Currency Recognition

GEO-IP Recognition

It’s been proven that sales increase if the price is set to the country of the visitor. We have implemented GEO-IP Currency Recognition. Doesn’t matter what country they are from the prices will be in there currency! The theme also has a standard currency switcher!

  • Option to turn this off or on
  • Boost sales by letting your visitor shop in there currency
  • Once activated everything is automatic

Go Directly To Checkout

The less steps you have the better! Ecom Turbo has a function that lets you skip the cart and go directly to checkout. This is a big conversion booster because you send the customer straight to the buying process

  • Option to this off or onLess friction, less decisions for the visitor
  • Saves your visitor time give you bigger profits
  • Less friction, less decisions for your visitors
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Specification: Ecom Elites + Ecom Turbo Theme – Franklin Hatchett




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Ecom Elites + Ecom Turbo Theme – Franklin Hatchett
Ecom Elites + Ecom Turbo Theme – Franklin Hatchett


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