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Master Facebook Ads Group Coaching – Will Haimerl

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Master Facebook Ads Group Coaching – Will Haimerl Download. Yes! PPC-Coach.com does offer group coaching Our primary goal is to help anyone master Facebook…

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Yes! PPC-Coach.com does offer group coaching Our primary goal is to help anyone master Facebook Ads.Please watch the video below for the a look at what that means!

If You’re Struggling With Facebook Ads Than The Group Coaching/Mentoring Will Help You! Join Now!

Newest Addition To The Forums

We just added a new “Follow Along” section to the forums. In here I’m currently creating a brand new Shopify store from scratch and then running Facebook™ ads to it. The goal is to go from zero to profits while you watch me do it! (And you can ask questions along the way). This gives you the most up to date methods for running ads to an ecom store and is included in your membership to the forums!

My Story

Lead Generation Was My Thing…

  • Started full time online in 2007
  • Was selling secured loan leads to UK banks using Google Adwords
  • Credit crisis hit worldwide and wiped out my business in 2 weeks
  • My business tanked

My Story

Turned To CPA Offers Using Google Adwords

  • I had to reinvent my business
  • Started doing CPA offers, (cost per action), from affiliate networks using Google Adwords
  • Got really good at it
  • Made really good money

My Story

I wasn’t happy though…

  • I was making good money but was getting bored
  • I needed more out of life then just running campaigns non stop
  • I turned to video games
  • Got addicted and lost myself for awhile in them
  • I needed more out of life
  • I had awesome kids, (i’ve got 5 now!), a wife and was miserable

My Story

Helping others helped me

  • I started helping others learn online marketing
  • I finally found the thing that I was looking for
  • Helping others was the key to my happiness in business
  • PPC-Coach.com was born
  • It is the oldest monthly membership forum out there
  • Several others have copied this exact format over the years
  • I was the pioneer

My Story

Great but what do you do now?

  • Now my bread and butter is Facebook Ads
  • I sell physical products using it
  • I coach people on how to generate leads and sell physical products using it
  • I am an expert at both selling and coaching
  • I know that sounds bad, but would you want help from someone who wasn’t good at their job?

Helping People

Well over 10,000 marketers have been on this site since 2007

  • That’s a lot of people through here
  • Some have gone onto great things
  • Others have failed
  • But the key is they took the first step
  • They got some help
  • Would you like some help?


It’s the only constant online

  • It’s CONSTANTLY changing
  • New techniques are always coming up
  • New experiments are constantly being run
  • What worked last month may not work today anymore
  • That course you bought 3 months ago, well it may be different now


Adapt or die

  • You need to see the experiments
  • You need to adapt to the change
  • That’s what I can offer you with your membership here
  • How does that sound?


  • Facebook ads is tough
  • You’re going to fail
  • What if we can reduce your failure rate a bit?
  • Would that help?

You will fail


Be around others like you

  • Ever try to “talk shop” with your friends and family?
  • See their eyes glaze over as you talk about CTR, CPM, ROI, ROAS, Click through rates?
  • Well here we’ve got your back
  • Would a community of like minded people help you?

Old Courses

They still have value

  • So you get them in the forums
  • I post my old courses so you can view them
  • I post my old bootcamps so you can go through them at your own pace
  • That’s great, but would that help you too?



  • That’s what PPC Coach is all about
  • We support you
  • We answer your questions
  • You get group coaching in a positive and friendly forum
  • How great is that?

Getting answers and support


Tiny monthly cost

  • How much do you spend going out for dinner each month?
  • We cost less
  • How much do you spend on your internet bill each month?
  • We cost less
  • How much do you spend on gas each month for your vehicle?
  • We cost less
  • How awesome is this?
  • Join now…
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Master Facebook Ads Group Coaching – Will Haimerl
Master Facebook Ads Group Coaching – Will Haimerl


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