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Making Sense of Sponsored Posts – Michelle Schroeder-Gardner and Alexis Schroeder

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Making Sense of Sponsored Posts – Michelle Schroeder-Gardner and Alexis Schroeder Download. Are you a blogger but unsure of how to make money online? Or, m…

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Are you a blogger but unsure of how to make money online? Or, maybe you’ve been blogging for awhile but haven’t had much luck with sponsored partnerships.

For some reason, sponsored partnerships seem to scare the average blogger, whether they are brand new or have been blogging for years.

What do I charge for an advertisement? How do I find companies who will want to work with me? What are the rules?

There are SO MANY QUESTIONS when it comes to sponsored posts.

It makes sense – sponsored partnerships are something that probably 99.9% of bloggers want to pursue, but the problem is that they have no idea where to start.

Making Sense of Sponsored Posts is a step-by-step guide to creating and making money from your own successful sponsored partnership strategy. This course explains all the ins and outs of sponsored posts and working with brands.

This course makes sponsored partnerships profitable. You can see your blogging income grow from the beginning, and the information in this course will help you well into the future.

In case you’re wondering, sponsored posts are paid promotional articles, pictures, videos, etc. on a blog or website. These posts are paid for by companies and the goal of sponsored posts is to bring new customers to them. Think of it like an advertisement. You are publishing an advertisement for a company.

If you’re not earning money through sponsored partnerships, then you are leaving money on the table.

Bloggers and online influencers can all successfully promote products to their audience and earn an income from sponsored partnerships, while being genuine and trustworthy.

I started Making Sense of Cents in August of 2011, at the age of 22, without any hopes of ever earning an income from it. It started as a hobby – just a way to journal my life and talk about my personal finance situation.

Then, around six months after I started my blog, a blogger friend of mine connected me with an advertiser and I earned $100 from that advertisement.

It wasn’t a lot of money, especially considering the amount of time and work I had already put towards my blog. However, it was very motivating to see that something I absolutely loved to do could actually make money. I honestly had no idea that blogs could even make money when I started mine!

After that first $100, my blogging income quickly grew.

I now charge, on average, around $5,000 per sponsored post.

I am now earning around $10,000 to $20,000 a month from sponsored partnerships alone.

And, they don’t take me a ton of time to write, publish, promote, and maintain. In fact, I spend 10 hours or less a month on my sponsored partnerships.

I’ve worked with tons of high-quality brands that I love, have received all-inclusive vacations for free, and have brands lined up out the door wanting to work with me.

Whether you are a brand new blogger or if you’ve been blogging for years, this course will help you with your sponsored partnership strategy.

I’ve talked to many bloggers about sponsored posts and the majority said they earn little to nothing from sponsored posts. I have also found that many bloggers were earning way too little for the value they provide to brands.

Throughout the modules in this course, we will go through everything you need to know about sponsored posts, from developing relationships with brands, legalities of sponsored posts, different strategies, and more. This is a course that will teach you anything and everything there is to know about sponsored posts.

The step-by-step sponsored partnership strategy that shows you how to increase your sponsored partnership income and make more money blogging.

What are the positives of sponsored posts?

Sponsored partnerships are one of my favorite ways to make money blogging. They weren’t just the first way I earned blogging income (which is why they have been so important to my blogging journey), but they have continued to be a valuable and profitable aspect of my blogging strategy.

If it weren’t for sponsored partnerships, I’m not sure I ever would have become a full-time blogger. Sponsored partnerships helped me earn an income from nearly the very beginning, and they are what has helped me earn a full-time blogging income.

You can get paid for promoting companies.

I have to list this one first – because making money blogging is an amazing thing!

I’m sure there are many products that you love. So, why not get paid for telling other people about them?

Plus, if you truly enjoy a product, it will be easy to promote.

When you promote products that you love, you’ll have the knowledge and enthusiasm it takes to tell your audience about them in a genuine way. If the product has helped you, it will probably help others as well, and people will appreciate your honest opinion.

Sponsored partnerships are an amazing way to make money blogging. Sponsored partnerships are how I first earned money blogging, and they consistently make up a significant portion of my monthly income.

Due to sponsored partnerships:

  • I am my own boss.
  • I get to create my own schedule.
  • I can travel full-time.
  • I have created a business that I love.

You can work from anywhere.

One of the biggest benefits of sponsored posts is that you can do it anywhere. As long as you have a loyal following, a laptop, and an internet connection, you can grow your following, therefore growing your brand partnerships into the future.

Due to my blog and sponsored posts, I was able to quit my job to blog and travel full-time. The value of sponsored posts has been huge for me, and they can help you pursue the life you want as well!

