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Marketing Your Photography Business Part 1 – Jared Bauman

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Marketing Your Photography Business Part 1 – Jared Bauman Download. Do you find it hard to make time for digital marketing between shooting and editing? Ha…

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Do you find it hard to make time for digital marketing between shooting and editing? Have you ever felt stuck when it comes to writing about yourself or your brand? Do you have a clear strategy for your website and your social media calendar? 

As photographers and retouchers, we’re in a crowded industry where it’s tough to get new clients. The marketing and business side of the gig doesn’t exactly come naturally to creatives. And sometimes, especially when you’re working 40+ hours a week, there’s just not enough time to sit down and power through it. 

In this PRO EDU photography marketing course, you will learn how to get more attention for your brand by developing a customized marketing strategy. You’ll gather ideas on ways to tell your story in your own unique, authentic voice – in a style that is designed for the web and social media. By learning techniques to drive inbound traffic to your photography website and building effective outbound marketing campaigns you’ll gain a firm understanding of where your next clients are coming from.

Regardless of your current website platform, or if you have a website at all, this marketing course will help you grow your photography business by walking alongside SEO expert Jared Bauman. He’ll provide you with checklists and tools of proven approaches so that you can avoid guessing or procrastinating. These best practices will give you a toolbox of skills that help you make the best of your time as a creative, allowing you to focus on the high profit marketing strategies.

This marketing tutorial is for photographers who find marketing to be a chore, retouchers who need a clear content strategy, or any new creative entrepreneurs who want fast actionable steps to optimize their online presence and get more clients. 

This online business photography tutorial is available for download AND streaming. Learn more about PRO EDU Streaming Plans.



Getting Started (2:47)

Welcome to Marketing Your Photography Business – Website Optimization & Strategy. The goal of this course is to help you identify the value of marketing in your business. Join Marketing Expert, Jared Bauman (Shoot Dot Edit, Bauman Photographers) In examining how to build a sound long term marketing strategy to create sustainable growth for your business. Learn the value of content creation and using inbound and outbound marketing channels. Develop an approach to communicating your unique brand.

Identify Your Marketing Plan (4:37)

Begin this course by joining marketing specialist, Jared Bauman, in identifying what marketing is and whether you are actively marketing your business. Consider the importance of creating a long term strategy built around content.

Utilize Search Engines (5:17)

With content as your cornerstone piece to a long term marketing strategy, begin to dissect how you are currently framing your brand and the stories you present to your target market. Look at the importance of domain hosting and how your website is perceived by Google’s powerful search optimization and analytics tools.

Understand Your Website (5:50)

Continue to evaluate your website presence and perception by identifying areas that speak to your brand, create trust, and a professional appearance to your target audience. Identify the importance of clean site navigation and security. Consider the value of site maps and proper link navigation, regarding Google’s ranking system.

Optimize Your Website (4:51)

Dig deeper into the details of what creates an optimum experience for your customers when they traffic your website. Explore best practices in optimizing the platform that holds the most critical aspect of your digital marketing – content

Optimize For Mobile (3:57)

Desktop website presentation has become secondary to a world gone mobile. In this section, focus on how to optimize your content for best results for mobile devices. Consider how Google creates an index and ranking for your site when evaluating the mobile experience created by your website.


Indexing (5:17)

Following marketing specialist, Jared Bauman, put your own website through an audit. Using Google, examine how your website is being indexed and projected to the marketplace. In this section, analyze site titles and meta descriptions that are being indexed by Google.

Googling Your Name (4:26)

Continue your site audit by searching your name and business name to evaluate where you rank in a search engine. Begin to identify what factors a search engine is leveraging to rank you amidst an abundance of search results. Identify what sources are being analyzed to provide search query results.

Testing Page Speed (6:43)

Go further into the site audit by testing website page speeds. Examine the factors that affect the speed and best practices to create an optimal experience for your customers and target market.

Checking For Broken Links (3:15)

Complete your website audit with an automated analysis, checking for broken links. And recap with an overall summary of an effective site audit to optimize the platform that is central to your content – your website.

