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Email Crusher – Robert Plank and Lance Tamashiro

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Email Crusher – Robert Plank and Lance Tamashiro Download. E-Mail Marketing and Listbuilding Secrets Responsible for Not Just One But TWO Six-Figure-Per-Ye…

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Unlocked and Proven for the First Time Ever!

E-Mail Marketing and Listbuilding Secrets Responsible for Not Just One But TWO Six-Figure-Per-YearBusinesses… Resulting in Instant Trac, Instant Feedback and Instant Sales

Your Business Will Never Be the Same Again…

The funny thing about marketing to your double opt-in marketing e-mails that no copywriter will tell you isthat… you don’t REALLY have to write real “ads” or have real “copywriting” in your e-mails!

From: Robert Plank & Lance Tamashiro

Date: Sunday, March 04, 2012

RE: Your Trac Problem

You can still write eective e-mail copy to get your message across to your prospects WITHOUT being careful…without knowing anything about advertising.

All you need to do is: know WHAT rules to follow, what rules not to follow, and then MODEL what works.

The best thing about e-mail marketing is the speed. You can write simple e-mails that get people to click, anddepending on the size of your list, get a ood of trac running towards whatever link you want to them to.

Any blog post of your own, your sales letter, your download page, or web page you’re promoting as an aliate…can get massive trac at any time. All you need to do is type out a very short, simple and quick e-mail and click the “send” button.

Every Successful Internet Marketer

Has A Large E-Mail List!

It’s next to impossible to get maintain any level of monthly income WITHOUT having a list, and here’s why: without a list, you start from scratch every time you launch something.

Whether you wrote a report or are promoting an aliate’s product, where are you going to get people to look at what you have to oer? Forums? Get others to mail? Pay per click?

Whatever your trac method is, you have to start from square zero every time you want trac… unless you have a list. As soon as I started placing opt-in forms on my download page after purchase and on squeeze pages, and saw the subscribers coming in, I smacked myself on the forehead and asked myself:

“Why Didn’t I Do This Sooner?”

Here’s why having an e-mail list is so important…

You get instant trac anytime you want it

The longer you’re in business, the more trac you have

The more trac you have means the more people see your oers

More oers equals more money

Having an e-mail list is crucial to your business, but how exactly are you going to build that list from the ground up? Or take your wimpy under-1000 subscriber list to 10,000 subscribers or more?

That’s where this guide — Email Crusher comes in. With it, you’ll never have a problem writing e-mails and you’ll skip over the usual e-mail mistakes I had to avoid through trial and error… you get this step by step guide so you know exactly which direction to take.

E-mail list building changed my business forever, and will change YOUR business forever.

After you’ve started mailing and relationship building on a consistent basis, your business will never return to the way it was… all the guessing and getting distracted will be removed.

The action packed “E-Mail Crusher” video series will reveal to you…

How to Build Your List, Including…

Where to Get New People on Your List, How to Keep Them on Your List, and How to Always Know What to Send to That List At ANY Given Time!

Where to get your rst e-mail autoresponder account created, and why you want to stay FAR away from free email services or even services where you have control over the list

The single BEST way to ensure you not only mail to your list every day like clockwork, but you have the rest of the day free to focus on your business or even take a vacation

Why the tried and true “old school” method of building your list has always been, and will always be the most successful, rewarding, cost-eective, fastest and most reliable way of building your list of subscribers and followers — and how you can implement this technique using an often overlooked marketing technique

Why you should avoid review copies like the PLAGUE (and what you should provide to prospects instead), plus the very important reason you should stop chasing every opportunity you see

“It’s GOLD!”

Stayed up all night watching this video and had to get up at 8am in the morning. Totally worth it.

Without a list and these skills for proting from your list, it’s virtually impossible to have a sustainable business… unlike the fat cat Google geeks who suddenly nd their website go from page 1 to page 120 when

Google makes a change, or they lose their AdWords account like thousands just did for no apparent reason.

If all you do from here on out is use the tactics from Email Crusher, then I have no doubt you’ll have a very protable business. It’s GOLD.

Jason Parker


But now that you’ve built a list and you’re mailing to it on a somewhat consistent basis…

You Will Eventually Outgrow the “Free Model” of List Building! Start with Ad Swaps and Free Reports, Then

Move to “The Next Level”

Find out why the most popular and “in style” method of building your list, although fast, is NOT the best long term strategy!

Why the viral free report is a myth, but how you can still use a free report to gather way more trac, click, subscribers, and sales than you would have without that device

The exact plan you need to separate subscribers from your buyers, that we’ve both implemented time and time again, AND taught countless others how to cut and paste their way to success

Get Your E-Mail Subscribers Eager and Happy to Read Your E-Mails Every Single Day from Today into the Next

Five Years…

Never Run into E-Mail Writer’s Block Ever Again, and Train Your List to Read and Buy from You!

We’ll give you every email to send to your subscribers. Just click the button to copy it and you can start making sales today.

Never struggle to write a subject line again and never scramble for that perfect opener… it all comes naturally to you from now on, after watching these videos

How to correctly use e-mail personalization: most marketers change their attitude about personalization over the years, but ours has never changed in over a decade… here’s how you do the way we do it

The one thing all unsuccessful email marketers send out in all their e-mails… are you one of them? Chances are, you send this in MOST if not ALL of your e-mails… but luckily, we can cure this by removing one single message at the VERY end of your e-mail…

Instant access to a step-by-step checklist to gure out if the e-mails you send are optimized for maximum readability, maximum relationship building and maximum clickthrough rates

How to keep subscribers, including the answer to that age-old question: how much content and how much selling do I put into my e-mails? The answer may surprise you!

