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Evercoach-Ajit Nawalkha-First Serve – Ajit Nawalkha Download. Shave Weeks Off the Trial & Error Phase with “First: Serve” — Your Blueprint with 9 Specific …

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Who else wants to consistently generate leads & revenue as a coach, speaker or author?

Shave Weeks Off the Trial & Error Phase with “First: Serve” — Your Blueprint with 9 Specific Proven Systems to Get More Leads, More Clients & Earn Consistent Income while Powerfully Serving Your Clients

Convert the time you normally spend hustling to get clients into time spent doing what you love most — coaching and creating impact — with these 9 proven systems developed by Mindvalley & Evercoach to consistently serve your clients and scale your business,revenue & impact.

As a coach, speaker, author or an expert in transformational education, have you ever woken up in the morning (or in the middle of the night) feeling heavy with thoughts like:

  • If only I could generate more leads…
  • If only I had more calls booked with hot prospects…
  • If only more visitors came to my website…
  • If only I could consistently enroll more clients in my one-on-one coaching…
  • If only I was able to effortlessly create valuable content which is liked and shared…
  • If only I had more clients to coach and create the impact I’m truly capable of…
  • If only I could consistently generate sales & revenue…
  • And… if only I knew how to achieve all of the above, without stress or overwhelm, while living the lifestyle I dream of.

If you have experienced this and wish you knew how to turn these “If only’s” into “I did it!”...

Then the contents of this page is going to be one of the most exciting turning points of your life. Here’s why.

You are just a few minutes away from accessing the strategies and systems which have generated millions upon millions in sales for legendary brands, as well as built leading transformational education companies that positively changed millions of lives worldwide.

Imagine waking up everyday with a clear direction of what to do for your business and an unshakeable confidence of how to do it, and then going to bed every night feeling accomplished and fulfilled

Let’s take a moment to visualize how your business and life would be like if you:

  • Knew exactly how to create engaging content your audience loves — from articles to videos and podcasts — without ever feeling paralyzed by fear, doubt, anxiety, procrastination, or writer’s block;
  • Knew exactly what to say to sign up a client, close a transaction, or make a sale on any platform, whether it’s at a workshop, during a webinar, on a sales call, on stage, or in-person.
  • Never had to guess whether your strategy, idea, or sales copy is good enough, because you have a proven template to guide you into creating quality materials with high conversion rates;
  • Had systems which automatically generate quality leads for your business, even while you sleep;
  • Were consistently generating high revenue — week after week, month after month — and never have to worry about the “feast or famine” cycle ever again;
  • Enjoyed the income and business freedom to live the your dream lifestyle, whether that’s traveling, pursuing hobbies, spending time with loved ones, and so on;
  • Finally feel like you’ve released your true potential because you’re no longer held back by not having the right knowledge, tools, or experience;
  • Created impact far beyond what you ever imagined possible, and never again suffer self-doubt where you consider quitting and falling back to a “regular” job.

Wouldn’t it feel great if all this can be your reality? Well, the fact is…

You can live this reality, much much sooner than you think.

Because by the end of this page, you’ll have access to the exact same strategies and templates that have helped companies like Mindvalley and Evercoach consistently generate millions of revenue and impact millions of people.

I want you to have the proven systems & strategies behind the success of Mindvalley, Evercoach & other wildly successful
coaching businesses

Hi, my name is Ajit Nawalkha, and I’m the co-founder of Mindvalley and Evercoach.

Let me tell you a bit about my journey to discover the proven systems & strategies which has helped grow multiple businesses across numerous industries.

In December 2008, I joined Mindvalley as an intern and was part of Mindvalley’s growth to become the largest company in transformative education — without venture capital, crowdfunding, or loans.

While working with this phenomenal brand in the background and moving up to hold the positions of CMO and CEO of the company, we co-created some of the most powerful products which were communicated with the most effective strategies to our potential clients.

Here are just some of the results we achieved for Mindvalley using these systems & strategies:

  • Grew the revenue of the of a single product website by 120% in 18 months.
  • Created growth rate of 30% -300% in different verticals and other companies we started.
  • Catapulted Mindvalley from another personal development company to a movement that inspires millions.

It was time for me to test these systems & strategies beyond Mindvalley.

With a drive and passion for serving others, I created several companies on the side — including a private coaching practice.

Through my own businesses and private coaching practice, I put the systems & strategies to the test and found:

  • It’s proven to work across several industries
  • It’s easy to replicate and adapt to create six-figure revenue in the coaching or speaking space.

