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Locker Room Training – Brian Carruthers Download. In This Brand NEW Training, You’ll Discover The Exact System Brian Carruthers Has Developed To Create a M…

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Attention: Network Marketing Professional. You’re about to discover how to…

“Recruit MORE People Into Your Network Marketing Business, FASTER THAN EVER BEFORE – 100% Guaranteed!”

In This Brand NEW Training, You’ll Discover The Exact System Brian Carruthers Has Developed To Create a Multi-Million Dollar Income Year After Year (Like Clockwork) In His Network Marketing Business!

From: The Desk Of Brian Carruthers

Location: Leesburg, VA

Dear Network Marketing Friend,

If you’ve been struggling to recruit people into your network marketing business and it seems like you’re getting nowhere… 

If you’re getting burned out on calling leads that have no interest in your business… then you’re on the right page…

If you feel like you’re wasting your money and time on “trying” to build your network marketing business… then keep reading. 

What I’m about to share with you is something that will DRAMATICALLY BOOST your network marketing career.

I can say this with total confidence because I’ve personally used what I’m about to share with you to RECRUIT OVER 1,450 people into my network marketing business over the last decade and BUILD AN EMPIRE! 

And, I still use this system to this very day to consistently drive fresh new prospects into my business and transform them into leaders to grow my empire. You’re about to be able to do the same in your network marketing business.

Before we go into the details of my SYSTEM and how I can help you, we’ll first need to take a look at…

“The Real Reason 95% of All Network Marketers Get Frustrated, Have No Results, and Quit This Business”

This has NOTHING to do with “the latest GURU training,” having charisma, or some secret sponsoring formula … not at all!

The world as you’ve known it is about to change, not for everyone, mind you, but for those who harness the power of what I’m about to share with you. 

Your network marketing business will never be the same again.

I have a question for you…

Can you imagine a life of complete and utter freedom? You work for no one, you’re the owner of your own business, you earn income from the efforts of an army of others, you call your own shots, you have no ceiling on what you can earn and you make a living while making a difference! 

Show me another way in which I can have fun, make money, and help others (all at the same time) and I’m right behind you. 

I’ve never found a better way than through network marketing. This business is your key to freedom and I’m going to show you how to FINALLY make that happen for yourself and your team.

I want to start off by saying I’m NOT some “network marketing” training guru who’s teaching things they did a couple years ago and had some moderate success in their company.

Most of today’s so called “gurus” are not even in network marketing anymore. They’re more concerned with SELLING YOU their stuff and not so concerned with if it really works in today’s network marketing landscape.

It’s nice to “talk about” theory, but there’s a difference when you actually walk the walk day in and day out. To this very day I’m still building my empire with the same company that I’ve been with for well over a decade.

I’m about to take you inside my world and show you what it REALLY takes to create a fortune in this industry

In order for this to happen in your network marketing business, you want to have a proven, time-tested system for working your business. 

I’ll reveal more on my system for you in just a couple minutes… you’re going to love it!

“Where This SYSTEM Came From and 

How It Was Developed

This just might SHOCK YOU, because it’s NOT something I “magically” stumbled upon…

I’m so excited for you because you’re in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME

I wish I had someone who was extremely successful in the network marketing industry share everything with me — along with the EXACT steps I needed to take in order to make this business happen.

That was not the case when I first started out in the network marketing industry. 

What it took for me to create this system was consistently working in the field for the last 20 years proving my methods worked and got RESULTS.

But most importantly, making sure this system I developed was COMPLETELY DUPLICATABLE so that my team could teach their team and the business would grow without me having to do all the work myself. Well, it did and it’s become amazing — beyond my wildest dreams.

What you’re about to discover is NOT hype or theory, but “real world (in the field) experience.”

I know what works and what it takes to BUILD AN EMPIRE and grow a large and successful network marketing business (and you soon will too). 

I’ve done it — and continue to do it to this very day. That’s WHY I’m more than qualified to train on this topic and lead you to the promise-land of network marketing success.

I’m here to share with you how to completely CRUSH IT in your network marketing business using my NEW Locker Room Training SYSTEM.

Up until now only the leaders on my team were able to get access to this TOP GUN training. This information was not publicly available until now (and I’m NOT sure how long I’ll keep this open, so keep reading).

I’m excited to share with you my NEW Locker Room Training system but before I do, take a quick look at what people are saying about my books and trainings for network marketing professionals…

“Completely TRANSFORM The Way You BUILD YOUR Network Marketing Business!”