Marketing with influencers is growing.

Many brands are moving toward working with bloggers and social media influencers due to the kind of traffic and customers a sponsored post can bring to a brand. Brands can reach their desired audience with sponsored posts, then gaining authentic customers.

This is why we are seeing ads and sponsorships moving toward bloggers and online influencers.

Brands are only recently understanding the power of influencer marketing (such as with your blog!), and the results have been great. Before working with bloggers and online influencers, brands would often rely on celebrities to promote their products. But in today’s world, people are more likely to be influenced by a blog, Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram account run by their favorite online influencers. This is because online influencers have been able to build a loyal following using an authentic and unique voice.

There is a ton of room for new bloggers to break into the sponsored post market, with plenty of growth well into the future. The fact that companies and advertisers are only starting to realize the value in online influencers, such as bloggers, means that the blogging world will keep expanding and offer more opportunities for sponsored partnerships.

And, the data supporting the continued success and growth of influencer marketing is out there. According to a study published on Social Media Today:

  • 94% of marketers using influencer marketing found it to be effective.
  • 48% of companies in the U.S. plan on increasing their online influencer campaign budgets in the future.
  • 71% of marketers think that ongoing ambassadorships (such as with sponsored partnerships!) are the most effective form of influencer marketing.

This just proves that sponsored partnerships are here to stay, and they will definitely continue to grow well into the future.

As the online world continues to grow, so will the opportunities to make money blogging. There are many different types of bloggers out there, and we all earn money in a slightly different way. With a variety of stories and niches, the sponsored partnership opportunities are endless!

This course will show you how to build a successful money-making blog, without millions of visitors or selling your soul.

This course has five modules, over 20 lessons, bonuses, an extremely helpful and exclusive Facebook group, media kits you can use, email templates, and more. We will go through everything that you need to know about sponsored partnerships, such as:

  • How exactly sponsored posts work.
  • Why sponsored partnerships can completely change your blog.
  • How to find sponsored partnerships.
  • How to pitch and contact companies the right way, including template emails that you can use!
  • How much you should be charging.
  • How to build trust and not lose followers.
  • Required disclosures that you need to know about.

And much, much more!

This course is anything and everything about sponsored partnerships.

Making Sense of Sponsored Posts is worth much more than its price, and this is the lowest price you’ll ever see it listed for. Join now and learn how to master sponsored partnerships.

The course also comes with LIFETIME updates and lifetime access.

We have seen too many bloggers make BIG mistakes when it comes to sponsored posts. By taking this course you will know exactly what to do, and what NOT to do!

Now, blogging and sponsored partnerships are still work. This is not a get rich quick scheme, but it can be a great way to earn a living while pursuing your passions.

Do you want a better work-life balance? What about FREEDOM?

Course Curriculum


  • Introduction to the Course
  • Making Sense of Sponsored Posts Facebook Mastermind Group

Module 1: What Are Sponsored Posts?

  • Why Sponsored Posts Are Worth Your Time
  • The Basics of Sponsored Posts

Module 2: How To Find Sponsored Post Opportunities and How To Apply For Brand Deals

  • How Early You Can Start
  • How To Not Be A Sell Out
  • Building Trust With Your Audience
  • How To Find Sponsored Post Opportunities
  • How To Pitch Brands
  • Creating An Amazing Media Kit
  • How Often Should You Post Sponsored Content

Module 3: Money, Money, Money

  • What To Ask Yourself Before Agreeing To A Sponsored Post
  • Why You Should Not Have A Rate Sheet
  • How Much You Should Charge
  • Negotiating Tips For Higher Rates
  • Accepting “Free Products” In Exchange For Posting Sponsored Content
  • Methods For Accepting Payment
  • Who Writes The Content?
  • Do You Need A Contract?

Module 4: Rules For Sponsored Posts

  • Disclosing Your Partnership
  • Understanding Nofollow and Sponsored Links
  • The Difference Between A Sponsored Post And A “Paid Link”

Module 5: Strategies To Get More Brand Opportunities

  • How To Increase Your Chance of Getting Approved For A Brand Sponsorship
  • How To Have A Successful Brand Partnership
  • How To Make It Easy For Brands To Contact You
  • Creating Engaging and Quality Sponsored Content
  • Types of Sponsored Content


  • Instagram Unlocked: How to Gain Followers and Engagement That Lasts
  • How To Increase Your Page Views
  • Editing And Writing Strategies That Will Take Your Content To The Next Level
  • How To Grow Your Traffic With Google SEO (47:32)

Affiliate information

  • What You Need To Know
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Making Sense of Sponsored Posts – Michelle Schroeder-Gardner and Alexis Schroeder
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