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Self Publishing Success Summit 2016 – Chandler Bolt

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Self Publishing Success Summit 2016 – Chandler Bolt Download. Then, over the next few days, you’ll discover the exact blueprints and success shortcuts that…

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40+ World-Changing Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Secrets To Write, Market, & Publish Your First Book — AND Use It To Get To Build A Business

Congratulations on joining the Self-Publishing Success Summit!

By the time you finish watching the first presentation, you’ll get over a decade’s worth of winning strategies, insights, mistakes, and experience.

Then, over the next few days, you’ll discover the exact blueprints and success shortcuts that skyrocketed 40+ respected authors and entrepreneurs to the top.

They’ll compress decades of their best ideas and strategies into hours.

You’ll learn how to write, publish, and market your book.

They’ll show you the best ways to turn your book into a business — so you can become a recognized expert, get prospects to come to you, and get your nights and weekends back.

And if you’re motivated and you can clear out your schedule, you can stream each Success Summit session with my compliments for just 72 hours after they air.

That way, anybody who wants to see them once can – IF they watch them right away.

“What if I can’t make all the sessions — or don’t want to wait?”

If you want to watch your favorite speakers right now, instead of waiting…

And if you want to watch later or rewatch sessions (like I’ll be doing), there’s only one way to get instant access to the entire Self-Publishing School Success Summit anytime.

It’s called the Self-Publishing Success Summit All-Access Pass, and it lets you attend the entire summit right now without ever waiting or setting foot in a convention hall.

You can learn on your schedule because you’ll have access for life.

And you don’t need to pay $1,000, $3,000, or $5,000 admission prices most summits charge for their videos.

There’s no plane ticket, hotel room, or overpriced meals.

And with the All-Access Priority Pass, you don’t even need to sacrifice your social life to cram all the sessions into a few days.

Watch the Success Summit at your convenience

You don’t have to wait for your favorite speaker’s presentation to go live.

And you don’t have to run to your computer to catch a presentation before it’s locked away in the vault (3 days after it’s posted).

Because with the All-Access Priority Pass, you can rewatch the entire event anytime you want.

You’ll see everything first and miss nothing, and you decide when and what to watch.

You’ll discover powerful strategies that advanced students have paid thousands to learn and implement 1-on-1.

And you’ll get an exclusive invitation to a private Q&A session with me.

Nobody else will be able to attend — this is exclusively for All-Access Priority Pass members.

And to make it even easier for you to succeed, I’ve created a private network of driven authors and entrepreneurs you can connect with. You’ll help each other stay motivated, share strategies and advice, get group coaching from successful authors, and accelerate your progress.

All you need to do is take the next step

Maybe you don’t know exactly what you’re writing about — or even where to start.

And you might not have a profitable business yet.

But you see a future full of possibilities and freedom.

And it’s easier to get there than you’d imagine when you have experts on your side…

You’ll be armed with over 100 years’ of experience.

Every trial, error, and improvement the Summit’s guests spent decades and their personal fortunes discovering – all laid out for you in clear, easy-to-follow action steps.

From successful authors’ strategies that landed them landed juicy royalties, business leads, and high-paid speaking and coaching gigs…

To the inner workings of their information course empires…

It’s everything they wish they would’ve known when they were starting out.

Now, let’s be honest with ourselves: There’s no “magic key” to overnight success.

If it worked like that, we’d all have perfect bodies, overflowing bank accounts, and a stack of our successful books.

But, your guest speakers will show you the speediest, easiest systems to finish your book — then turn it into a successful business and transform your life fast.

How will you build your business, brand, or following?

You could do what I did: flail around trying to figure everything out by working 12-hour days… and then finally pay a small fortune to get coaches – and clarity – about what actually works.

You could even try to “figure it out” on your own – eventually. Or you could model the success strategies laid down by top experts.

I’ve been fortunate enough to help students like Joel across the world.

But here’s the thing — Joel got those results with JUST me helping him.

Imagine being able to watch the collective knowledge of over 40 experts. Decades of experience you can snatch up and view anytime.

It’s yours during over 40 hours of in-depth training and strategy sessions with some of the top experts on self-publishing and business mastery — everything they’ve spent years and millions of dollars learning.

See their blueprints, systems, and step-by-step instructions to go from blank page to finished book, along with marketing secrets they used to build their businesses.

They’ll even share the little-known approach that instantly positions you as a high-paid expert and gets other people to beg you to solve their problems.

And I want to gift you something even more valuable….

private VIP Q&A session with me after the Summit

The right advice or insight can catapult your success.

And I want to help you on your journey.

That’s why I’ve decided to host a private Q&A session for you and other VIP students..

Ask me anything — a

I’m even including access to my exclusive Mastermind Community!

One of my favorite parts of the Success Summit is still taking place right now.

It’s the Self-Publishing Mastermind Community, a private accountability community where you’ll be surrounded by classmates, entrepreneurs, and successful authors who want to help you succeed.

You’ll get help to overcome your specific problems and challenges, stay on track, tackle your book, and turn it into income and a real business you can count on.

Your membership includes:

  • Step-by-step Action Plans to eliminate common roadblocks… including Speed-writing secrets, my 80/20 book marketing machine system, the easiest way to find your purpose, the exact systems to turn your digital book into a hardcover or audiobook, and more…
  • Exclusive access to the SPS Mastermind Community for accountability, support, and answers to your questions.
  • Live, closed-door weekly Q&A sessions with me and other successful authors/coaches.

I’m gifting you a month absolutely free because it’s such a powerful way to connect with other entrepreneurs and authors who attended the Summit — and get help and accountability to achieve your dreams.

At the end of 30 days, you can claim your Success Summit discount or, if you don’t absolutely love the community, you can leave anytime with just a few button clicks… which means I have to keep providing incredible value.

I’ve also added even more tools for your success.

Since we have a lot of courses in stock, if you cannot find your favorite course, please let us know. To search for other courses and discounts available, let's have a conversation! What are you waiting for?

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Self Publishing Success Summit 2016 – Chandler Bolt
Self Publishing Success Summit 2016 – Chandler Bolt


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