But you need to answer the most important question of all…

“What the Heck Do I Send to My E-mail List?”

That’s where our special bonus guide comes to the rescue…

Special Bonus:

“Fifty Protable Emails to Send to Your List” PDF Report

Now that you’ve had the video training to build a protable e-mail list, get subscribers, launch products, keep your subscribers engaged, and make money… I’m going to share with you 50 of the most protable e-mails I’ve

sent to my list.

That’s right, these aren’t demo or example e-mails. These are real e-mails I’ve sent to my mailing list of subscribers. Every single one has made me hundreds of dollars in prot. I want to show you, and dissect, my best e-mails over the course of the last few years.

And the best part is: instead of giving you “fty DIFFERENT ways to market to your list” … I’ve taken it to thenext level. I’ve arranged these e-mails from the easy to write e-mails all the way to the advanced e-mails.

If you only have time to glance over one or two e-mails today, that’s ne. Those are a couple of e-mails you’ve just added to your lean, mean autoresponder trac machine. You can put as little or as much time as you want

into perusing this quick-start, 57 page guide to get the real e-mails I’ve sent to my list including:

Easy oers to send to your list: look at any sales letter whether it’s yours, an aliate oer you’re promoting, running a time limited oer, or even an oer you’ve promoted before… and know EXACTLY what your list needs

to hear, with almost zero thinking

How to launch a small product, large product, blog post, updated or old product even if you’ve never run your own product launch before: see the exact product launch sequence I use

Why personal e-mails will easily make you more likeable to your subscribers, and how you’re going to go about closing the sale before you’ve even mentioned the product, using personal e-mail replies as “follow-up bait”,

and more… again, using real live case studies to show you how I’ve successfully pulled this o

The perfect way to get your audience into question mode! When used correctly, this form of e-mail marketing gets subscribers beginning for your next product, reminds them to purchase without being a nag, and even

overcomes common objections without being too obvious about it…

Many more e-mail templates for any marketing situation including: reminders to participate, announcements for upcoming webinars and relaunches, shared testimonials and case studies, even techniques to use AFTER

the sale to ensure the next product pitch will be a smashing success

Bonus #2 – Jason Parker Email Swipe File

Jason Parker is known as the “super aliates, super aliate”. He has built a six gure a year income doing what many only dream of…

He writes provacative copy that entices people to “open, click and buy”. He has written copy and consulted for some of the biggest names and gurus online including Matt Bacak and Lee McIntyre.

You are going to get your hands on his best 30+ emails that are responsible for over $15,000.00 per month consistently…

Just copy, paste and prot

Bonus #3 – 90 Minute

Mastermind Coaching Session

Thursday January 19, 2012 at 2PM Eastern

We will be meeting with you live to answer every question you have so you can be sure that you have everything you need for your protable email campaign.

Have a product or service of your own that you want to promote? This is perfect for you. Just show up to this live training and we will personally write your emails for you, using our proven copywriting techniques.

Here’s Everything You Get

When You Make the Right Decision

To Get “Email Crusher”

Right Now…

Email Crusher Training:

List Building Secrets Revealed 2 Hours

Online Video $350.00

Email Crusher Audio:

MP3 Download 2 Hours

Streaming and Download $197.00

50 Protable Emails

Swipe File of Proven Converting Emails Downloadable PDF $197.00

Aweber Unleashed

Everything you need to manage your list 94 Minutes

Online Video $97.00

Bonus #1:

Cut and Paste Done For You Email Swipe File Available 24 hours a day $497.00

Bonus #2:

Jason Parker Swipe File 30+ Proven to Convert Aliate Emails $197.00

Bonus #3:

Mastermind Coaching Call Live QA and Write Your Emails $700.00


Normal Price Limited Time Only $2,235.00

Because you are on this page today, I want to extend an instant discount oer to you and slash the price to…

Normal Price: $2,235.00

Your Price Today Is: $97

Remember, if all this training course does is get you 2 new buyers from your list who end up paying you $50 over the course of your lifetime, then this training has paid o…

If all this training does is bring an extra 3 customers paying you $17/month for 2 months, then this training has paid o…

If all this training does is get you an extra 2 sales at $47 dollars, then this training has paid o… join right now.

And You Risk Nothing With Our Priority Money Back Guarantee!

Do you want to let 97 bucks stand between you and success? I didn’t think so.

If you don’t think your access to “Email Crusher” is the smartest marketing choice you’ve ever made…

Order Over our Secure Order Form!

YES! I want the exact strategies and email techniques used by Robert Plank and Lance Tamashiro to boost my


I understand I will be billed $97 today to receive immediate access to the Email Crusher membership site.

Email Crusher is a one time payment membership site. You will need the Adobe Flash plugin installed (free and included with most browsers), or a video player capable of playing WMV les if you want to watch the videos oine.

After signing up, your account will be instantly activated and you will have access to the rst of the training videos in the next few minutes.

And You Risk Nothing With Our Priority Money Back Guarantee!

Remember, you have a full 30 days to decide if this membership is right for you. If for any reason you feel like the Email Crusher videos isn’t worth 10 times what you paid, contact me and I will quietly and promptly refund every penny of your investment

Since we have a lot of courses in stock, if you cannot find your favorite course, please let us know. To search for other courses and discounts available, let's have a conversation! What are you waiting for?

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