Site Audit-Site Audit Q & A (14:32)

Transition from the lecture, to an interactive sit down with photographer Amy Schromm and marketing specialist, Jared Bauman for a live website audit. Build a deeper understanding of not only what – but why – doing this exercise for your site is extremely valuable.


Forming Your Content (6:07)

With an understanding of the importance of an optimized site, begin the process of learning how to develop engaging content – the cornerstone of your brand and the main element of your long term, online marketing strategy.

Researching Searcher Intent (6:54)

Develop a process of research to align your storytelling with audience interest and search intent. Examine how search engines gather topical search queries that can drive what topics you use to create compelling content.

Writing In Your Voice (4:22)

With an approach for research, consider the importance of developing content that features your personality. With a personal approach, consider your tone and relatability as you craft the stories that support and drive interest to your website.

Publishing to a Blog (8:44)

Take a more in depth look at an example blog post to dissect what content can look like for a photographer when leveraging a blog platform. Examine titling, URL naming, meta descriptions, the purpose of headers, and content length.

Content Q & A (11:46)

Continue an interactive Q & A with photographer Amy Schromm and marketing specialist, Jared Bauman. Further define the importance of content formation being the centralized piece of a successful long term marketing strategy for your business.


Inbound Channels with SEO (4:58)

With an optimized website, and content formation strategy, shift your focus towards identifying the channels of communicating your content marketing message. In this section, identify the components that leverage the power of search engine optimization. Understand how a search engine can drive traffic to your website, through the power of SEO.

Localizing with SEO (6:33)

With a broader understanding of how search engines drive traffic to your website with SEO, develop a more focused approach of driving traffic to your website through localizing SEO. Build strong community interest for your business with best practices applied to your content hub and social channels.

Inbound Channels with Pinterest (7:22)

Take a closer look at the Pinterest platform as a means of driving inbound traffic to your website. Identify how to fill out a Pinterest account with effective information to create consistency and awareness that leads your target audience to you. Connect how the Pinterest platform ties into your long term marketing strategy, built on your content hub.

Setting Up Pin Descriptions (3:45)

Dig deeper into the Pinterest platform, learning best practices on how to build effective pins. Examine hashtags, location information, and pin designs. Identify resources with template designs for automation to create effective, scheduled pins.

Outbound Channels with Instagram (4:50)

Identify the value of Instagram as an outbound channel for your content marketing. Examine best practices on posting frequency, engagement timing, and the variety of media you project to your target market.

Outbound Channels with Facebook (7:26)

Differentiate the power of Facebook’s platform as an outbound channel of marketing for your content. Identify automation tools that can expedite and simplify your ongoing schedule of posts. Develop an approach to boosting your content to your target market for better visibility. Consider the power of retargeting and lead generation as a means to grow your conversion rate.

Outbound Channels with Email (4:25)

Perhaps an overlooked source of outbound marketing communication, consider the power of email. Differentiate this platform from all other channels by examining the open rate this channel retains with audiences. Consider the value of email lists and designing funnels using scheduled automation to communicate to targeted audiences.

Segmenting Your Email List (4:22)

Dive deeper into the value of generating segmented email lists. Understand the value of segmenting your lists into potential, existing, and past clients to address your messaging in a targeted way and perpetuate ongoing business.

Building an Email Campaign (3:37)

With your email segments identified, create an approach to building an email campaign. Understand the value of a call to action, creating goals, and evaluating interest and engagement with your campaigns. And finally, consider the value of your content hub and how to integrate your ever expanding body of work, messaging, and ultimately the stories into email, to continue to drive your target market back to you.

Closing Thoughts (3:04)

Congratulations on completing Marketing Your Photography Business! It is our hope that this introduction to the vast and ever changing world of digital marketing has grounded and centralized your focus. With content being at the core of your long term marketing strategy, we encourage you to take the steps and begin building a library of stories to communicate to your target market. We encourage you to join our social media communities. We invite your feedback and encourage you to ask more questions to get the most out of this training.

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Specification: Marketing Your Photography Business Part 1 – Jared Bauman




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Marketing Your Photography Business Part 1 – Jared Bauman
Marketing Your Photography Business Part 1 – Jared Bauman


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