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Make 2D and 3D Graphs in Python with Matplotlib for Beginners – Mammoth Interactive, John Bura

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Make 2D and 3D Graphs in Python with Matplotlib for Beginners – Mammoth Interactive, John Bura Download. We apply our knowledge to build a fully functional…

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Do you want to learn how to visualize data? Enroll in this course to learn how to do so directly in code. This course is suitable for coding beginners because we begin with a complete introduction to coding. Then we delve deep into using Matplotlib, a Python 2D plotting library.

In Part 1, you learn how to use Python, a popular coding language used for websites like YouTube and Instagram. You learn the basics of programming, including topics like variables, functions, and if statements. You learn about data structures such as lists, dictionaries, and sets. We cover how to use for and while loops, how to handle user input and output, file input and output.

We apply our knowledge to build a fully functional tic-tac-toe game. You learn classes, methods, attributes, instancing, and class inheritance. We make an additional Blackjack game! You learn how to solve errors that can occur when you work as a programmer.

In Part 2, you take your Python knowledge and apply it to Matplotlib. We go over many cool features of Matplotlib that we can use for data visualization. We show you how to make line plots, scatter plots, candlestick plots. You learn how to customize the visuals of your graph and to add text and annotate graphs. And much more!

Who is the target audience?

  • Absolute beginners who want to learn to code for the web in the popular Python programming language.
  • Beginners who want to learn how to use data science to make graphs.

What Will I Learn?

  • Code in the Python 3.5 programming language.
  • Make games with Python.
  • Create basic line and scatter plots with Matplotlib 1.5.
  • Read finance data directly from Yahoo.
  • Customise our graphs with visuals, a title, labels, text and a legend.
  • Recognize types of visualization: histograms, pie charts, and box and whisker plots.
  • Make candlestick plots.
  • Understand figures and subplots.
  • Perform in-depth customization of plot structure
  • Understand basic 3D plotting.
  • 27 hours on-demand video


  • Download Anaconda 4.2.0, the free data science platform by Continuum, which contains Python 3.5.2 and Matplotlib.
  • Otherwise, you can download and install Python 3.5.2 and Matplotlib for free online.
  • Topics involve intermediate math, so familiarity with university-level math is very helpful.

Why Choose Mammoth Interactive?

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Course Curriculum


  • Course Trailer! (0:23)
  • Join our Forum
  • Introduction to Python (2:07)

00. Basics of Programming

  • 00-01. Variables (23:46)
  • 00-02. Functions (28:29)
  • 00-03. ifStatements (32:19)

01. Lists

  • 01-01. Introduction to Lists (31:03)

02. Loops

  • 02-01. Introduction to and Examples of using Loops (39:03)
  • 02-02 Getting familiar with while Loops (30:19)
  • 02-03 Breaking and Continuing in Loops (30:55)
  • 02-04 Making Shapes with Loops (16:28)
  • 02-05. Nested Loops and Printing a Tic-Tac-Toe field (37:49)

03. Sets and Dictionaries

  • 03-02 An Example for an Invetory List (27:16)
  • 03-01 Understanding Sets and Dictionaries (25:58)

04. Input and Output

  • 04-01 Introduction and Implementation of Input and Output (38:46)
  • 04-02 Introduction to and Integrating File Input and Output (43:17)
  • 04-03 An example for a Tic-Tac-Toe Game (38:09)
  • 04-04 An example of a Tic-Tac-Toe Game (Cont’d) (30:49)
  • 04-05 An Example writing Participant data to File (34:01)
  • 04-06 An Example Reading Participant Data from File (27:38)
  • 04-07 Doing some simple statistics with Participant data from File (27:22)

05. Classes

  • 05-01 A First Look at Classes (42:44)
  • 05-02 Inheritance and Classes (42:44)
  • 05-03 An Example of Classes using Pets (24:07)
  • 05-04 An Example of Classes using Pets – Dogs (17:19)
  • 05-05 An examples of Classes using Pets – Cats (23:03)
  • 05-06 Taking The Pets Example further and adding humans (16:33)

06. Importing

  • 06-01 Introduction to Importing and the Random Library (16:15)
  • 06-02 Another way of importing and using lists with random (16:51)
  • 06-03 Using the Time Library (12:44)
  • 06-04 Introduction to The Math Library (12:44)
  • 06-05 Creating a User guessing Game with Random (13:13)
  • 06-06 Making the Computer guess a random number (22:47)

07. Project- BlackJack Game

  • 07-01 BlackJack Game Part 1 – Creating and Shuffling a Deck (14:48)
  • 07-02 Blackjack Game part 2 – Creating the player class (8:18)
  • 07-03 Blackjack Game Part 3 – Expanding the Player Class (14:48)
  • 07-04 Blackjack Game part 4 – Implementing a bet and win (18:23)
  • 07-05 Blackjack Game part 5 – Implementing the player moves (24:18)
  • 07-06 Blackjack Game Part 6 – Running the Game (Final) (37:50)

08. Error Handling

  • 08-01 Getting started with error handling (23:36)


  • Installing Matplotlib
  • Intro to Matplotlib (1:50)

01. Basics

  • 01 Introduction, Setup, And Installation (5:33)
  • 02 Creating Our First Scatter Plot (14:58)
  • 03 Line Plots (11:43)

02. Graph Customization

  • 01 Labels, Title, and a Legend (13:17)
  • 02 Changing The Axis Ticks (13:15)
  • 03 Adding text into our graphs (11:38)
  • 04 Annotating our graph (12:53)
  • 05 Changing Figure Size and Saving the Figure (13:48)
  • 06 Changing the axis scales (23:36)

03. More Advanced Plots

  • 01 Creating Histograms (18:34)
  • 02 Creating Histograms (Cont’d) (19:53)
  • 03 Changing Histogram Types (8:11)
  • 04 Bar Plots (23:52)
  • 05 Stack Plots (14:34)
  • 06 Pie Charts (15:13)
  • 07 Box And Whisker Plots (21:07)

04. Finance Graphs

  • 01 Creating Figures and Subplots (12:31)
  • 02 Getting and Parsing csv data for plotting (20:14)
  • 03 Creating a Candlestick plot (21:57)
  • 04 Setting Dates for our Candlestick Plot (12:58)
  • 05 Reading data directly from Yahoo (19:28)
  • 06 Customizing our OHLC graph (9:13)

05. Advanced Graph Customization

  • 01 Adding grids (15:28)
  • 02 Taking a closer look at tick labels (13:04)
  • 03 Customising grid lines (12:40)
  • 04 Live Graphs (29:31)
  • 05 Styles and rcParameters (22:43)
  • 06 Sharing an X axis between two plots (18:51)
  • 07 Setting Axis Spines (14:49)
  • 08 Creating multiple axes in our figure (16:34)
  • 09 Creating multiple axes in our figure (cont’d) (16:37)
  • 10 Plotting into the multiple axes (19:43)
  • 11 Plotting into the multiple axes (cont’d) (15:13)

06. 3D Plotting

  • 01 Getting started with 3D plotting (16:34)
  • 02 Surface plots and colormaps (16:17)
  • 03 Wireframes and contour plots (27:35)
  • 04 Stacks of histograms and text for 3D plotting (24:34)


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Specification: Make 2D and 3D Graphs in Python with Matplotlib for Beginners – Mammoth Interactive, John Bura




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Make 2D and 3D Graphs in Python with Matplotlib for Beginners – Mammoth Interactive, John Bura
Make 2D and 3D Graphs in Python with Matplotlib for Beginners – Mammoth Interactive, John Bura


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