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Make a Starship Unity Game Powered by Artificial Intelligence – Mammoth Interactive

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Make a Starship Unity Game Powered by Artificial Intelligence – Mammoth Interactive Download. Welcome to Mammoth Interactive’s NavMesh course with Glauco P…

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Explore with a smart character. Learn to build a spaceship on a planet.

Welcome to Mammoth Interactive’s NavMesh course with Glauco Pires. In this course you will program a spaceship in a three-dimensional game.

A wildly successful Kickstarter funded this course

With artificial intelligence your ship character will learn to explore a planet. The ship will travel around craters, rocks, aliens and buildings in a 3D world.

You will make a good pathfinding system to find the best path for the player to navigate to wherever you click.

A navmesh is the perfect solution for navigating any space. You will use a navigation mesh or ‘navmesh’ to add artificial intelligence to your game. Your characters will move intelligently through levels and scenes.

Push your games to stand out.

Pathfinding logic makes a game looks real. You must learn to use NavMeshes. You will become a better game developer.

Meet your teacher Glauco Pires

Glauco has a decade’s experience in game development. He makes games in Unity, Unreal, and HTML languages. He works with languages like C#, C++, and JavaScript.

  • straightforward coding skills
  • clean development techniques
  • thoughtful developer advice

With Glauco you will learn to make games in the most efficient and cleanest way possible.

Why you need artificial intelligence in games

With artificial intelligence, you can make your games more…

  • complex
  • random
  • interesting
  • valuable

…without putting in more effort thanks to algorithms.

Old games – the very first computer games – were simple and straightforward.

These days, you must make more complex games. Players want to believe they are playing against something complex, something lifelike.


  • Unity 2017.3.0f3

This course’s topic is bulletproof knowledge. Learn to be a technical and creative thinker. Glauco is an innovative instructor who gets great reviews.

This offer won’t last forever – sign up now to meet Glauco

Course Curriculum


  • Gameplay

Unity Introduction

  • Have Unity experience? Jump to Section 6!
  • 1.1 Introduction (3:13)
  • 1.2 Unity Editor (13:20)
  • 1.3 Moving a Cube (12:03)
  • 1.4 Materials (8:54)
  • 1.5 Lights (6:15)
  • 1.6 Particle Systems (6:20)
  • 1.7 Applying Physics (4:58)
  • 1.8 Asset Store (3:11)

C# Coding – Unity Introduction

  • 2.1 Introduction (2:08)
  • 2.3 Methods (16:19)
  • 2.2 Variables (16:59)
  • 2.4 If Blocks (7:40)
  • 2.5 Loops (12:45)

Inputs – Unity Introduction

  • 3.1 Introduction (1:58)
  • 3.2 Key Presses (13:35)
  • 3.3 Moving a Player (11:03)
  • 3.4 Jumping (10:58)
  • 3.5 Moving Forward (7:18)
  • 3.6 Cycling Cameras (14:07)

Prefabs – Unity Introduction

  • 4.1 Introduction (1:49)
  • 4.2 Introduction to Prefabs (16:51)
  • FAQ on Instantiating Objects
  • 4.3 Random Angles (9:15)
  • FAQ on Destroying Objects
  • 4.4 Explosion Effects (13:12)
  • 4.5 Adding Explosion Effects (10:07)

Starship Unity Game with NavMesh

  • (Files) Source Code and Art Assets
  • 01. Introduction (3:16)
  • 02. Project Setup (8:19)
  • 03. Building an Environment (15:24)
  • 04. Camera Follow (10:37)
  • 05. Raycasts (12:55)
  • 06. NavMesh (15:35)
  • 07. NavMesh Agent (8:05)
  • 08. Adjusting Agent Types (5:56)
  • 09. Agent Steering (4:00)
  • 10. Slopes (9:52)
  • 11. Minerals (15:18)
  • 12. Mining Ore (18:58)
  • 13. Transparency (23:29)
  • 14. Interface and Tutorial (17:11)
  • 15. Integrating Sounds (5:35)
  • 16. Conclusion and Challenge (2:07)


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Specification: Make a Starship Unity Game Powered by Artificial Intelligence – Mammoth Interactive




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Make a Starship Unity Game Powered by Artificial Intelligence – Mammoth Interactive
Make a Starship Unity Game Powered by Artificial Intelligence – Mammoth Interactive


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