Take a look at some of the results we generated by implementing these systems & strategies in the coaching space:

  • While using a mix of these systems, one coaching company increased their prices by 30% and doubled their revenue collected at their events by 50%.
  • We launched a new vertical generating six figures by a new face in the personal development space.

After selling my successful companies to Mindvalley, I became co-founder of Mindvalley. Now, I play a key role in helping other coaches build their businesses and move humanity forward.

In my journey, I had the privilege of learning from some of the world’s most amazing coaches who really helped me step up my game and raise my level of success, year after year.

Realizing the value of coaches, I created Evercoach in 2015.

Evercoach’s mission was to help as many coaches as possible deliver their message and impact to the world.

To fulfill Evercoach’s mission, I further refined these strategies into executable, easy-to-follow templates and applied it to grow Evercoach.

The results were phenomenal.

In less than 18 months, we built a wildly successful and formidable brand. Evercoach was now working alongside legendary coaches, such as Lisa Nichols, Michael Neill, Rich Litvin, Christina Berkley, Jason Goldberg, Christine Hassler and many more.

Our subscribers grew at an astounding rate:

  • Dec 2015 – 50,000 subscribers
  • Dec 2016 – 90,000 subscribers
  • Aug 2017 – 114,000 subscribers

I also used these same systems & strategies to grow my own private coaching business, and they too experienced phenomenal results in more ways than one.

After getting consistent results with these systems & strategies across multiple businesses in Mindvalley, Evercoach, and many of my private clients… it was clear this was no fluke.

These are systems that any new or seasoned coach, speaker or author can replicate to build wildly successful brands, consistently generate leads and sales, and increase their impact.

I knew I couldn’t keep these systems & strategies away from everyone who needs it.

For the core mission of our work at Mindvalley, the reason we built Evercoach; is to make sure you have the best education — so together — we can influence the world in a positive way.

Also, I believe in what you do as a coach, speaker or author. I believe the message you have to share can create impact the world needs. So that’s why I’ve distilled the 9 best strategies to reveal them to you today.

Spoiler Alert: I’m also gonna give you step-by-step templates we developed to execute each one of these 9 strategies — templates which took over 8 years of rigorous real-world testing to refine and perfect so that any coach, speaker or author can immediately use them to execute and get consistent results.

We have developed these 9 proven strategies into easy-to-follow executable templates so you can replicate the
same success

Let’s make one thing clear.

What I’m about to reveal is NOT just another swipe file or things to copy from someone else.

You see, swipe files are like ordering a birthday cake from the store. And the only thing you can customize is the name you write on the cake.

Templated strategies are like having the recipe… PLUS you also understand how the ingredients work together.

By simply following the recipe, step-by-step, you are guaranteed to get consistent results. But because you also understand how the ingredients work together, you can customize the cake any way you want to suit your preferences and needs.

You could add your favorite flavor. Make it bigger. Make it smaller. Use gluten-free substitutes. Decorate it with any icing color.

In other words, you can customize the recipe any way you like and still get consistent results.

And that’s the real beauty of these 9 templated strategies I’m about to share with you.

The freedom to customize these 9 templated strategies without diminishing results is the key reason they’re not just another ordinary swipe file resource.

Instead, you’ll have everything you need to build a successful coaching, training or education business that is 100% congruent with every aspect of YOU — your message, your mission, your energy, your body, your soul.

These 9 templated strategies are timeless and limitless because they first and foremost SERVE your audience.

As a coach, speaker or author, our primary role is to SERVE people.

That’s why these strategies were built to SERVE your audience first. Because great service inevitably leads to phenomenal results for everyone.

So it’s no surprise these strategies have consistently brought in results for countless brands and people across many different niches.

They are timeless and limitless. They’re not a fad. They’re not a get-rich-scheme. They’re not something that only works for some people but not for others.

Developed and refined on the foundation to first SERVE your audience and create an incredible experience for them, you too can get consistent results from each one of these 9 templated strategies for your:


And the best part? You don’t have to do ALL of them. I don’t want to overwhelm you.

That’s why I’ve designed a course that makes it flexible for you to choose the strategy you are most comfortable and aligned with.

It doesn’t matter which strategy you run with. Each strategy is as powerful as each other. Each one can deliver transformative results on its own.

This means you call the shots on which strategy you want to execute, when you need it, to grow your business and impact — launch after launch, year after year, time after time.

Are you excited to get started? Then let’s dive in to find out more.