In order for you to become a master at network marketing and recruiting more people into your business, there are certain skill sets that you want to develop and get really good at.

I’ve broken these down into easy to consume modules. You can now take in the information on a specific skill set and start to apply it right away. Just imagine immediate results after listening to and applying Module #1… and then again with each new module.

Picture what your business is going to look like once you’ve started using this PROVEN SYSTEM for Network Marketing Success.

Let me walk you through these 5 modules. You’re going to love it!

It all starts with this first module…

MODULE #1: The Foundation for Success!

In this first module we’ll lay the foundation forwhat it takes to get started in this business the right way. You’ll discover:

  • Why this business is unlike any other business on the planet and how you can really achieve complete financial freedom from it — regardless of your background.
  • How to create your five-year retirement plan so that five years from today your life is completely different and you never have to worry about money again.
  • The cultivation process and how you can use this to dramatically grow your network marketing business by leaps and bounds each month without any extra work on your part.
  • The Fight Club Mindset — How to use leverage to completely transform your life and business for the better, while having the people close to you be in amazement at your growth.
  • The ONE KEY Factor that will determine your success inside or outside of network marketing. Without doing this one thing and getting crystal clear about it, your chances of success are little to none.
  • Learn to say this ONE WORD to yourself and you’ll become unstoppable in your network marketing business. Your business will accelerate faster than you ever thought possible. 
  • The ONE THREE-LETTER WORD in your vocabulary that’s PREVENTING you from MASSIVE SUCCESS in all areas of your life. STOP using this word and your life will INSTANTLY change for the better and you’ll see your business start taking off like a rocket! 
  • The SUCCESS CYCLE and how to make it work for you (STARTING TODAY) so that you can create total freedom in your life and live it on your terms.
  • The Compound Effect — Use this formula to dramatically scale your network marketing business faster (and more consistently) than anything you’ve ever done before.
  • The FOUR-STEP FORMULA for creating duplication in your network marketing business so that your team starts growing FAST without you having to manage or babysit them.
  • The GOALS Process — How to systematically create your goals so that you hit them every single time with complete and utter confidence in your ability to make things happenin your life.
  • The GOAL CRUSHER and how to RIP IT OUT OF YOUR LIFE so that it NEVER stops you again from achieving your goals and dreams for yourself and your family.
  • The simple truth about this great industry of network marketing and how you might be SHOCKED at just how close you are to succeeding in it.
  • The definition of RECRUITING and how most network marketers get this all wrong and wonder why they continue to struggle in their business. Once you know this you’ll never look at recruiting the same again — I promise you.
  • The most common mistake I see from new people entering this business and how you can avoid it altogether, while at the same time SAVING YOURSELF a great deal of time and frustration.
  • Why SELLING in this business will completely keep you SMALL and BROKE. 
  • What people are REALLY BUYING and how to give it to them without it costing you one penny. Once you start using this strategy in your network marketing business, you won’t be able to stop the amount of fresh new prospects joining your team. 
  • How to become so confident in your network marketing business that you’re able to attract high quality people to your team easily and effortlessly.
  • And So Much More…

Let’s take a look at what’s in the next module for you…

MODULE #2: Becoming A Recruiting PRO!

In this second module, we’ll look at becoming a RECRUITING PRO. We’ll cover things like:

  • ONE of the KEY factors that allowed me to personally recruit over 1,450 people into my network marketing business and how implementing this into your process will INSTANTLY BOOST your conversion rate overnight.
  • You’ll learn my SIMPLE little process for dynamically tailoring the conversation with the prospect to peak their interest in your business. This method will completely increase your YES RATE at them taking a serious look at what you’re doing.
  • How to enter the conversation with your prospect so that they’re always leaning in a little closer when you’re talking with them. Using this technique will constantly bring excitement and enthusiasm to your conversations. 
  • The SIX-STEP SYSTEM for becoming a master prospector and generating a constant stream of new people coming into your network marketing business who are excited and ready to go to work.
  • How to create the perfect marriage between high tech and high touch using the latest marketing tools and personal communication with your prospect so you recruit more people into your business in less time.
  • The insider secret of how AOL came out of nowhere and completely dominated their marketplace at the time to become one of the fastest growing companies. I use this same model to this day to consistently recruit a minimum of ten people a month into my business. I’ll explain exactly how YOU CAN TOO.
  • How to create the RECRUITING MINDSET so you’re constantly talking to fresh new people about your opportunity WITHOUT any fear, stress, or anxiety.
  • The LITTE SECRET no one talks about in this industry, but is the KEY to creating a SOLID and CONSISTENT residual income in your network marketing business.
  • The TWO-A-DAY rule and how to create a consistent cash-flow coming in day after day, like clockwork, while at the same time WORKING SMARTER than 90% of most network marketers.
  • How to EFFECTIVELY use tools and events in your business to drive growth and lower dropout rates so you can hit the TOP RANK in your company pay plan — FAST!
  • How to PRE-FRAME your prospect so you get MORE YESES and sign ups — FASTER.
  • The 30-day story strategy and how you can completely CREATE A NEW YOU in this business within the next 30 days, regardless of how long you’ve been with your company.
  • The SHORTCUT to generating a solid SIX-FIGURE income in your network marketing business, even if you’re brand new and don’t have your own story yet.
  • The MAIN FACTOR to crafting your story so that it grabs your prospects’ attention and has them glued to your every word. Using this ONE strategy when crafting your story will send your recruiting sign ups through the roof.
  • The TWO WORDS you always want your prospects to say when listening to you tell your story. Once they say these two little words to themselves, they’re READY to join your business.
  • Your business lives and dies with prospects and I’ll show you how to consistently KEEP YOUR FUNNEL FULL so that you never run out of people to talk to about your business.
  • The 4 WORDS to use when a prospect says NO, that could end up making you a SMALL FORTUNE.
  • How to CORRECTLY use SOCIAL MEDIA in your network marketing business to recruit more people WITHOUT being pushy or coming off like a bad sales person.
  • How to mine the contacts of everyone you meet so that you never end up with a blank calendar and no appointments. Using this ONE STRATEGY alone will create ENDLESS REFERRALS for your network marketing business.
  • How to QUICKLY and EASILY work cold market leads and have more people looking at your business then the average network marketer. Using this “GAP” method puts you head and shoulders above your competition. 
  • The ONE THING you must do right after you talk with your prospect for the first time. Not doing this step is WHY you’re not signing people up into your network marketing business.
  • The EXACT PHRASE to say to your prospect when you’re calling them back when you first get on the phone. Using this one phrase will put you in complete control of the call while at the same time allowing your prospect to feel comfortable with you and open up.
  • The REJECTION FREE method to opening your prospect’s mind first before showing them your business. Using this method allows you to find out if they’re open to looking at something without them rejecting you.
  • The #1 RULE when prospecting that will cause you to NOT go on the emotional roller coaster so that you’re never nervous about picking up the phone again. 
  • The THREE THINGS you must be in order to become a RECRUITING PRO. I’ll reveal exactly what they are and how you can model them for unlimited success in your network marketing business.
  • The ONE SUREFIRE WAY to get your prospect to gladly give you their phone numberand be looking forward to your next call together.
  • And So Much More…

We’re just getting started now. Let’s take a look at what we’ll cover in the next module…

MODULE #3: Exposing Your Business 

In this third module, I want to share with you how to EXPOSE YOUR BUSINESS like a pro. This is where we start to dive deep into attracting high quality people. You’ll learn:

  • How to get your prospect’s attention FAST and have them see you as an authority so that you’re always the one controlling the call. Doing this ONE THING will dramatically BOOST your YES factor when asking your prospect to take action.
  • Exposing your business and having people take action does not happen by chance. You’ll learn how to engineer each exposure so that your prospects are literally chasing you to get into your business.
  • What to do when your prospect is not taking you seriously and how to turn it around so they start moving forward in your funnel. 
  • Hunting vs. fishing and how NOT KNOWING the difference is costing you a fortune in your network marketing business in new sign ups.
  • The #1 THING you must remember when exposing your business to new people. This is where most network marketing professionals drop the ball and wonder why they’re not signing up people every day.
  • How to craft your 30-second story so you can DOUBLE the amount of exposures and have more people truly interested in looking at your network marketing opportunity.
  • The ONE THING you must do if you’re currently STRUGGLING to build your businessand you’ve had NO SUCCESS YET. Doing this ONE THING will allow you to have the confidence to expose your business to more people, faster than ever before. 
  • How to CONNECT with people quickly when exposing your business so they’ll listen to every word you’re saying. Knowing this one little trick is the foundation to getting more YESES.
  • The THREE-STEP FORMULA for instantly connecting with your prospect and taking the conversation deeper so that you stand out from everyone else in their mind.
  • The #1 QUESTION to ask people when talking about their job and how to ask it so that it OPENS the conversation without offending them.
  • The FASTEST WAY to RECRUIT multiple people in a single day. This is the exact strategy I used (and still do) to recruit 13 people in one day.
  • What to do when they say NO and how using this method can create a fortune for you (and them). Everything changes in life and just because someone says no today, doesn’t mean no for good. I’ll share with you my 13-year prospecting story — you’ll love this.
  • How to act when talking with your prospect and making exposures. This is not… “fake it till you make it” nonsense. This is THE KEY to people taking you seriously and looking at you in a positive light. 
  • The #1 THING you must do when closing your prospect to action. Without using this strategy, you’ll always be struggling to bring people into your network marketing business.
  • Why you MUST use Three-Way calls every time regardless of how long you’ve been doing the business. I’ll show you how to use them the RIGHT WAY and skyrocket your signup rates.
  • The Three-Way call triangle of trust and how you and your team can start using it today to BOOST sign up rates and build your empire FAST.
  • The ONE THING you must do FIRST when bringing on a new person into your business. You only get one shot at this and it will make or break your new person’s chances of success with you and your team. 
  • The TWO THINGS you must do when exposing your business or products for the first time. Do this right and watch the signups and product sales start flooding in quickly.
  • Why YOU HAVE THE POWER and how to act like it so that your prospects are chasing you down to get access into your network marketing business.
  • Working On Your Business vs. Working In Your Business. What the difference is and why most network marketers get this wrong and have little to no success in this industry.
  • The ONE SUCCESS KEY that the TOP LEADERS don’t want you to know about. I’ll share this WITH YOU so you can start “rising up” through the ranks in your company. 
  • SORTING vs. CONVINCING and how knowing the difference will allow you to start attracting people who are serious about YOUR business. Now you’ll have a team of real players and this is where it starts to get FUN.
  • How to SPEND LESS TIME with MORE PEOPLE and consistently expose your network marketing business so that you’re always growing your check.
  • It’s all about IPA and why you want to invest 75% of your time doing this in your network marketing business. This activity is the single BIGGEST FACTOR to my 8-figure income.
  • And So Much More…

OK, we talked about setting up your foundation, becoming a prospecting pro and how to start exposing your business. Now, in the next module we’ll dive into…

MODULE #4: Becoming A Leader

In the fourth module we’ll look at an area not everyone is talking about … becoming a Leader. Here we’ll cover things like:

  • The MAGIC of having a lot of people making money in their business. There’s a small dollar amount that once YOUR PEOPLE hit this number, your residual income becomes rock solid.
  • Why some people make six-figures a year and some make SIX-FIGURES A MONTH. I call this “getting off the elevator” and when you see it, you’ll have an “aha moment” — I promise.
  • The Time Management Quadrant for network marketing professionals and how to use this to grow your team and income faster than ever before. WITHOUT this strategy of managing your time, you’re dead in the water and will never reach your destination.
  • How to SQUEEZE every drop of juice out of your day so that you’re more productive, have less stress and anxiety while building your network marketing business.
  • The #1 THING you must do as a leader when working with your brand new people. This will ensure they get started on the right path in the business and have the GREATEST chance of success with it.
  • How to OVERCOME OBJECTIONS and become a master at it. Knowing this skill is critical to the lifeblood of your business. From people you talk with, to new team members, this is one skill you must learn.
  • Taking Inventory KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) — Know exactly where your business is at all times. This way you’re not flying blind and know exactly the stats of your business in real time.
  • Your #1 GOAL in this business (hint: it’s not about you) and why you want to work yourself toward the back of the room and let others take the spotlight. This is the path to true passive income and helping others achieve their dreams.
  • The fastest way to kill your team and completely destroy your reputation and ultimately your network marketing career. You’ll learn how to avoid this so it doesn’t happen to you.
  • What to do the very FIRST WEEK you sponsor a new person onto your team. This will ensure their success in this business without a doubt.
  • Five KPI Benchmarks you must constantly monitor if you want you and your team to have MASSIVE SUCCESS within the next 90 days in your network marketing business.
  • How to create YOUR LEADERSHIP CIRCLE so that your team is growing without you always being there doing all the work. Use this strategy and watch your team start to develop leaders FAST. 
  • Use GPI’s (Game Plan Interviews) to help your team members hit their next rank levels in the company. You'”
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