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The Lead Attorney’s School 2022 – The Lead Attorney

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The Lead Attorney started a YouTube channel as a “quarantine hobby.” After committing every mistake in the book, he got his YouTube channel monetized, and shortly thereafter began earning tens of thousands of dollars a month. This is a one-of-a-kind course: it deals exclusively with live streaming and is 15 HOURS LONG! TLA is here to teach you how he uses LIVE STREAMING to build community and wealth!!

The TLA Live Streaming Curriculum!

Introduction: Live Streaming

  • Intro A: Who am I?(6:10)
  • Intro B: How Much Money I Make Struggle Streaming(10:35)
  • Intro C: The Importance of Live Streaming(5:43)

Section 1: Getting Started

  • 1.0 Most Important Element of YouTube Success!(19:32)
  • 1.1 How To Deliver Your Message(3:54)
  • 1.2 How to Script Your Videos: My Scripts(12:39)

Section 2: How To Pick Your Niche

  • 2.0 What Is The YouTube Kiss Of Death?!(6:09)STAR
  • 2.1 How Many Niches Should Your Channel Have?(5:42)
  • 2.2 Exceptions to the Niche Rule(5:28)
  • 2.3 How To Get Ideas For Your Channel(10:53)

Section 3: Your YouTube Audience

  • 3.0 The #1 Mistake You Will Make(4:11)
  • 3.1 What Does Your Audience Want?(5:32)
  • 3.2 Your Audience’s Avatar(5:03)
  • 3.3 Produce Content Based On Your Audience’s Demographics(11:16)
  • 3.4 Be Loyal To Your Audience(6:57)
  • 3.5 Increase Money By Decreasing Audience Competition(11:38)
  • 3.6 How To Investigate Your Competition(13:12)
  • 3.7 I Got 600 Subscribers for $20(28:01)

Section 4: You As The Streamer

  • 4.1 You Are The Star(8:33)
  • 4.2 Why Should People Listen To You? Show Your Qualifications(5:09)
  • 4.3 Are You Boring When You Talk?(12:32)
  • 4.4 You Don’t Want To Show Your Face? Faceless Channels(13:33)

Section 5: Live Streaming Equipment

  • 5.1 Invest In Yourself(7:18)
  • 5.2 My Equipment
  • 5.3 My Studio(4:09)
  • 5.4 Your Internet Connection(3:22)

Section 6: Your Live Streaming Studio

  • 6.1 Lighting(6:16)
  • 6.2 Your Studio’s Background(7:29)
  • 6.3 Your Screen Composition(15:16)

Section 7: Creating Your Content

  • 7.1 Fundamental Aspect of Your Content Creation(10:48)
  • 7.2 Killer Technique: The Trojan Horse(13:50)
  • 7.3 For More Money, Make Some Evergreen Content(8:56)
  • 7.4 Should You Engage in YouTube Beef For Content?! Surprising Answer.(32:04)
  • 7.5 Your Live Streams Are BORING! The Art Of Storytelling(34:17)

Section 8: Which Live Streaming Platform Should You Use?

  • 8.1 My Thoughts On StreamYard, Ecamm, OBS, and YouTube Live Streaming(10:08)
  • 8.2 Live Demonstration of Me Live Streaming(27:21)
  • 8.3 Live Demonstration of Upload Optimization(25:28)
  • 8.4 The Most Important Video You Will See: YouTube Politics Part 1(26:23)
  • 8.5 The Most Important Video You Will See: YouTube Politics Part 2(32:28)

Section 9: Engagement

  • 9.1 Engagement: What Is It, And Why Is It Important?(2:56)
  • 9.2 Increase Engagement Before Live Streaming(7:58)
  • 9.3 Increase Your Engagement During Your Live Streams(32:45)
  • 9.4 Engagement: How The YouTube Algorithm Works(18:35)
  • 9.5 Increase Engagement After Live Stream Ends: The Importance of Premieres(16:35)

Section 10: Having Guests On Your Live Streams

  • 10.1 You Live Streams Are NOT About Having Fun(17:00)
  • 10.2 Create Conflict And Tension On Your Panels?(13:58)
  • 10.3 Who To Choose As Panel Members(16:49)
  • 10.4 Protect Yourself From Your Panel Members(13:57)

Section 11: Moderators

  • 11.1 Why Are Moderators Important(5:44)
  • 11.2 What My #1 Moderator Gayle Does For Me(28:47)
  • 11.3 How Should You Choose Your Moderators(12:06)
  • 11.4 Problems With Your Moderators(8:02)

Section 12: How To Make Titles And Thumbnails for Your Live Streams

  • 12. 1 What Are Good Titles?(8:11)
  • 12.2 What Are Bad Titles?(6:09)
  • 12.3 Live Demonstration Of How I Make My Thumbnails(20:50)

Section 13: You NEED To Clip Your Live Streams!

  • 13.1 Why You Need to Clip Your Live Streams(10:30)
  • 13.2 How To Make A Clip(9:37)
  • 13.3 You Can Add Editing In Your Clips For Increased Value(6:19)

Section 14: How To Make Big Money With Live Streaming

  • 14.1 Overview Of Merch, Affiliate Marketing, Product Sales, Live Events, Etc.(3:48)
  • 14.2 How To Get More Adsense Money: CPM & RPM(25:07)
  • 14.3 How To Put Ads On Your Live Streams And Clips(12:34)
  • 14.4 PART 1: How To Get MORE And BIGGER Super Chats, Super Stickers, And CashApps!(31:16)
  • 14.5 PART 2: How To Get MORE And BIGGER Super Chats, Super Stickers, And CashApps!(26:55)
  • 14.6 Sponsorships: How To Get Them, And How To Value Your YouTube Channel(17:38)
  • 14.7 How To Make Significant Money with Patreon(32:48)

Section 15: All About Collaborations

  • 15.1 Why You Should Do Collaborations(9:10)
  • 15.2 How To Land Collaborations(15:16)
  • 15.3 Collaborations: A Case Study(23:42)
  • 15. 4 What Big Channels Consider When You Ask Them For A Collab(26:59)
  • 15.5 Informal Collaborations–2 Case Studies(23:04)

Section 16: The Most Important Concepts for YouTube Success

  • 16.1 Most Important Concept #1(16:58)
  • 16.2 Most Important Concept #2(7:52)
  • 16.3 Most Important Concept #3(10:51)


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The Lead Attorney’s School 2022 – The Lead Attorney
The Lead Attorney’s School 2022 – The Lead Attorney


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