What You’ll Learn

Introducing “First: Serve” with Ajit Nawalkha

Here are 9 powerful breakthroughs you’ll experience in this course:

Psychology shifts built for success.

The unique and essential aspect of this course is that it starts with training your mindset in order to serve your audience across everything you do fully. You’ll get strategies on how to shift your psychology around sales and content, so that when you deliver experiences, it feels so natural to you and powerful for your audience, that it generates consistent results.

9 proven strategies with templates, case studies & training on how to execute them.

I don’t just tell you about the strategy and then leave you to figure out how to implement it on your own. I’m also giving you templates you can immediately take to execution. I’ll walk you through real-life case studies to show you how and why each element of the template works. And I’ll train you on how you can adapt and execute it for your business.

Generate more leads consistently.

Getting more leads or prospects no longer has to be a nerve-wracking or time-consuming task. We have done all the thinking and testing for you, so you can simply follow through the step-by-step templates to generate leads as easy and enjoyable as a stroll in the park. Even better, most of these strategies can be automated to generate leads even while you sleep!

Accelerated results.

Each one of these 9 strategies has been tested and refined over 8 years across countless businesses and niches. We’ve invested all the money and time into developing this and learned from all possible mistakes so you can enjoy a proven system that delivers accelerated results.

Explode with exciting ideas by learning from the best.

I’m not just sharing the best learnings and experiences from my experience with Mindvalley and Evercoach. I’ve also invited some of the very best industry leaders so you can learn from experts like Neeta Bhushan, Christine Hassler & Lisa Nichols to spur your creativity and leave you exploding with exciting ideas you can execute on.

Step into your highest potential to serve.

These templated strategies are not rigid and they’re not swipe files. You will not be confined to a box or be imitating someone else. It is designed to give you the freedom and creativity to adapt to your style, so you can truly step into your highest potential to serve.

Expand your impact and fulfillment.

It almost goes without saying — when you can consistently generate more leads, achieve accelerated results, unleash creativity, and step into your highest potential to serve, you’ll expand your impact and fulfillment.

Get in your genius zone and have fun.

Here’s a fact. When you’re operating from a space of first serving your audience, when you’re tapping into your creativity, and when you know exactly what to say and do to execute and get consistent results — you’re shifting your entire being to operate from your genius zone. And this is deliriously SO much fun.

Unlock the freedom to live your best life.

You don’t have to be chained to your desk 12 hours a day to make these strategies work. These strategies help you design a business that achieves your financial goals and gives you the lifestyle freedom you desire. Spend more time with your loved ones. Strike off your bucket list. Create more impact through philanthropic works. And passionately pursue every other way your heart and soul want to soar.

Here’s exactly what you’ll experience in the 14-module guided training video course,
“First: Serve”

Module 1: New Age of Marketing

  • Understand the evolution of marketing and how it applies to your business
  • Understand the psychological “push and pull” differences of old ways of marketing versus new strategies, and the resulting impact you can create
  • Learn the common factor and timeless principle to be successful in any marketing era
  • Find out how you can leverage the internet to create more influence and impact
  • Adopt THIS mindset to consistently show up and serve your audience powerfully

Module 2: The Mindset for Creating Powerful Content

  • Break the myth that authority is an external process based on how others perceive your successes
  • Discover one powerful mindset successful legends use to reframe how you see yourself and claim your authority
  • Adopt the psychological shifts to reduce panic, overwhelm, paralysis or procrastination when it comes to creating content for your blog, videos, webinar, events or workshops
  • Eliminate false beliefs which create self-doubt and fear that you’re not good enough and the key mindset to adopt instead to continually grow your business and impact
  • Master the stress-free trick to create more content across more platforms in less time (while multiplying the number of people you can reach and serve)

Module 3: The Mindset for Making Consistent Sales

  • Learn how to powerfully show up for and serve others in any sales phone call, conversation, presentation or workshop
  • Psychological shifts to eliminate fear and anxiety around sales, and create the highest impact of your potential
  • 3 case studies of how clients adopted strategies to overcome their fear around sales and get consistent results
  • Tool #1: The “Tight String Theory” to build up confidence which directly correlates with your results and impact
  • Tool #2 with expert guest Dr. Neeta Bhushan: “Circle of Excellence” audio exercise to create unshakeable confidence in everything you do

Module 4: Psychological Triggers 101

  • Discover the timeless psychological triggers that feel 100% aligned with who you are to get more leads, generate sales and create more impact
  • Psychological Trigger #1: How to create a greater experience for your audience which rewards you back
  • Psychological Trigger #2: How to create excitement and demand for high-end products and services
  • Psychological Trigger #3: How to position yourself to boost sales and revenue
  • Psychological Trigger #4: How to gain the trust of your intended audience to generate new leads and sales
  • Psychological Trigger #5: How to extend the consumer journey and experience with you, and increase customer lifetime value

Module 5: System #1 – Written Content

  • Psychological insights on how to write for different platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook and blogs
  • Targeted tips on how to write compelling posts on LinkedIn, Facebook and blogs for maximum shareability
  • Template #1: Proven winning formula to write for LinkedIn, PLUS bonus case study examples
  • Template #2, #3, #4, #5: Four different proven formulas to write Facebook posts to suit your personal style and purpose
  • Template #6: A 6-part template you can easily follow to write an engaging blog post with valuable content

Module 6: System #2 – Video Content

  • The different purposes of long-form and short-form video, and when you should use each one
  • How to research and find relevant content your audience is interested in to cover in your video
  • Template #1: How to create engaging long-form “How To” videos
  • Template #2: How to create powerful long-form “Story” videos
  • Template #3: 2-step formula that can be used to create 3 types of short-form videos, PLUS bonus case study examples

Module 7: System #3 – Landing Page

  • Psychological insights on how and why landing pages work
  • How to integrate landing pages into your business to automatically generate leads and sales
  • Template #1: An 8-part template you can easily follow to write a strong landing page with high conversions to consistently generate leads
  • Bonus tips on how to write compelling bullet points which communicate an irresistible value to your readers
  • Case studies and analysis of the best converting landing pages used by Evercoach and Mindvalley

Module 8: System #4 – Sales Letter

  • Psychological insights on how and why sales pages work
  • Template #1: A 21-part template you can easily follow to write a solid sales page with high conversions to consistently create sales
  • Detailed explanation of each one of the 21 components so you’ll understand why it works and how to adapt it to your voice and business
  • Case studies and analysis of the best converting sales pages used by Evercoach
  • Bonus worksheet with Guiding Questions to help you create the best angle for your sales page

Module 9: System #5 – Webinars

  • Psychological insights on how and why sales pages work
  • Template #1: A 24-part template you can easily follow to deliver a transformative webinar with high engagement and conversions to consistently create sales
  • Detailed explanation of each one of the 24 components so you’ll understand why it works and how to adapt it to your voice and business
  • Case studies and analysis of the best converting webinars used by Evercoach
  • Bonus worksheet with Guiding Questions to help you create the best angle for your webinar

Module 10: System #6 – Creating Free Giveaways

  • Psychological insights on how and why free giveaways work
  • How to choose the right content for your free giveaways
  • The 2 different types of free giveaways and when to use each one
  • Template #1: A template you can easily follow to create the 2 different types of free giveaways and deliver “wow” value to your audience
  • Detailed explanation of each section of the template so you’ll understand why it works and how to adapt it to your voice and business
  • Case studies and analysis of the most popular free giveaways used by Evercoach

Module 11: System #7 – One-on-One Conversations that Convert

  • Psychological insights on how and why one-on-one conversations work
  • How to create a compelling invitation and pre-qualify a prospect to have a one-on-one conversation with you
  • 2 one-on-one conversation templates so you can choose the style you’re most comfortable with
  • Template #1: A 3-part sales call template you can easily follow to engage a hot lead, without ever being unsure of what to say
  • Template #2: A 12-part sales call template you can easily follow to engage with prospects who may have many objections and how to address each objection

Module 12: System #8 – Mini Events, Workshops, Masterminds & Talks

  • Psychological insights on how and why mini events, workshops, masterminds, and talks work
  • How to create an event that converts with these pre-qualifying strategies
  • Template #1: A 4-part template you can easily follow to create a transformative experience that powerfully serves your audience
  • How to structure the content and exercises of your mini events, workshops, masterminds, and talks to showcase the value you can deliver
  • How to powerfully close with a compelling call-to-action and generate sales

Module 13: System #9 – Podcasts

  • Psychological insights on how and why audio or video podcasts work
  • Expert guest Christine Hassler, author, life coach and speaker, shares her top secrets on how she built one of the top personal development podcasts which generates consistent business
  • Template #1: How to structure your podcast and the important details to make it engaging, educational, and transformational

Module 14: Identifying and Creating Engaging Content

  • How to identify content that can be used in any of the 9 strategies which will create a bond between you and your audience
  • Guided worksheet on how to generate ideas fo
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